Voice Memos App
Voice Memos App

Finding saved audio messages on your iPhone involves a few different methods depending on your iOS version and the actions you’ve taken after receiving the message. Here’s how you can locate your saved audio messages:

  1. In the Messages App (iOS 12 and Newer):
    • For iPhones running iOS 12 or newer, audio messages are initially found within the Messages app. To save an audio message, open the message thread that contains the recording and tap ‘Keep’. This will prevent the message from expiring, which usually happens within 2 minutes of listening to the message​​.
  2. Saving to Voice Memos App:
    • To save an audio message to the Voice Memos app, long-press on the voice message in your Messages app and select ‘Save’. Once saved, you can find the audio message in the Voice Memos app. If you don’t see the Voice Memos app on your home screen, it might be sorted into the Utilities folder, or you can search for it in your App Library. The most recently saved audio message will be at the top of your list in Voice Memos​​​​.
  3. Using the Phone App:
    • Some audio messages may also be accessed through the Phone app, particularly if they were part of a voicemail message. These can be found in the voicemail section of the Phone app​​.
  4. Backup and Recovery Options:
    • If you have backed up your iPhone to iTunes or Finder, you can also locate saved voice messages by restoring from that backup. In case of accidental deletion or loss of audio messages, third-party data recovery tools can be used to retrieve them​​.

These methods provide various options for accessing and saving audio messages on your iPhone, ensuring that important recordings are not lost and can be revisited when needed.

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