iPhone 8 Release Date
iPhone 8 Release Date

The iPhone 8 was neither the first, nor the last, but it surely left a mark in the history of the iPhone lineup. This would be the last major iPhone release that featured a home button (which means it’s still in demand to this day). The iPhone 8 was also the first iphone with wireless charging. If you’ve ever wondered when this piece of Apple history was launched, let’s stroll down memory lane together.

Release Dates (iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus)
Announced: September 12, 2017
Released: September 22, 2017

The iPhone Evolution

From the first iPhone’s introduction in 2007, Apple has consistently reshaped the mobile industry. Each year brought a new marvel, and 2017 was no exception.

Introduction: The Era of the iPhone 8

The much-anticipated iPhone 8 was officially unveiled on September 12, 2017. It arrived alongside its bigger sibling, the iPhone 8 Plus, and the revolutionary iPhone X, marking Apple’s 10th iPhone anniversary.

Features That Made iPhone 8 Stand Out

Glass Design

The iPhone 8 boasted a glass front and back, making it one of the most elegant iPhones to date. This wasn’t just about aesthetics though; it paved the way for another feature—wireless charging.

Advanced Camera System

While it retained a single-lens camera, the iPhone 8’s sensor and software enhancements delivered better color accuracy, low-light capability, and optical image stabilization.

Wireless Charging

Breaking free from the cord! The iPhone 8 supported wireless charging, a nod to the future of cable-free device power-ups.

How the iPhone 8 Compared to its Predecessors

The iPhone 8 wasn’t a massive departure from the iPhone 7, but its subtle enhancements, particularly in the camera and overall design, gave it a distinct edge. Plus, the A11 Bionic chip under its hood meant better performance and efficiency.

The Legacy of the iPhone 8

The iPhone 8 might have been overshadowed by the iPhone X’s flashy design and new Face ID system, but it held its own. It was a blend of classic iPhone elements with hints of the future, serving as a bridge between Apple’s iconic past and its then-unfolding future.


2017 was a monumental year for Apple and iPhone enthusiasts. While the iPhone X stole much of the limelight, the iPhone 8, released that same year, held its ground with grace, reminding everyone that evolution often comes in incremental yet impactful steps.


  1. Was the iPhone 8 the last model to have a Home button?
    • No, the iPhone SE 2020 also featured a Home button, but the iPhone 8 was among the last of the main iPhone series to have one.
  2. How did the iPhone 8 differ from the iPhone 8 Plus?
    • The primary differences were screen size, overall dimensions, and the dual-lens camera system exclusive to the 8 Plus.
  3. Did the iPhone 8 come with AirPods?
    • No, AirPods were sold separately.
  4. Was the iPhone 8 water-resistant?
    • Yes, it had an IP67 water and dust resistance rating.
  5. How much did the iPhone 8 cost at launch?
    • The starting price for the iPhone 8 was $699 for the 64GB model.
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