Shared iCloud Photo Albums
Shared iCloud Photo Albums

When you subscribe to a shared photos album, a world of interactive and collaborative photo sharing opens up. This feature, especially prevalent in platforms like Apple’s iCloud, allows you to not only view photos and videos shared by others but also contribute your own. Let’s dive into the specifics of what you can expect and how you can make the most of this feature.

Getting Started with Shared Albums

Setting Up

First things first, ensure your device is up-to-date with the latest software. For Apple users, this means having the latest iOS, iPadOS, macOS, or tvOS. Windows users should have Windows 10 or later and download iCloud for Windows. Make sure you’re signed into iCloud with the same Apple ID across all devices you intend to use.

Shared Photo Album
Shared Photo Album

Turning On Shared Albums

On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, navigate to Settings > [your name] > iCloud > Photos, and turn on Shared Albums. Mac users can find this option in the Photos app under Photos > Settings or Photos > Preferences, depending on the macOS version. For Apple TV, it’s under Settings > Users and Accounts > iCloud. Windows users can enable this in iCloud for Windows.

Interacting with Shared Albums

Creating and Deleting Albums

Creating a new shared album is straightforward. However, remember, deleting a shared album removes it from all devices and subscribers. If it has a public website, it’s removed from there too. All photos within the deleted album are permanently deleted, so save any important ones first.

Inviting and Removing Subscribers

You can invite people to view and contribute to your shared album. For those without iCloud, enable the Public Website option for broader access. As the album creator, you have the control to remove subscribers at any time.

Adding and Deleting Content

Subscribers can add their photos and videos to the shared album. As the owner, you can delete any content from the album, while subscribers can only delete what they added. Deleted content is removed from all devices and subscribers.

Saving Content

Both the album creator and subscribers can save photos and videos from the shared album to their personal library. This ensures that even if the shared album is deleted or sharing is stopped, the saved content remains in your library.

Technical Aspects of Shared Albums

File Types and Formats

Shared Albums support various image formats like HEIF, JPEG, RAW*, PNG, GIF, TIFF, and special formats like slo-mo, time-lapse, Live Photos, and Memory videos. For videos, formats like HEVC, MP4, QuickTime, H.264, and MPEG-4 are supported, with a maximum length of fifteen minutes and up to 720p resolution.

Storage Limits and iCloud

A shared album can hold up to 5000 photos and videos. If you reach this limit, you’ll need to delete some content before adding new ones. The good news is that the content in Shared Albums doesn’t count against your iCloud storage limit.


  1. What happens when I subscribe to a shared photo album? When you subscribe to a shared photo album, you gain access to view, contribute, and interact with the content within the album, shared by other subscribers and the album creator.
  2. How do I set up a shared album on my Apple device? Update your device to the latest software version, ensure you’re signed into iCloud with your Apple ID, and then enable Shared Albums in your device’s settings.
  3. Can I delete a shared album? Yes, you can delete a shared album, but this will permanently remove all its content and the album from all devices and subscribers.
  4. How can I save photos from a shared album? To save photos from a shared album, select the photo or video and choose the save option. This will save the content to your personal library.
  5. Are there any limits to the number of photos or videos in a shared album? Yes, a shared album can hold a maximum of 5000 photos and videos.
  6. Do the photos and videos in a shared album count against my iCloud storage? No, the content in Shared Albums does not count against your iCloud storage limit.
  7. Can I invite people who don’t use iCloud to view my shared album? Yes, by enabling the Public Website option, you can share the album with people who don’t use iCloud.
  8. What file types are supported in shared albums? Shared albums support various image formats like HEIF, JPEG, RAW, PNG, GIF, TIFF, and video formats like HEVC, MP4, QuickTime, H.264, and MPEG-4.
  9. Can I remove a subscriber from my shared album? Yes, as the album creator, you can remove any subscriber at any time.
  10. What happens to the content if I unsubscribe from a shared album? If you unsubscribe from a shared album, you lose access to the album and its content unless you have saved items to your personal library.

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