What can Siri Do On A Locked Phone
What can Siri Do On A Locked Phone

Siri, the voice-activated virtual assistant integrated into most Apple devices, has continually evolved over the years. One intriguing feature is its ability to assist users even when the device is locked. But, what exactly can Siri do when the iPhone is locked? Let’s find out.

Introduction to Siri

In a nutshell, Siri acts as your personal digital assistant on your Apple devices. With simple voice commands, you can send texts, set reminders, play your favorite songs, and a lot more. But the magic doesn’t stop when your phone sleeps; Siri remains active, ready to assist even with a locked screen.

The Value of Locked Phone Interaction

Having Siri functional on a locked phone might initially seem trivial, but there’s profound value in it. Why?

  • Safety implications: Imagine you’re driving and need to make a call. With Siri, you can do so without taking your eyes off the road or fumbling with your device.
  • Convenience for users: When cooking or cleaning, our hands might be occupied or messy. Siri comes to the rescue, providing necessary assistance without the need to touch the device.

Siri Commands with a Locked Phone

Siri’s repertoire is vast, even when your device is locked.

  • Basic device operations: Commands like “Hey Siri, turn on flashlight” or “What’s my battery percentage?” can be useful.
  • Communication commands: Prompt Siri to make a call, send a text, or even check your recent messages.
  • Media commands: Feel like some music? Ask Siri to play a song, shuffle your playlist, or even control the volume.
  • Informational queries: You can ask Siri about the weather, the latest news, or any fact-based queries.

Privacy and Security Concerns

Though the functionality is promising, there are inherent risks.

  • Potential risks: If Siri can access certain information without authentication, so can someone else. Someone could potentially ask Siri to call or text someone while the phone is unattended.
  • Adjusting Siri’s lock screen settings: For those concerned about privacy, Apple allows you to modify what Siri can access from the lock screen. Navigate to Settings > Siri & Search > Allow Siri When Locked. Toggling this off will restrict Siri’s operations when the phone is locked.


Siri’s capability to operate even when your iPhone is locked underscores Apple’s commitment to user convenience and innovation. While it offers an array of functionalities, ensuring it aligns with your privacy preferences is vital. By striking a balance, you can enjoy the wonders of Siri safely and securely.


  1. Can Siri set alarms when the phone is locked?
    Yes, you can ask Siri to set an alarm without unlocking your phone.
  2. Is there a way to disable Siri on the lock screen but not when the phone is unlocked?
    Absolutely! Navigate to Settings > Siri & Search and toggle off “Allow Siri When Locked”.
  3. Can Siri access sensitive apps like banking apps from the lock screen?
    No, Siri cannot open or interact with sensitive apps without authentication.
  4. How can I ensure Siri only recognizes my voice?
    Siri can be trained to recognize your voice using the “Hey Siri” setup. This ensures fewer accidental activations by others.
  5. Can I ask Siri to read my calendar events from the lock screen?
    Yes, if you’ve allowed Siri to access your calendar from the lock screen, you can inquire about your day’s events or specific dates.
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