Call Of Duty Warzone 2 (COD)
Call Of Duty Warzone 2 (COD)

In Call of Duty: Warzone 2’s DMZ mode, finding a GPU is crucial for successful gameplay. GPUs are valuable for trading and completing missions. The Police Academy Server Building is the best place to find GPUs, with over 20 computers to loot. You can also find GPUs in supply chests, computers, and Strongholds, and they can sometimes be purchased at Buy Stations. GPUs are often located in specific areas of the map, and the Police Academy Server Building, Vondel, and Ashika Island are prime spots to search. Efficiently finding GPUs can significantly impact your gaming experience in DMZ mode. These valuable components require strategy, knowledge, and a bit of luck to obtain, and this comprehensive guide will reveal the prime locations where GPUs are known to spawn and equip you with expert tips to streamline your search.

Secure Your GPU in DMZ: A Guide to Hotspots and Strategies

In the Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 DMZ mode, GPUs have become a highly sought-after item, essential for upgrading your Contraband Stash. While these valuable components are scattered throughout various maps, locating them can be a challenge. This guide will reveal the prime locations and provide valuable tips to improve your chances of finding GPUs in DMZ.

Prime GPU Locations in DMZ

Each map in DMZ offers different opportunities for finding GPUs. Some locations have a higher probability of spawning GPUs, while others require specific keys or strategies. The table below highlights the primary areas where you can focus your search:

VondelFire Department, UniversityLook for stage bags that require a Stage Bag Key to unlock.
Ashika IslandTsuki CastleSearch the green weapon lockers within the castle.
Al MazrahRohan Oil, Sattiq Cave Complex, Al Mazrah CityCheck computers, shelves, and other lootable areas.

Tips for Finding GPUs in DMZ

  • Stage Bag Key: In Vondel, prioritize obtaining the Stage Bag Key. This key unlocks stage bags at the Fire Department and University, which often contain GPUs.
  • Tsuki Castle Weapon Lockers: On Ashika Island, head to Tsuki Castle and search the green weapon lockers. These lockers have a decent chance of spawning GPUs.
  • Search Thoroughly: Explore buildings, rooms, and even open areas. GPUs can be found on shelves, in drawers, or simply lying on the ground.
  • Complete Contracts: Some contracts may lead you to areas with a higher chance of finding GPUs. Pay attention to the contract objectives and locations.
  • Teamwork: If playing with a squad, communicate and coordinate your search efforts. This will increase your chances of finding GPUs faster.
  • Persistence: Don’t get discouraged if you don’t find a GPU right away. Keep searching and trying different locations. Persistence pays off in DMZ.

Key Takeaways

  • The best place to search for GPUs is the Police Academy Server Building.
  • Vondel and Ashika Island also have a high chance of spawning GPUs.
  • Supply chests, computers, and Buy Stations are additional sources for GPUs.

Locating GPUs in the DMZ

Finding GPUs in the DMZ requires searching specific hotspots, exploring known loot locations, gathering key items, and completing special missions. Players should also track game updates and understand rewards for added benefits.

Al Mazrah City Hotspots

Al Mazrah City offers several popular hotspots for finding GPUs. Common locations include police stations and office buildings where computer setups are prevalent. Players should check every PC tower and desk in these areas. The banks and strongholds also frequently house valuable electronics, including GPUs. Always search thoroughly in these buildings to maximize your chances.

Specific Loot Locations

Certain places consistently offer higher chances of finding GPUs. Key locations include the offices and server rooms where PCs are located, particularly in Al Mazrah City. Zaya Observatory and Ashika Island are additional hotspots. Computer shacks around Al Mazrah and the mayor’s briefcase in some secure buildings often contain GPUs.

Key Items and Currency

Carry keys and money to access locked rooms and buy items. A skeleton key can open multiple secured locations, while cash ($16,000) helps purchase necessary gear from stations. Gold bars and thumb drives also contribute to trades and bartering which are vital for acquiring GPUs.

Bartering and Valuables Gathering

Bartering involves trading useful items like thumb drives and bandages for GPUs. The GPU barter recipe commonly includes crafting items found across the DMZ. Use the stage bag at locations like Vondel and secure backpacks to store valuables and optimize your chances of successful trades.

Special DMZ Missions

Certain missions and quests in the DMZ task players with locating and delivering GPUs. For example, a commonly known mission requiring this is delivering a GPU to Al Sammam Cemetery. Always pay attention to mission details as they guide you to specific locales like the Police Institute or other resource-abundant buildings.

Equipment and Gear for GPU Retrieval

Equip supply chests and weapon lockers with essential tools. A secure backpack allows for carrying more loot. Essential equipment may include keys for locked areas and crafting tools for the barter system. This equipment can make the difference in safely retrieving GPUs and completing missions efficiently.

Understanding Affiliate and Faction Rewards

Different factions within the game, such as the Black Mous faction, offer rewards for completing objectives involving GPUs. Completing these missions not only helps in gameplay but also provides valuable in-game rewards. Check affiliate policies to understand available benefits and how to leverage them effectively.

Game Updates and Seasonal Changes

Game updates and season changes influence GPU locations and availability. For example, Season 4 may introduce new maps or adjust existing hotspots. Staying updated allows players to adapt strategies, ensuring they remain effective in finding GPUs. Follow patch notes and community updates to stay informed.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section provides answers to common questions related to finding GPUs in DMZ. Information has been gathered from various sources, ensuring accurate and helpful guidance for locating GPUs.

What are the most common locations to find GPUs in DMZ Season 6?

In DMZ Season 6, the most common locations to find GPUs include office and server rooms. Specific maps like Vondel feature Stage Bags at coordinates C5 and E2 that often contain GPUs.

Are there specific strategies for locating GPUs on Ashika Island within the DMZ?

On Ashika Island, players should prioritize checking PCs and shelves. Office buildings and server rooms are key locations where GPUs are typically found. Using Skeleton Keys to access locked areas can also increase the chances of finding a GPU.

Which areas in Al Mazrah are known for having a higher chance of GPU drops in the DMZ?

In Al Mazrah, GPUs frequently appear in Rohan Oil and Al-Safwa Quarry. These areas have higher spawn rates in their office and server rooms. Shelves and secure locations are also worth searching for GPUs.

What updates have been made in DMZ 2024 affecting GPU locations?

The DMZ 2024 update introduced Vondel as a new map with specific locations like Stage Bags that guarantee GPU spawns. Some spawn rates and locations across all maps have been slightly adjusted, offering new opportunities to find GPUs.

Is trading a viable option for obtaining GPUs in the DMZ, and if so, how does it work?

Trading is a viable option for obtaining GPUs in the DMZ. Players can barter using specific items like gold bars and thumb drives. This requires collecting and exchanging these items at designated barter stations.

What advice do veterans of DMZ Season 4 have for finding GPUs in the updated environment?

Veterans of DMZ Season 4 recommend focusing on high-traffic areas and secure spots for GPU spawns. Utilizing the Skeleton Key for accessing restricted areas can improve success rates. Continuing to check known hotspots will increase the likelihood of finding GPUs.

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