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Valorant’s latest addition, Clove, brings a fresh dynamic to the battlefield – especially for those who lean towards a more aggressive playstyle. With abilities that encourage players to jump into the fray, Clove stands out as a game-changer for team strategies. These abilities not only reward bold moves but also offer a unique post-death gameplay feature, making every moment in the game count.

Who is Clove?

  • Role: Controller (Manipulates battlefield, blocks vision, disrupts enemies)
  • Origin: Scotland
  • Non-binary: An important step in representation within VALORANT
  • Key Ability: Immortality Clove has a unique ultimate ability allowing them to resurrect after death, given certain conditions are met.
Valorant Clove

Clove’s Abilities

  • Ruse (E): Equip to see a map of the battlefield. Fire to place locations for vision-obscuring smoke clouds. Can also be used after death.
  • Meddle (Q): Throw a fragment that temporarily decays enemies caught in the zone.
  • Pick Me Up (Signature): Clove can heal themselves after securing a kill.
  • Death is Only the Beginning (Ultimate): If Clove dies with their ultimate charged, they can resurrect themselves. However, they need to secure a kill or assist within a short time window to remain alive.

Why the Excitement?

  1. Unique Playstyle: Clove’s resurrection ability changes the standard flow of rounds and forces both Clove players and opponents to think differently about trades and aggression.
  2. Potential for Chaos: The combination of Clove’s self-heal, disruptive abilities, and potential to come back to life creates exciting possibilities for chaotic plays.
  3. Controller Variety: Clove adds a new dimension to the Controller role, previously dominated by the likes of Omen, Brimstone, and Astra.

Clove’s kit is designed to push players towards confrontation. It’s a call to action for those ready to take risks and dive deep into enemy lines. The character’s abilities, including the innovative use of post-death smokes, open up new tactics for teams. Whether you’re playing solo or with a squad, understanding Clove’s abilities can significantly impact how you approach each round.

Key Takeaways

  • Clove’s introduction to Valorant reshapes team strategies by enforcing a more aggressive gameplay style, encouraging players to confront enemies head-on.
  • Her unique post-death features, particularly the ability to use “Ruse” to lay down smokes after dying, add a strategic depth to gameplay, offering value beyond life.
  • Utilizing Clove’s abilities, such as “PickMeUp” for speed and temporary health boosts, and “Meddle” for inflicting decay on enemies, requires a proactive and bold playstyle.
  • Clove’s resurrection ability provides a second chance mechanism but demands a kill or assist to activate, promoting continuous engagement and risk-taking.
  • The strategic placement of Clove’s abilities, including “Ruse” for smokes and “Meddle” for weakening enemies, emphasizes the importance of tactical positioning and teamwork.
  • Clove’s impact on traditional Valorant strategies necessitates a shift towards a more confrontational approach, leveraging her abilities for both offense and defense.

Overview of Clove

Clove, Valorant’s new character, enters the game as a big hit for those who love to play aggressively. Her abilities make her a game-changer, especially for players who aren’t afraid to jump into the fray. Clove’s toolkit is all about pushing the limits and encouraging bold actions. She’s designed to shake things up, pushing players to take risks they might not with other characters.

One of Clove’s standout features is her unique post-death gameplay ability. If Clove has her ultimate ability ready and she dies, she gets a brief chance to resurrect herself. However, there’s a catch. To stay alive, she must secure a kill or assist within a short time. This feature not only offers a second chance but also adds a strategic layer to team plays. It sends a clear signal: fight hard or go home. This mechanic encourages players to engage more and fear less about death’s consequences.

Clove’s E ability, “Ruse,” allows her to lay down smog-like clouds that obscure vision on the battlefield. This ability closely resembles that of Brimstone, providing strategic vision blockage. Players can use Ruse to disrupt enemy lines or protect areas even after Clove has fallen. This adds an interesting dynamic to post-death play, offering teams a chance to leverage Clove’s abilities beyond her life span.

To make the most out of Clove, players need to dive into combat. Using her abilities “PickMeUp” and “Meddle” effectively requires a proactive approach. These abilities are not just about getting into the action; they’re also about where you end up. Dying in the right spot can give your team the upper hand, even from beyond the grave. This tactical aspect of Clove’s gameplay stresses the importance of strategic placement and foresight, making every move count.

Clove’s Abilities

In the world of Valorant, Clove is a game-changer for those who lean towards aggressive gameplay. With abilities crafted for bold moves and strategic play, Clove stands out as a character that reshapes how players engage in battles.

First up, Clove’s E ability, Ruse, functions similarly to a smoke grenade. It differs slightly, offering a top-down view for selecting the smoke’s location. This ability can block enemies’ vision, and its unique twist is its usability after death. This aspect of Ruse adds a layer of strategy, keeping Clove relevant even post-mortem.

Moving on to the Q ability called Meddle, this grenadelike tool inflicts decay on everyone it hits. Among all of Clove’s abilities, Meddle seems to be the less eye-catching, potentially underused. Yet, its impact on weakening opponents cannot be overlooked, particularly during team fights or critical confrontations.

Lastly, Clove’s C ability, PickMeUp, bears similarity to Reyna’s abilities but carves its own niche. Eliminating an opponent allows Clove to absorb their “life essence,” granting a speed boost and a temporary health increase. This ability not only rewards aggressive play but also encourages players to engage in fights, pushing the game’s pace forward.

Clove’s abilities cater to players who prefer not to sit back. This character provides a suite of tools that favor confrontation over caution. From resurrecting after death to blocking vision and decaying opponents, Clove introduces a tactical edge that’s hard to ignore in Valorant’s fast-paced environment.

Playing with Clove

When gamers pick Clove in Valorant, they’re choosing a character designed for bold and aggressive play. Clove’s abilities push players to confront enemies head-on and reward those who don’t shy away from battle. With skills that shine in the heat of the fight, Clove is for players who love to stir up trouble and lead their team to victory.

Clove’s E ability, Ruse, drops a smoke cloud, cutting off enemy sightlines. It’s simple to use and crucial for initiating or escaping fights. Unlike some abilities that can be overwhelming, Ruse offers a clear view of the map, ensuring players can make strategic moves without full-screen obstruction. This ability isn’t just about defense; it’s a tool to confuse and outmaneuver opponents.

The Q ability, Meddle, weakens foes, making them easier targets. This skill emphasizes Clove’s role in direct confrontations, encouraging players to engage enemies weakened by decay. Then there’s C, PickMeUp, which gives a significant advantage by boosting speed and health after a takedown. This ability tells players loud and clear: jump into the fray, secure your kills, and Clove will make sure you’re ready for the next fight.

Clove’s design promotes a cycle of aggressive play, rewarding those who take risks for their team. Players can’t simply hang back and use Clove’s abilities; they need to be in the heart of the action. Whether it’s leveraging Ruse for strategic positioning, using Meddle to soften targets, or capitalizing on PickMeUp’s boosts after a successful encounter, Clove players are meant to lead the charge.

This dynamic playstyle doesn’t just affect Clove users. It influences the whole team, reshaping traditional Valorant strategies. Teams with Clove must adapt to a more confrontational approach, taking advantage of Clove’s post-death abilities to maintain pressure on the enemy.

Impact on Team Strategies

Valorant’s Clove brings new tactics to the game. Her abilities encourage teams to play more aggressively. Clove’s skills demand bold moves and can shape how a team fights.

Clove’s Ruse ability lets teams block vision with smokes. This can be a game-changer. It allows teams to push forward or defend key spots without being seen. Teams can use this to surprise opponents or take control of the map. Clove can even use Ruse after dying, adding value even in defeat.

Then there’s Meddle, a grenade-like ability that weakens enemies. It might not seem big, but it can make enemies easier to beat in fights. This is great for starting or supporting team battles. Even though it’s easy to forget, using Meddle at the right time can turn a game around.

PickMeUp is another of Clove’s abilities. It speeds her up and gives her health after defeating an enemy. This encourages Clove players to lead attacks. It’s a risky move, but it can pay off. Teams must adapt to this. They need to support Clove as she charges in or use the distraction she creates.

Clove’s abilities also have an impact after she’s gone. When Clove overheats and dies, she can cast smokes. This means choosing where to fight is crucial. Dying in the right spot lets Clove help her team even after she’s out. This adds a layer to team strategies. Teams must think about not just how to win fights, but where to have them.

Clove changes how teams play Valorant. Her abilities push teams to be more aggressive and think ahead. Teams must adapt and use Clove’s skills wisely to make the most of what she offers.


Clove’s abilities in Valorant redefine team strategies, pushing the envelope for aggressive play and tactical prowess. Her kit, from Ruse’s vision control to Meddle’s weakening effect and PickMeUp’s self-boost, demands a nuanced understanding and innovative application. Teams must evolve, embracing Clove’s potential to disrupt and lead. Her influence persists even posthumously, proving that her impact on the game’s dynamics is indelible. Embracing Clove’s abilities means stepping up the game, challenging teams to adapt, innovate, and ultimately, dominate.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Clove impact team strategies in Valorant?

Clove encourages a more aggressive gameplay style by utilizing her abilities to control vision, weaken enemies, and boost her own performance after eliminations. Her presence demands teams to adapt and rethink their approach to map control and team fights.

What is Clove’s Ruse ability and how does it affect the game?

Clove’s Ruse ability allows her to cast smokes, controlling vision on the map. This impacts the game by enabling surprise tactics and influencing how teams move and control areas, leading to strategic advantages.

How does the Meddle ability influence team battles?

Meddle weakens enemies by reducing their combat effectiveness, making them easier targets. This significantly impacts team battles as it allows Clove and her team to take down opponents more efficiently and tip the scales in their favor.

What role does PickMeUp play in Clove’s gameplay?

PickMeUp boosts Clove’s speed and health after eliminating an opponent, encouraging her to lead attacks. It requires her to play aggressively while relying on team support for maximum efficiency, thus impacting the team’s dynamic and approach to engagements.

Can Clove still affect the game after she is eliminated?

Yes, even after Clove’s death, her abilities, especially Ruse, can continue to affect the game by casting smokes strategically. This allows her to contribute to her team’s strategy and influence the match’s outcome posthumously, promoting a forward-thinking and planned use of her skills.

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