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Valorant, the popular tactical shooter by Riot Games, is expanding its roster with the new agent, Clove. As revealed, Clove is set to join the game on March 26, 2024, coinciding with Episode 8 Act 2. This addition marks the game’s continued commitment to refreshing its lineup and shaking up the strategic possibilities within its competitive arena. With this mid-act release, players are eager to see how Clove’s unique abilities, especially those that challenge the finality of death in the game, will alter the dynamics of play.

Clove’s Release in Valorant

Agent NameClove
Release DateMarch 26, 2024 (or March 27 for some regions)
How to UnlockPlay the game or purchase instantly with Valorant Points (VP)

Important Notes:

  • Release dates can occasionally shift slightly due to last-minute patches or updates.
  • Make sure to check the official Valorant social media channels or website for the most up-to-date information.

The anticipation around Clove’s debut stems from their potential to redefine in-game tactics. With abilities that play around the concept of “a beautiful death,” Clove is touted to bring a new tactical edge to matches. Players are looking forward to understanding and mastering Clove’s skills, which are expected to offer innovative ways to engage with the game’s mechanics. The broader community is curious about the impact this agent will have on team strategies and the meta of the game, as every new agent historically has had the potential to shift the established order.


Key Takeaways

  • Riot Games is set to release the agent Clove in Valorant on March 26, 2024.
  • Clove’s abilities are designed to offer a fresh tactical perspective, particularly involving the game’s death mechanics.
  • The arrival of Clove may significantly influence team strategies and Valorant’s overall meta.

Valorant Clove Release Overview

The fresh addition to Valorant’s roster is Agent 25, known as Clove. This section gives you an overview of when Clove arrives, what Clove offers as a controller, and how players can add Clove to their agent lineup.

Launch Details

Release Date: March 26, 2024
Part of: Episode 8 Act 2
Valorant welcomes Clove on March 26, 2024, as part of Episode 8 Act 2. Players can expect the game to update with Clove after a scheduled maintenance break.

Role and Abilities

Type: Controller
Unique Abilities:

  1. Pick-Me-Up (C): Clove can take energy from defeated enemies to gain extra agility and health for a short time.
  2. Other Abilities: Clove’s kit includes abilities named Ruse, Meddle, and her ultimate, Iso, which support a strategic playstyle.

Unlocking Clove

Process: Through the Agent Recruitment Event
XP Requirement: Players need to earn XP

Clove can join a player’s roster through an Agent Recruitment Event, which requires accumulating experience points (XP) in Valorant. This system encourages players to engage with the game to unlock the new agent.

Clove’s Impact on Valorant Gameplay

With the addition of Clove to Valorant, players are set to experience a fresh dynamic in their matches. This new agent introduces a blend of tactical prowess and a unique skill set that significantly shifts the flow of battle.

Strategic Advantages

Clove, the 25th agent joining the roster, is categorized as a controller agent. Controllers excel at slicing up dangerous territories to set their team up for success. Clove’s abilities include Meddle (Q) and Ruse (E), providing strategic advantages that are essential for a controller. Meddle allows the player to disrupt the enemy’s vision with precision, creating opportunities for teammates to advance or retreat. Ruse, on the other hand, offers a tactical smoke that can block sightlines and confuse opponents. By expertly utilizing these abilities, Clove can control the pace of the game, granting their team an edge during critical moments.

Key Abilities:

  • Meddle (Q): Temporarily impairs enemy vision.
  • Ruse (E): Deploys a tactical smoke screen.

Game Integration

In competitive play, such as the recent VCT Masters Madrid, the seamless integration of new agents is crucial. Clove’s innovative power to seemingly defy death with the “Not Dead Yet” ability introduces a new aspect to Valorant gameplay. This mechanic allows Clove to maintain health and continue playing a role even when the situation looks dire.

Clove’s arrival in the agent pool also comes with the potential to alter the existing meta. Due to their increased agility and particular view of the battlefield, Clove can adapt to various playstyles. This versatility ensures that they will become a valuable asset in both casual and ranked matches after the patch update.

Players returning from the maintenance break will need to learn how to incorporate Clove’s abilities into their strategies. As teams adjust to the new agent, we can expect to see inventive plays that utilize Clove’s kit to sway the outcome of matches, enhancing the overall competitive experience in Valorant.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section aims to answer some common queries about the much-anticipated release of Clove, the new agent in Valorant.

What is the official release date for Clove in Valorant?

Clove is officially set to debut in Valorant on March 26, 2024, coinciding with the game’s patch 8.06.

How can I find the countdown to Clove’s release in Valorant?

Players can find a countdown to Clove’s release on the Valorant community forums or on the official Valorant social media pages.

What time will Clove become available to play in Valorant?

While the exact time has not been announced, new agents typically become available when the game undergoes its regular update cycle, often early in the morning PST.

Where can I find discussions about Clove’s release date in Valorant?

Gamers can join conversations about Clove’s release date on platforms such as Reddit, specifically on the Valorant subreddit, or on official Riot Games Valorant forums.

Who is the voice actor for Clove in Valorant?

As of now, Riot Games has not publicly disclosed the voice actor for Clove.

Is Clove a playable character from the launch date?

Yes, Clove should be playable in Valorant from the launch date specified, barring any unforeseen delays or issues.

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