Use Siri to Find Files on MacOS
Use Siri to Find Files on MacOS

Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant, isn’t just for your iPhone or iPad. You can also use Siri on your Mac to perform tasks, including finding your files by voice. This hands-free operation is a convenient way to navigate your Mac, especially when juggling multiple tasks.

Activating Siri on Your Mac

Before using Siri to find files, you need to activate Siri on your Mac. Here’s how:

  1. Open System Preferences: Click on the Apple logo at the top left corner of your screen and select “System Preferences.”
  2. Navigate to Siri: Select “Siri” from the list of options.
  3. Enable Siri: Check the box next to “Enable Ask Siri.”

Using Siri to Find Your Files by Voice

Once Siri is enabled, using it to find your files is simple:

  1. Activate Siri: You can activate Siri by clicking the Siri icon on your Dock or using a keyboard shortcut.
  2. Ask Siri: Ask Siri to find your file. For instance, say “Find my presentation from last week,” and Siri will search for it.

Tips for Effective File Searches with Siri

To optimize your file searches with Siri, consider these tips:

  • Be Specific: The more specific your command, the better Siri can find your file.
  • Use Dates and Times: Siri can find files based on when they were last opened or modified. Use commands like “Show me files I opened yesterday.”


Can Siri find files in specific folders?
Yes, Siri can find files in specific folders. You just need to include the folder name in your command.

Can Siri open the files it finds?
Absolutely, after finding the file, Siri can open it directly. Just say, “Open the first one,” and Siri will launch the file.

Conclusion: Unleash Siri’s Full Potential on Your Mac

Using Siri to find your files on your Mac is a time-saving and convenient feature that truly turns Siri into your personal assistant. Embrace this voice command function and let Siri help you navigate your Mac effortlessly.

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