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YouTube Premium offers an enhanced viewing experience with ad-free videos, background play, offline downloads, and access to YouTube Music Premium. However, the subscription fee can be a deterrent for some users. Fortunately, several discount options are available to make YouTube Premium more affordable. Let’s explore these options in detail.

Your Guide to YouTube Premium Discounts

Family Plan

Gather your loved ones! The YouTube Premium Family plan lets you share the perks with up to five family members living in the same household. It’s a cost-effective way for everyone to enjoy ad-free viewing, background play, and YouTube Music Premium.

Student Plan

If you’re a student enrolled at a qualifying institution, you can score a significant discount on YouTube Premium. Enjoy all the benefits at a fraction of the regular price, making it easier to focus on your studies without ad interruptions.

Annual Plan

Commit for the long haul and reap the rewards! Opting for an annual YouTube Premium subscription often comes with a discounted rate compared to paying monthly. It’s a smart move if you know you’ll be using the service year-round.

Promotional Offers

Keep your eyes peeled for special promotions and discounts offered by YouTube or partnering brands. These limited-time deals can provide a sweet opportunity to try out YouTube Premium at a reduced cost or get extra months of service for free.

Summary Table

Discount OptionEligibilitySavingsAdditional Benefits
Family PlanUp to 5 family members in the same householdShare the cost, enjoy benefits together
Student PlanVerified studentsSignificant discount
Annual PlanAnyoneDiscounted rate compared to monthly billing
Promotional OffersVariesReduced price, free months, etc.Varies

Understanding YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium is a subscription service that enhances the regular YouTube experience by offering extra features such as no ads, background play, and the ability to download videos for offline viewing.

Benefits of YouTube Premium

Ad-free Videos: They can watch all their favorite YouTube content without interruptions from ads. This makes for a smoother and more enjoyable viewing experience.

Background Play: This feature is a game-changer for those who love to multitask. They can listen to videos while using other apps or when their smartphone screen is off, perfect for catching up on podcasts or music.

YouTube Music Access: The service includes access to YouTube Music Premium, where users can stream ad-free music, which is a nice bonus for music lovers.

Offline Downloads: A handy feature for people on the go. They can download videos and playlists to their device and watch them anywhere, regardless of internet connectivity.

Subscription Types and Their Features

Individual Plan: Priced at $11.99 per month, it’s aimed at a single user with all the premium benefits.

Ad-free viewingYes
Background playYes
Download capabilityYes
Music streamingYes

Family Plan: At $22.99 per month, up to six family members get their own premium experience. They all enjoy ad-free videos, background play, and the ability to download content for offline enjoyment.

Annual Plan: Some users prefer to pay once a year and enjoy a discount for doing so. An annual subscription comes at a reduced rate when compared to paying monthly.

Understanding these options helps viewers decide which plan works best for their needs, balancing cost with the features they value most.

Acquiring YouTube Premium at a Discount

Securing a discount on YouTube Premium not only puts premium content at your fingertips but also offers a smart way to save money. Whether you’re a student, part of a family, or eyeing the annual plan, understanding the discount options can lead to substantial savings.

Discount Eligibility and How to Apply

Students are in luck as YouTube Premium offers a student discount for those currently enrolled in a college or university. To apply, students must verify their student status through an authenticated process. As for family plans, families can save by opting for a single subscription that provides access for up to five family members in the same household. The primary account holder must have a Google account and manage the family group.

Comparing YouTube Premium Plans

When weighing options, note that the monthly subscription usually costs more in the long run compared to the annual rate. For instance, at one time, YouTube Premium’s annual subscription was priced at $89.99 in the US, a saving compared to the monthly rate multiplied over a year. Similar models are available in other regions, including Canada and Brazil, where the pricing structure offers comparable savings.

Tips for Finding Special Offers

Keeping an eye out for special offers is key. New users may benefit from free trials, providing access to YouTube Premium without cost for a set duration. These offers are often time-sensitive, so acting fast is important. Additionally, lookout for reduced rates during certain times of the year or promotional events. Exploring these tips can help subscribers shave off some of the subscription costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following FAQs offer a snapshot of the various ways in which you may benefit from YouTube Premium at a reduced cost, including discounts for students, annual subscription options, and details on free trials.

How can I access YouTube Premium at a discounted rate?

Individuals may occasionally find discounts on YouTube Premium through promotional deals. Looking for special offers around holiday seasons or marketing events might yield savings opportunities.

What special discounts are available for students on YouTube Premium?

Students can typically subscribe to YouTube Premium at a reduced monthly cost, provided they verify their student status through an approved verification process.

Are there any annual subscription options for YouTube Premium that offer savings compared to monthly payments?

Yes, you can opt for an annual subscription to YouTube Premium which is priced lower than the cumulative cost of monthly fees, translating to savings over the year.

What are the steps to obtain a free trial of YouTube Premium?

Most new users can sign up for a free trial of YouTube Premium by providing their payment details, which will not be charged until the trial period ends. Availability of free trials can vary by region and promotional periods.

Can new subscribers receive an extended YouTube Premium trial for up to 12 months?

Extended YouTube Premium trials are generally not standard, but some specific promotions or partnerships may offer longer trial periods. Check YouTube’s official channels or partnered companies for such offers.

How do promotional codes affect the pricing of YouTube Premium subscriptions?

Promotional codes can offer one-time discounts or a limited period of reduced subscription price when applied during the sign-up process or within a set promotion period. These codes typically come from special partnerships or promotions.

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