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The release of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom excited fans back in May of 2023. As a follow up to Breath Of The Wild, it served every purpose and is widely regarded as one of the greatest games ever released by Nintendo. So many fans have absolutely loved both of the games in the series and have been clamoring for more. But based on interviews with top Nintendo / Zelda executives, it doesn’t look like the series will be getting a third game. The BOTW and TOTK line will be ending at two games and the story they wanted to tell has concluded. But the news & rumors aren’t all bad – even though the line won’t be getting a 3rd installment, a totally new Zelda game is in the plans. Here’s what we know about the possibility of a Zelda 3.

What Nintendo Has Said

Nintendo’s Eiji Aonuma, the series producer, said quite a bit in an interview with Game Informer that pretty clearly updated us on their stance. Throughout the interview he kept referencing how TOTK built on the basis BOTW had setup and that TOTK was a completion of that storyline. Several times he referenced how TOTK didn’t have (and wouldn’t be getting) any DLC content – ie. the game was complete.

He did mention that more Zelda games are coming, so by drawing logical conclusions, it would seem that the next entrant would be a standalone game – not a sequel.

Tears of the Kingdom director Hidemaro Fujibayashi also hinted that he may already have plans for the next game, but when pressed, he too intimated that a sequel was not very likely.

Release Possibilities

Here’s a look at what’s likely and unlikely for the next mainline Zelda game:

Direct sequel to Tears of the KingdomUnlikelyPast Zelda games have typically been standalone experiences.
A new game set in the same world as Tears of the KingdomPossibleThis would allow Nintendo to reuse assets and build upon the world of the game.
A brand-new Zelda game with a new setting and storylineHighly LikelyThis is in line with the history of the Zelda franchise, which explores different settings and themes with each mainline release.

When Will the Next Zelda Game Come Out?

The next Zelda game will likely be released on Nintendo’s next-generation console. This console is rumored to release sometime in 2025 – 2026 but no date is official. A new Zelda game could be ready at launch but given how far away development of the game would be, it may come out after the console launch.

Anticipation for Zelda 3

The Legend of Zelda series holds a special place in the gaming world, with its upcoming title, “Tears of the Kingdom”, creating a buzz among fans about the future of the franchise.

Trends Among Fans

Fans of the Legend of Zelda are eagerly speculating about the potential for a third installment following the success of Breath of the Wild and the anticipation building for Tears of the Kingdom. Online forums and social media platforms showcase a wave of excitement and expectations. They are sharing theories, dissecting trailers, and using past Zelda adventures to guess where Nintendo could take the series next.

Producer Insights

Eiji Aonuma, the long-time producer of Zelda games, has hinted at future projects for the series without giving too much away. According to recent interviews, while Tears of the Kingdom is on the horizon, insights about an actual sequel or a third game tying together a potential trilogy remain tightly under wraps. Nevertheless, the history of the franchise suggests that Nintendo is always planning ahead, and producer comments have only added to the fan anticipation for a “Zelda 3.”

Game Development Details

This section explores the specific aspects of the anticipated sequel’s development, touching on the platforms it targets, how the story and game mechanics might evolve, and the expected visual and technical advancements.

Platform Evolution

Nintendo, the game’s developer, is expected to release the new Zelda title not just for the Nintendo Switch but potentially for the next-generation console, which could be the rumored “Switch 2.” As the Nintendo Switch was fundamental to the success of “Breath of the Wild” and its direct sequel “Tears of the Kingdom,” any upcoming hardware from Nintendo will likely be designed to capitalize on the Zelda franchise’s popularity.

Story and Gameplay Progression

The game series’ director, Hidemaro Fujibayashi, has been instrumental in crafting the rich experiences found in “Breath of the Wild” and its sequels. Although specifics about the story arc of the third installment have been kept under wraps, expectations point toward fresh gameplay mechanics and an engaging storyline, building on the legacy established by previous titles. Fujibayashi’s approach often introduces innovations that keep the experience fresh for players, meaning we could see new puzzles, combat systems, or exploration techniques.

Visual and Technical Enhancements

Advancements in visual fidelity and technical capabilities are a given with new game releases. With the developer’s track record, players can anticipate the upcoming Zelda title to push the envelope with enhanced graphics and smoother performance. Given Nintendo’s historical penchant for creating immersive gaming worlds like those seen with the “Ultrahand” and other inventive properties, it’s probable that this new Zelda project will continue to set high standards in visual excellence and technical achievement. Game Informer and other publications frequently praise Nintendo for these feats, indicating a bright future for the visual spectacle in Zelda’s next outing.

Release and Reception

The sequel to “Breath of the Wild” made a splash with its meticulous release strategy and won hearts with its impeccable gameplay, setting a tough act to follow for any subsequent “Zelda” titles.

Launch and Marketing

The much-anticipated “Tears of the Kingdom” hit Nintendo Switch consoles worldwide as scheduled on May 12, 2023, marking a new chapter for the beloved “Zelda” series. Nintendo’s marketing team went all out, showcasing the game in a Nintendo Direct feature, which unveiled enticing trailers that set the tone for the adventure that awaited. Fans didn’t waste any time and quickly placed their preorders, driven by the hype and their fond memories of predecessors like “Ocarina of Time” and “Skyward Sword”.

Critical and Community Response

The game’s launch wasn’t just a commercial triumph; it was a critical darling too. Reviewers praised the game for its fresh yet familiar gameplay mechanics, lush environments, and intriguing puzzles. Game Informer and GamesRadar+ were among the many outlets that sent out glowing reviews, bolstering the game’s renown within the community. The newsletter buzz coupled with viral social media posts about player creations pushed “Tears of the Kingdom” to become one of the fastest-selling titles in the series’ long history. The consensus? The game was an exceptional addition to the “Zelda” lineage that lived up to its Nintendo Switch Online anticipation.

Frequently Asked Questions

As fans eagerly await news on what’s next for The Legend of Zelda series after “Tears of the Kingdom,” several key questions have surfaced regarding future installments.

What’s the anticipated release date for the next Zelda game after Tears of the Kingdom?

No official release date for a new Zelda game following “Tears of the Kingdom” has been announced. Fans are watching closely for any hints from Nintendo.

Has there been an announcement for a Zelda sequel following Tears of the Kingdom?

There hasn’t been a specific announcement or confirmation of a direct sequel to “Tears of the Kingdom” from Nintendo.

What information is available regarding a Zelda game beyond Tears of the Kingdom?

Details about future Zelda titles beyond “Tears of the Kingdom” are scarce. The franchise’s history suggests that Nintendo is likely developing new ideas, but nothing definitive has been shared publicly.

Is there any official news about a third installment in the Breath of the Wild series?

Currently, there is no official news or information regarding a third installment in the “Breath of the Wild” series.

Are there any confirmations or rumors about a future Zelda title for the Nintendo Switch?

While rumors often circulate about upcoming games, there have been no confirmations from Nintendo about a new Zelda title for the Switch beyond “Tears of the Kingdom.”

What developments have been made concerning a potential Zelda film adaptation?

No concrete developments regarding a film adaptation of The Legend of Zelda have been announced. Fans remain hopeful that Link’s adventures might make it to the big screen one day.

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