WOW Word Of Warcraft: The War Within
WOW Word Of Warcraft: The War Within

World of Warcraft’s upcoming expansion, “The War Within,” introduces the Earthen allied race. Earthen is a titan-forged dwarf race that is unique in not being tied to either the Horde or Alliance. The Earthen offer players a fresh perspective and personalization options. Set beneath the Isle of Dorn, their storyline involves immersive quests to unlock this race, adding depth and variety to the game’s character selection.

Descendants of Stone and Anvil

The Earthen are a stoic and resilient race, forged from the very earth itself. Deeper than any mortal dwarf has ever delved, the Earthen have carved out a civilization within the subterranean realm of Khaz Algar. Their long isolation has honed their connection to the elemental forces shaping Azeroth.

WOW: Earthen Race

Earthen Traits: Strength From the Depths

Choosing the Earthen as your allied race grants you several distinct advantages:

  • Stoneform: This racial ability grants the Earthen increased physical damage resistance for a short duration, turning them into living statues.
  • Earthen Strength: Passively increases the Earthen’s mining skill, allowing them to gather minerals with greater efficiency.
  • Command over Stone: Earthen have a chance to resist being disarmed, reflecting their connection to the earth itself.

Earthen Racial Traits

StoneformActivates to increase physical damage resistance for a short duration.Enhanced survivability in combat.
Earthen StrengthPassively increases mining skill.Faster gathering of minerals, useful for professions like blacksmithing or engineering.
Command over StoneChance to resist being disarmed.Improved combat utility, especially against enemies relying on disarming attacks.

A Different Kind of Dwarf

While sharing some physical similarities with regular dwarves, the Earthen boast unique customization options:

  • Crystalline Accents: Earthen can adorn themselves with glowing crystals found deep within Azeroth, reflecting their connection to the elemental forces.
  • Earthen Tattoos: Elaborate tattoos etched with runic symbols tell the stories of their people and their connection to the earth.
  • Earth Tones: Earthen skin tones range from deep browns to greyish hues, reflecting their subterranean origins.

Core Races vs. Allied Races:

WoW has a set of core playable races (e.g., Humans, Orcs, Elves) available at the start.
Allied races are additional playable races introduced in expansions, often with specific unlock requirements.
The Earthen: These ancient dwarves dwelling deep underground are the new allied race in The War Within.

They offer a unique perspective and gameplay options:

  • Lore Connection: They’re tied to Azeroth’s forgotten history and the subterranean realm of Khaz Algar.
  • Gameplay Traits: They have combat-enhancing abilities like Stoneform (increased defense) and professions-oriented benefits like Earthen Strength (improved mining).
  • Customization Options: They offer unique skin tones, tattoos, and crystal adornments.
    Not Quite a “New Race”

Technically, the Earthen isn’t a completely “new race” in the sense of being entirely unseen in WoW lore. They’ve been referenced and hinted at in previous content. However, The War Within marks their first time as a fully playable race.

Beyond the Surface

The Earthen are not just another cosmetic option. Their connection to the earth and unique combat and professions-oriented racial traits offer a distinct playstyle. This makes them an appealing choice for players seeking a grounded and powerful character with a deep lore connection to Azeroth’s hidden depths.

Key Takeaways

  • The Earthen allied race is introduced in “The War Within” expansion.
  • Players unlock the Earthen by progressing through specific in-game content.
  • Customization and unique abilities of the Earthen add depth to gameplay.

Overview of the Earthen Allied Race

The Earthen Allied Race brings a fresh dynamic to Azeroth with their rich history and unique abilities. This race carves a new path for players of World of Warcraft, appealing to both Horde and Alliance members.

Earthen History and Lore

The Earthen are a race of titan-forged beings originating from deep within the earth. Crafted by titans, these steadfast dwarves boast ancient roots in Azeroth’s history. Their culture is defined by their unwavering bond with the land and their proficiency as machine speakers, demonstrating a deep connection to the world’s elemental forces.

Traits and Abilities

The Earthen possess traits that mirror their resilient heritage. They showcase a blend of sturdiness and affinity with the earth, setting them apart from other races. While Blizzard has not released complete details on their abilities, players anticipate a synergy between their lore and gameplay mechanics.

Alignment Within Azeroth’s Factions

This Allied Race holds the distinction of being neutral, thereby accessible to both the Alliance and the Horde. Such neutrality underscores the Earthen’s focus on balance and their role as peacemakers in the ongoing conflict that defines Azeroth. Players who choose to align with the Earthen can anticipate a unique place in both the lore and the community of World of Warcraft.

Gameplay and Integration

Introducing the Earthen Allied Race in the latest ‘The War Within’ expansion has brought fresh elements to World of Warcraft gameplay. This section provides a detailed look into how this new race integrates into the game through its unique challenges, zones, and character options.

Challenges and Questlines

The Earthen Allied Race introduces a series of new questlines that players must complete to unlock them. These quests explore the lore of Azeroth and the Earthen’s origins, offering a deep dive into the story behind this titan-forged race. By completing these challenges, players gain insights into the Earthen’s culture and their role in the Isle of Dorn.

Zones and Strongholds

The Isle of Dorn serves as the central hub for the Earthen Allied Race. It is a newly-introduced zone, rich with dungeons and unique landscapes that mirror the race’s connection with Azeroth’s worldsoul. Here, players will discover strategic points and strongholds that are integral for the Earthen people.

Character Classes and Roles

Playable classes for the Earthen include:

  • Warrior: Expert in combat, capitalizing on the Earthen’s resilience.
  • Paladin: Harnessing holy power to protect and heal.
  • Rogue: Stealth and cunning are key to unlocking the potential of the Earthen Rogue.
  • Priest: A spiritual guide with powers to heal and harm.
  • Shaman: Tapping into elemental forces and the world of Azeroth.
  • Mage: Master of arcane arts, bending the very fabric of reality.
  • Warlock: Harnessing dark energies for powerful attacks.
  • Hunter: One with nature, Earthen hunters form strong bonds with their pets.
  • Demon Hunter, Death Knight, Monk, Evoker: Not available for the Earthen.

Roles within raids and dungeons are varied and integral to the gameplay of the Earthen Allied Race. They can tackle different positions ranging from damage dealers to healers, fitting into the World of Warcraft landscape seamlessly. The chosen class will define how the Earthen integrate into the player’s journey through Azeroth.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we address some key topics concerning the Earthen Allied Race in “World of Warcraft.” You will find concise information on their available classes, how to unlock them, racial abilities, and more.

What classes are available for the Earthen in World of Warcraft?

The Earthen Allied Race offers several classes for players to choose from. However, specifics on the available classes have not been released yet. Players can expect a list to emerge closer to or during the game’s alpha testing phase.

How can players unlock the Earthen Allied Race?

To access the Earthen as a playable race, players must complete the The War Within campaign. This progression eliminates the need for reputation grinding or other complex prerequisites.

What are the unique racial abilities of the Earthen?

Details on the racial abilities for the Earthen Allied Race have not yet been disclosed by Blizzard. This information is likely to become available once The War Within expansion enters its alpha stage.

Which expansion introduced the Earthen Allied Race?

The War Within expansion for “World of Warcraft” introduced the Earthen Allied Race to players of both the Horde and Alliance factions.

What is the starting zone for the Earthen race?

The Earthen start on the Isle of Dorn. This new area is part of the rich content introduced with The War Within expansion.

What are the customization options for the Earthen Allied Race?

Though there is limited information on customization options, it’s anticipated that players will be able to select from a variety of unique looks that align with the Earthen’s lore and background as titan-forged dwarves.

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