iPhone Storage Upgrades
iPhone Storage Upgrades

For Those Looking to Expand Their Storage While Getting Their Phone Repaired

Storage woes are all too common for iPhone users. As we capture more photos, download more apps, and create more memories, we often find ourselves running out of space. While cloud storage and regular clean-ups are solutions, some may wonder about the possibility of upgrading their iPhone’s physical storage. Can you really boost your iPhone’s storage at a repair shop? Let’s dive in!

Can iPhone Storage Be Upgraded Physically?

In short, no. Unlike some other devices, iPhones do not come with expandable storage options like microSD slots. The storage variant you purchase initially is what you’re stuck with. This design is a part of Apple’s approach to maintain the iPhone’s performance, security, and stability. Your best options might be to sell your iPhone so you can buy an iPhone with bigger storage capacity or to get your iPhone Repaired if there are issues.

However, the concept of swapping out the iPhone’s storage chip for a larger one has been explored by some technicians and enthusiasts. The process involves desoldering the NAND chip (the iPhone’s storage chip) and replacing it with a larger capacity one. But, this is a complex and risky process that can lead to numerous issues.

Why Isn’t Physical Storage Upgrade Common?

  1. Data Integrity and Security: iPhones are designed with encryption tied to their specific hardware. Altering the NAND chip can lead to potential data breaches or complete data loss.
  2. Complexity of the Task: Removing and replacing the NAND chip requires precision, professional-grade equipment, and deep knowledge of the iPhone’s architecture.
  3. Potential for Error: One small mistake can render the iPhone useless, making the device a very expensive paperweight.
  4. Voiding Warranty: Such a procedure will certainly void any existing warranty on the iPhone.

Alternatives to Physical Storage Upgrades

While you might not be able to upgrade the physical storage, there are alternative methods to ensure you don’t run out of space:

  • Cloud Storage Solutions: Services like iCloud, Google Photos, and Dropbox allow you to store your data off your device, making it accessible anytime with internet connectivity.
  • External Storage Options: Various devices can be plugged into the iPhone’s lightning port, acting as an external storage unit.
  • Regular Cleanup: Regularly removing unused apps, old photos, and clearing cache can free up significant space.


While the idea of upgrading your iPhone’s storage at a repair shop might sound appealing, it’s a venture fraught with risks and complications. Instead, leveraging cloud storage solutions or external storage devices can provide the additional space you seek without compromising the integrity and functionality of your beloved iPhone.


  1. I saw videos of people upgrading iPhone storage. Is it legit?
    • While some technicians might have successfully executed this, it’s an extremely specialized and risky procedure not recommended for the average user or even most repair shops.
  2. How much does cloud storage typically cost?
    • Many services offer a free tier with limited storage. Beyond that, costs can vary, with plans often starting around $0.99/month.
  3. Are there any reputable repair shops that offer this service?
    • Most reputable repair shops wouldn’t offer this service due to its risks. Always be wary of shops that claim to provide this without any potential drawbacks.
  4. How can I check my iPhone’s current storage capacity?
    • You can check under Settings > General > [Device] Storage.
  5. Can I trade in my lower storage iPhone for a higher storage model?
    • Yes, Apple and many other retailers offer trade-in options where you can get credit towards a new iPhone with a higher storage capacity.
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