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There’s no guarantee that you can check your Amazon Gift card without redeeming it. Why? Because people were using bots to iterate through and check millions of gift card possibilites until they got random hits that they would then use to buy goods. In order to shut down this practice, Amazon changed their setup around to both prevent against people checking too many gift card numbers all at once and to immediately redeem those cards on the account that they are checked on.

The old site that would allow you to check a balance was:


That URL is still the correct URL for redeeming a card, but the process doesn’t check your balance anymore. Now it simply adds the gift card you’re checking directly to your account. To use that page you’ll have to be logged in first.

Read more about Amazon’s instructions on their official page here:

With all of this said, the way to actually get the gift card balance without redeeming it involves asking customer support. Here’s what to do.

Your Amazon Gift Card: Knowing Before You Spend

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Check Amazon Customer Service

The most direct way to inquire about an unredeemed Amazon gift card is through customer service. Here’s how:

  1. Visit the Amazon website or contact Amazon customer service. You can reach them through their website or by calling 1-888-280-4331.
  2. Have the gift card claim code ready. This code is typically found on the back of a physical card or in your email if you received it digitally.
  3. Ask the representative to check the balance on your gift card. They should be able to provide an accurate balance.

Using the Check Gift Card Balance Page

Amazon also has a dedicated “Check Gift Card Balance” page. However, it may not always work with unredeemed cards. Follow these steps to try:

  1. Go to Amazon’s website. Look for the “Check Gift Card Balance” page (usually under “Your Account”).
  2. Enter your gift card claim code.
  3. Click the “Check” button. If the card hasn’t been redeemed yet, you may not be able to see the balance this way.

Important Things to Know

  • Physical vs. Digital Gift Cards: Physical cards often have a scratch-off section that reveals the claim code. Digital gift cards typically include the code in the purchase email.
  • Limitations for unredeemed cards: Amazon’s system is designed primarily for checking balances on redeemed gift cards. Trying to check the balance before redeeming may be hit or miss.

Here’s a quick table summarizing the methods:

MethodWorks for Unredeemed Cards?Steps
Amazon Customer ServiceYesContact customer service and provide the claim code
Check Gift Card Balance PageSometimesEnter the claim code on Amazon’s website

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I determine the balance of an Amazon gift card based on its serial number?

To find out the balance using the serial number, locate the claim code on the back of the card or your receipt. Then, visit the ‘Your Account’ section on Amazon’s website and select ‘Gift Cards’ to view your balance. Note, this will redeem it on your account. To check without redeeming you must contact Amazon support.

Is there a way to check my Amazon gift card balance using customer service?

Yes, you can contact Amazon’s customer service with your gift card number. Let them know you’d like to know the card’s value without redeeming it.

What are the steps to verify the balance of my Amazon gift card via phone?

Currently, Amazon does not offer a direct way to check your gift card balance over the phone. Your best bet is using their website or app if you want to redeem it. Alternatively, once you reach a human customer support team member, they can usually help you.

Can I check my Amazon gift card balance online without applying it to my account?

No. When you enter your claim code in the ‘Gift Card’ section of ‘Your Account’ it will redeem it.

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