Lower Power Mode - Yellow Battery Icon
Lower Power Mode - Yellow Battery Icon

A sudden change in your iPhone’s battery color can be a source of confusion. What does the yellow battery icon signify? Let’s delve into the mystery of this amber-hued indicator.

Unravel the significance of the yellow battery icon on your iPhone and discover how to activate or deactivate this feature for optimized battery usage.

The Yellow Battery Icon: What Does It Mean?

When your iPhone’s battery icon turns yellow, it’s not indicating a problem or defect. Instead, it’s showcasing a feature known as Low Power Mode.

Diving into Low Power Mode

Designed to prolong battery life when it’s running low, the Low Power Mode curtails certain features and activities, ensuring your iPhone remains powered for longer.

1. What It Does

  • Reduces email fetch frequency.
  • Disables background app refresh and automatic downloads.
  • Lowers visual effects and dims the brightness slightly.
  • Stops “Hey Siri” functionality.

2. When It Activates

Your iPhone will suggest enabling Low Power Mode once your battery drops to 20% and again at 10%. However, you can manually activate or deactivate it as you see fit.

3. How to Toggle Low Power Mode

To manually control this feature:

  • Go to Settings > Battery.
  • Toggle the Low Power Mode switch.

Or, access it via the Control Center for quicker adjustments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the yellow battery icon affect the iPhone’s performance?

Yes, with Low Power Mode enabled, some processes are slowed down or paused, potentially affecting performance to conserve energy.

Does the yellow battery color return to green once charged?

Yes. Once your iPhone’s battery is sufficiently charged (around 80% or higher), the icon will revert to its usual green or white color, indicating Low Power Mode has been turned off automatically.

Is it harmful to keep Low Power Mode on all the time?

No, it’s not harmful. However, some functionalities and features are limited, potentially impacting your iPhone’s performance and user experience.


The yellow battery icon on your iPhone is a handy indicator, signifying that Low Power Mode is active. By understanding its purpose, users can make the most of their device’s battery life, especially during critical moments. Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to your iPhone’s power!

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