Who is EVGA
Who is EVGA

In the world of high-performance computer hardware, EVGA is a name synonymous with quality and reliability. Known primarily for their top-tier graphics cards, EVGA has firmly established themselves as a force to be reckoned with. Let’s find out more about who they are and what they do.

But in September of 2022, EVGA made a surprise announcement that they would be exiting the video card business due to problems / mistreatment from nVIDIA.

The Origin of EVGA

EVGA Corporation was founded in 1999 and is based in Brea, California. The company quickly made a name for itself in the computer hardware industry with its robust product line and commitment to quality.

What does EVGA stand for?

In video technology terms, EVGA stands for Extended Video Graphics Array. However, according to EVGA Corporation the name is not an acronym. The company originally spelled its name as eVGA but later changed it to EVGA (all capital letters). In either iteration though, the name is not to be confused with any acronym and is simply intended to reflect their roots in VGA / graphics adapters.

EVGA’s Products

Graphics Cards

Arguably the jewel in EVGA’s crown when they were in this business, EVGA’s graphics cards were highly sought after by PC enthusiasts and gamers alike. They offered a wide range of options, from budget-friendly choices to premium, high-performance models centered around all the nVIDIA chipsets.

In a somewhat surprise announcement back in September of 2022 EVGA announced they would stop making graphics cards. They blame poor financials tied to the crypto mining boom & bust cycles and ‘Mistreatment’ by NVIDIA.


EVGA has a solid reputation in the motherboard market, too. Their offerings are known for their durability, efficient design, and excellent overclocking capabilities.

Power Supplies and Cooling Solutions

EVGA’s product line also includes power supplies and cooling solutions, known for their reliability and efficient performance.

EVGA’s Partnership with NVIDIA

A major aspect of EVGA’s success was their close partnership with NVIDIA, one of the leading names in the GPU market. As an authorized partner, EVGA had access to the latest NVIDIA technologies, allowing them to deliver top-notch products that often surpass their competitors.

But this partnership seemingly deteriorated and led to EVGA exiting the GPU market.

EVGA’s Quality and Customer Service

Quality is a cornerstone of EVGA’s philosophy. Their rigorous testing process ensures each product meets high standards. Moreover, EVGA’s commitment to customer service is exceptional, providing extended warranties and 24/7 technical support.

Community and eSports Involvement

EVGA is also involved in the gaming community and eSports. They sponsor gaming events and have a community with online forums for users to interact, discuss, and troubleshoot.

The Future for EVGA

As we advance into the future of technology, EVGA continues to innovate and expand their product lineup. As long as high-performance PCs are in demand, EVGA will be there to supply the needed components.

Some expect EVGA to partner up with AMD in the future to re-enter the GPU market or possibly getting back together with NVIDIA if that relationship can be repaired.


EVGA is not just a hardware manufacturer; they’re a brand that represents quality, innovation, and superior customer service. As long as there’s a need for high-performance computer components, EVGA will undoubtedly continue to be at the forefront of the industry.


  1. When was EVGA founded?
    • EVGA was founded in 1999.
  2. What products does EVGA specialize in?
    • EVGA specializes in high-performance computer components, notably motherboards, power supplies, and cooling solutions.
  3. Who was EVGA’s main partner in the graphics card industry?
    • EVGA had a close partnership with NVIDIA.
  4. How does EVGA support its customers?
    • EVGA offers comprehensive customer support, including extended warranties and 24/7 technical support.
  5. What is EVGA’s role in the gaming community?
    • EVGA sponsors gaming events and maintains an active online community for discussions and troubleshooting.
  6. Does EVGA make GPUs anymore
    • No. EVGA announced they would stop making GPUs in September of 2022
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