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S23 Ultra Back

People are curious to see if the price of the Galaxy S23 will drop when the S24 launches. This is especially true for used phones but may not apply to new phones. The price drop for the previous generation will depend on how well the S24 sells. If the S24 sells well, prices for older generations are likely to be reduced to clear out inventory. However, if the S24 sells poorly, they may keep prices on older generations higher to discourage sales.

Will the Samsung S23’s Price Drop with the S24’s Arrival?

Significant price drop immediately after S24 launchUnlikelySamsung rarely offers major discounts on flagship models right after their successors launch. They typically focus on promoting the new S24 instead.
Small price cuts from retailers and carriersLikelySome retailers and carriers might offer slight discounts (5-10%) on the S23 to clear inventory and make room for the S24.
Bigger price drops after a few monthsVery likelyAs the S24 gains traction, the S23 will become less attractive. Expect larger price drops (10-20%) from Samsung, retailers, and carriers to boost sales.
Continued price decline over timeGuaranteedAs the S23 ages, it will naturally become cheaper. You can expect significant price reductions (up to 50%) over the next year or two.

Additional factors to consider:

  • S24’s reception and pricing: If the S24 is a major upgrade and priced competitively, the S23’s price might drop faster.
  • Holiday seasons and sales events: Retailers often offer deeper discounts on older models during major sales events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
  • Storage capacity and variants: Higher storage capacities and certain variants (e.g., Ultra model) might hold their value better than base models.

Overall, while the S23’s price won’t plummet immediately after the S24 launch, significant discounts are inevitable over time. If you can wait a few months, you’ll likely get a better deal.

User Expectations and Market Trends

Reddit forums, a hive of tech enthusiasts, have seen various users speculating about the potential price drop. One user noted, “I have decided to buy the S23 base version and the local stores have been offering steep discounts. I just realized this is probably because of the upcoming S24 launch.” This points to a common trend in the smartphone market where previous models often see a price reduction to clear inventory and make way for the latest offerings.

Historical Pricing Patterns

Historically, Samsung has been known to reduce the prices of its older models upon the release of new ones. This pattern has been observed consistently across various Galaxy series launches. For instance, the Galaxy S22 saw a significant price cut after the S23’s announcement. Users on forums have also highlighted similar trends, with one mentioning, “On black friday I got [the S23] for 899€ (original price 1450€) Not expecting it to be lower.”

Production and Availability Factors

Another critical factor influencing the price is the production status of the older models. A Reddit user insightfully pointed out, “S23 isn’t in production anymore, the steep discounts are to get rid of the last ones before the S24 comes and takes up warehouse space.” This suggests that the price drop might not only be a marketing strategy but also a necessity due to the phasing out of older models.

Regional Variations in Pricing

It’s also essential to consider regional differences in pricing strategies. A user from India shared, “I’m getting the 256 GB variant for 60k, with a 10k discount. That’s a 5k store discount plus 5k off for HDFC credit cards.” Such regional promotional offers can significantly influence the price dynamics of older models post the launch of a new one.

Is Waiting Worthwhile?

For those pondering whether to wait for the S24 launch to purchase the S23, it’s a gamble between availing of the current discounts or betting on a further price drop. It’s noteworthy that as the new model arrives, the older version’s availability might become limited, potentially leading to missed opportunities for specific

variants or deals. One Reddit user shared their experience, “I was going to wait until after the event on the 17th, but when I was playing around with putting phones in my cart, I noticed things were already going out of stock.”

Consumer Sentiment and Satisfaction

An interesting sentiment expressed on forums is the diminishing FOMO (fear of missing out) regarding newer models. A user stated, “Having recently purchased an S23 Ultra, I feel like I’m all set with phones for a long time.” This reflects a growing consumer trend where the incremental upgrades in new models are not compelling enough to overshadow the satisfaction with current devices.

Analyzing the S24’s Impact

The launch of the S24 is undoubtedly poised to stir the market, but its impact on S23’s pricing will be influenced by various factors like stock availability, regional market strategies, and consumer demand. While a price drop is historically likely, the extent and timing remain speculative.

Summary of Facts

  • Samsung typically reduces prices of older models following the launch of new ones.
  • The S23 might see a price drop post-S24 launch, influenced by stock clearance and production status.
  • Regional offers and discounts play a significant role in price dynamics.
  • Consumer trends show a decreasing urgency to upgrade to the latest model immediately.


Will the S23’s price drop significantly after the S24 launch?

While a price drop is likely based on historical trends, the extent is uncertain and may vary by region.

Should I buy the S23 now or wait for the S24 launch?

It depends on your urgency and willingness to risk potential stock shortages against the possibility of further discounts.

Are older Samsung models like the S23 still a good buy after a new launch?

Absolutely. Many users find that the features of models like the S23 continue to meet their needs, even after newer models are released.

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