WOW Word Of Warcraft: The War Within
WOW Word Of Warcraft: The War Within

The War Within expansion for World of Warcraft brings many changes to the Retribution Paladin class. With new talent tree updates and ability tweaks, players can expect an improved gameplay experience. Understanding how these changes affect your build is crucial for optimizing your DPS and mastering your Paladin’s abilities.

This guide will help you navigate the updates and ensure that your Retribution Paladin is ready to tackle any challenge in The War Within. From major ability modifications to core mechanics, every detail is broken down to keep you ahead of the game.

By following these tips and strategies, you will strengthen your character and enhance your overall performance. Get ready to master your Retribution Paladin and enjoy what The War Within has to offer.

Retribution Paladin in The War Within: A Comprehensive Guide

Overview of Retribution Paladin in The War Within

In the World of Warcraft expansion, The War Within, the Retribution Paladin stands as a beacon of holy might, wielding both righteous fury and divine magic. With a focus on delivering devastating melee blows and casting holy spells, this specialization offers a unique blend of damage and support capabilities.

Key Changes and New Features

The War Within brings forth several notable changes and additions to the Retribution Paladin toolkit:

  • New Talents: Radiant Glory, a passive ability that replaces Avenging Wrath and triggers automatically upon casting Wake of Ashes, offering a significant damage boost.
  • Reworked Talents: Vanguard of Justice and Divine Purpose have been redesigned to provide more impactful gameplay options.
  • Hero Talents: The Templar and Herald of the Sun hero talents introduce distinct playstyles, focusing on burst damage and sustained damage over time, respectively.
  • New Abilities: Hammer of Light, a powerful AoE ability, and Dawnlight, a new DoT effect, enhance the Retribution Paladin’s offensive arsenal.

Talent Builds and Playstyles

Retribution Paladins have the flexibility to choose between two primary talent builds, each catering to a different playstyle:

Templar Build

This build revolves around Hammer of Light and its synergy with other talents, such as Shake the Heavens and Wrathful Descent. The Templar Paladin excels in single-target and cleave encounters, delivering burst damage through a combination of melee strikes and holy magic.

Herald of the Sun Build

This build focuses on the Dawnlight DoT effect and its interactions with talents like Expurgation and Divine Toll. The Herald of the Sun Paladin thrives in AoE situations, applying Dawnlight to multiple targets and utilizing its damage-over-time potential to maximize output.

Rotation and Priority

The optimal rotation for Retribution Paladins will vary depending on the chosen talent build and encounter type. However, a general priority list can be followed:

  1. Maintain Wake of Ashes: This ability is crucial for generating Holy Power and triggering Radiant Glory.
  2. Cast Blade of Justice: This high-damage ability should be used on cooldown.
  3. Use Holy Power Generators: Crusader Strike and Judgment are essential for generating Holy Power.
  4. Spend Holy Power on Finishers: Templar’s Verdict, Divine Storm, and Consecration consume Holy Power and deal significant damage.
  5. Weave in Cooldowns: Avenging Wrath, Seraphim, and other cooldowns should be used strategically to maximize burst damage.

Stat Priority

StrengthHighestIncreases damage and attack power.
Critical StrikeHighIncreases the chance for critical hits, dealing double damage.
HasteHighIncreases attack speed and spell casting speed.
MasteryMediumIncreases the damage of Holy Power spending abilities.
VersatilityMediumIncreases damage and healing, and reduces damage taken.

Gear and Enchantments

Retribution Paladins should prioritize gear with Strength, Critical Strike, and Haste as primary stats. Mastery and Versatility are also valuable secondary stats. Look for items with sockets that can be filled with gems or enchants that further enhance these stats.


Various consumables can be used to further boost the Retribution Paladin’s performance in both PvE and PvP encounters. Some examples include:

  • Potions: Strength potions, Haste potions, and healing potions can provide temporary boosts to damage output and survivability.
  • Food: Different types of food offer various benefits, such as increased stats or temporary buffs.
  • Flasks and Elixirs: These consumables offer longer-lasting buffs to stats and abilities.
  • Runes and Augments: These can be applied to armor to provide additional stat boosts.


The Retribution Paladin in The War Within is a formidable force on the battlefield, capable of dishing out immense damage while providing valuable support to allies. With a variety of talents and playstyles to choose from, players can tailor their Paladin to their preferred approach. By mastering the rotation, optimizing gear and stats, and utilizing consumables effectively, Retribution Paladins can unleash their full potential and become a beacon of light in the darkness of war.

Key Takeaways

  • Core mechanics have been updated for improved gameplay.
  • New talent trees offer greater customization of your build.
  • Essential tips and strategies to maximize your DPS.

Core Mechanics and Build Composition

This section explains the key aspects of playing a Retribution Paladin. Learn about their abilities, talents, and the best ways to optimize your playstyle for both single-target and AOE situations.

Understanding Retribution Paladins

Retribution Paladins focus on dealing high damage while wielding a two-handed weapon. They generate and spend Holy Power to execute powerful abilities. Key abilities include Blade of Justice, Wake of Ashes, and Templar Strikes. The Hero Talent Trees in The War Within expansion have reworked many talents to enhance their DPS potential.

Optimizing Talent Trees

To maximize damage output, choose talents that boost your main abilities. Avenging Wrath or its alternative Crusade significantly increase damage during their uptime. Vanguard of Justice and Radiant Decree are also essential for burst damage. A well-optimized talent tree ensures you get the most out of your Retribution Paladin.

Holy Power and Core Abilities

Holy Power is central to the Retribution Paladin’s rotation. Generate Holy Power using abilities like Blade of Justice and Wake of Ashes. Spend it on hard-hitting moves like Templar’s Verdict and Divine Storm. Other important abilities, such as Hammer of Wrath and Shield of Vengeance, add versatility and survivability in combat.

Single Target vs. AOE Rotation

In single-target fights, focus on abilities that deal substantial damage to one enemy. Prioritize Execution Sentence and Templar’s Verdict. For AOE situations, use Wake of Ashes and Divine Storm to hit multiple enemies. Adjust your rotation based on the number of targets to maintain high DPS.

These guidelines help players understand the Retribution Paladin’s strengths and efficiently manage their abilities in different situations.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section covers essential tips for optimizing your Retribution Paladin in the latest World of Warcraft expansion, “The War Within”. Learn about talent builds, gemming, enchanting, rotation, and legendaries to maximize your DPS.

What are the best talent builds for a Retribution Paladin in the current WoW expansion?

For single-target DPS, the recommended talents are Righteous Verdict, Blade of Justice, and Divine Purpose. For AoE scenarios, talents like Zeal, Wake of Ashes, and Empyrean Power are ideal. Talent choices can vary based on content and playstyle.

How should a Retribution Paladin be gemmed and enchanted in the latest patch?

Focus on Haste and Mastery for gemming. For enchants, add Enchant Cloak – Fortified Speed, Enchant Chest – Eternal Stats, and Enchant Weapon – Celestial Guidance. These stats improve your DPS and overall performance.

What is the optimal rotation for a Retribution Paladin in raid and dungeon scenarios?

Start with Judgment and Blade of Justice. Use Crusader Strike for Holy Power generation. Cast Templar’s Verdict for single targets and Divine Storm for AoE. Use your cooldowns like Avenging Wrath for burst damage during crucial phases.

Which legendaries should a Retribution Paladin prioritize for maximum DPS?

Prioritize the Final Verdict Legendary to enhance Templar’s Verdict and Hammer of Wrath. The Tempest of the Lightbringer Legendary is good for AoE damage. These legendaries significantly boost your overall damage output.

How can a Retribution Paladin effectively manage their cooldowns during boss fights?

Use Avenging Wrath early and often. Combine it with trinkets and potions for peak burst. Keep an eye on fight mechanics to maximize uptime. Don’t save cooldowns for later phases unless a specific burst is needed.

What are the top item sets for a Retribution Paladin, and how do they enhance performance?

The top sets are usually highlighted in patch notes and guides. Aim for sets that boost your critical strike and haste. Set bonuses often provide significant damage boosts. Combining these with top-tier weapons enhances your overall DPS.

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