Apple TV Pre-order
Apple TV Pre-order

When it comes to staying ahead in the fast-paced world of digital entertainment, pre-ordering on Apple TV is a savvy move for avid watchers. This feature fundamentally acts as a reservation system for movies, TV shows, and other content that is not yet available to the public. The essence of pre-ordering is to ensure that you are among the first to access these materials as soon as they are released.

Pre-Ordering on Apple TV: Explained

What is Pre-Ordering?

Pre-ordering on Apple TV lets you reserve movies or TV shows before they’re officially out. Think of it like calling dibs on a hot new item before it hits the shelves.

Why Pre-Order?

You might pre-order to make sure you get access the second the content drops. Some movies or shows might have limited availability initially, and pre-ordering guarantees you a spot.

How to Pre-Order

It’s simple. Find the movie or show you want on Apple TV. If it’s available for pre-order, you’ll see a button to do so. Click it, confirm your purchase, and you’re all set.

When Will You Be Charged?

You usually won’t be charged right away. The charge typically goes through a few days before the release date. Check the fine print just to be sure.

What Happens on Release Day?

On release day, your pre-ordered content will automatically show up in your library, ready to watch. You’ll also get an email notification letting you know it’s available.

Understanding Pre-Ordering on Apple TV

Pre-ordering on Apple TV allows users to reserve a copy of their desired content before its official release. This system is particularly useful for those who are keen on getting their hands on the latest entertainment offerings without delay. When you pre-order an item on Apple TV, you essentially book it in advance, guaranteeing that you will have access to it immediately upon its release.

How Pre-Ordering Works

The process is quite straightforward. In the Apple TV app on your device, you simply search for the movie or TV show you wish to pre-order. Once you find the desired content, you proceed to its details page and select the pre-order option. This action effectively places a reservation for the item.

Notifications and Billing

An important aspect of pre-ordering is the notification and billing process. When you pre-order an item on Apple TV, you are not billed immediately. Instead, billing occurs once the item becomes available. At this point, your payment method is charged, and you receive an email notification confirming the availability of the content you pre-ordered​​​​.

The Convenience of Pre-Ordering

The primary advantage of pre-ordering is convenience. By reserving a movie or TV show ahead of its release, you eliminate the wait time and uncertainty associated with new releases. This feature is particularly appealing to those who follow specific series or are fans of certain genres, ensuring they don’t miss out on the latest content.

Managing Pre-Orders

Apple also provides a streamlined way to manage your pre-orders. In iTunes, you can view and manage all your pre-orders by navigating to your account settings and selecting ‘Manage Pre-Orders. Here, you can see a list of all items you have pre-ordered. If, for any reason, you decide to cancel a pre-order, this is also the place where you can do so​​.


  1. What happens if I pre-order a movie on Apple TV?
    • When you pre-order a movie on Apple TV, you reserve it before its release. You will be billed, and the movie will be available to you as soon as it’s released.
  2. Can I cancel a pre-order on Apple TV?
    • Yes, you can cancel a pre-order on Apple TV. This can be done by managing your pre-orders in the iTunes account settings.
  3. Will I be charged immediately for a pre-order on Apple TV?
    • No, you will not be charged immediately. Billing occurs when the pre-ordered item is released and available.
  4. How will I know when my pre-ordered content is available?
    • You will receive an email notification when your pre-ordered content becomes available on Apple TV.
  5. Can I pre-order all types of content on Apple TV?
    • Pre-ordering is available for a wide range of content, including movies, TV shows, and more, but availability may vary.
  6. Is pre-ordering on Apple TV available in all regions?
    • The availability of pre-ordering on Apple TV can vary by region. It’s best to check the Apple TV app for specific availability in your area.
  7. How do I find pre-order options for content on Apple TV?
    • To find pre-order options, search for the content in the Apple TV app and look for the pre-order option in the content’s details page.
  8. What if I miss the release date of my pre-ordered content?
    • If you miss the release date, the pre-ordered content will still be available in your library as long as you were billed for it.
  9. Can I pre-order content on Apple TV without an Apple ID?
    • An Apple ID is required to pre-order content on Apple TV, as it links to your account and payment method.
  10. How can I view my pre-order history on Apple TV?
    • You can view your pre-order history by managing your pre-orders in the iTunes account settings.

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