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Gigabyte Technology Logo

Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. is a Taiwanese manufacturer and distributor of computer hardware products known for its motherboards and graphics cards. Since its establishment in 1986, Gigabyte has been a key player in the IT industry, delivering innovation and quality to consumers worldwide.

Gigabyte Technology: The Early Days

Gigabyte was founded by Pei-Chen Yeh, a significant figure in Taiwan’s IT industry. The company started with a focus on research and development, dedicating resources to create superior IT products for the growing personal computer market.

Gigabyte’s Breakthrough: The Motherboard Market

Gigabyte made a name for itself in the motherboard industry. It is acclaimed for its reliability and performance, making it a top choice for both casual users and PC enthusiasts. Over the years, Gigabyte motherboards have received numerous awards and recognition for their superior design and quality.

Venturing into Graphics Cards

Gigabyte expanded its product line to include graphics cards, primarily those powered by NVIDIA and AMD. Their graphics cards are appreciated for their cooling solutions, performance, and innovative features, catering to gamers and professionals alike.

Gigabyte Today: Beyond Motherboards and Graphics Cards

Today, Gigabyte’s portfolio includes a wide range of IT hardware, from PC components to high-performance laptops, desktops, servers, and data center solutions. Gigabyte also has a sub-brand, AORUS, dedicated to gaming-related products.

Gigabyte’s Dedication to Sustainability

Gigabyte isn’t solely about technology; they’re committed to sustainable practices. Their green initiatives include energy-saving motherboards and a commitment to adhering to international environmental management standards.


What is Gigabyte Technology?

Gigabyte Technology is a Taiwan-based multinational company that manufactures and sells computer hardware. Their product line includes motherboards, graphics cards, PC components, laptops, desktops, servers, and data center solutions.

When was Gigabyte Technology founded?

Gigabyte Technology was founded in 1986 by Pei-Chen Yeh.

What is Gigabyte known for?

Gigabyte is best known for its high-quality motherboards and graphics cards. They’re appreciated for their reliable performance, innovative design, and superior cooling solutions.

What is AORUS?

AORUS is a premium gaming brand powered by Gigabyte, offering a full spectrum of gaming products ranging from gaming laptops to gaming peripherals.


Gigabyte Technology has left an indelible mark in the world of technology, with its continuous dedication to innovation, quality, and sustainability. Through its high-performing and reliable products, Gigabyte continues to shape the future of personal computing, gaming, and data center solutions.

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