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Ubuntu 24.04 LTS marks significant upgrades in various areas, improving the experience for users and developers alike. New kernel enhancements, user interface refinements, and extended support options are just the beginning.

Ubuntu 24.04 Release

Release DateApril 25, 2024
CodenameNoble Numbat
Support Period5 years, until April 2029 (LTS – Long Term Support)
New Features* Likely to include GNOME 46 with performance improvements, memory usage optimization, and a new notification system. * Security Center app for easier management. * Potential for other updates like a new kernel and software versions.
Based onUbuntu 22.04 LTS (Jammy Jellyfish)
Current StatusFeature freeze as of March 2nd, 2024. Beta expected on April 4th.

Ubuntu 24.04 LTS Features

Linux Kernel and GNOME Improvements

This LTS release is expected to include the latest Linux kernel, which brings notable performance improvements. Users can look forward to a more responsive system that handles tasks quicker and more efficiently. The desktop environment gets a refresh too, with GNOME 46 likely powering the show, it promises a cleaner look and smoother interactions.

Security and Enterprise Enhancements

The security profile of Ubuntu 24.04 LTS is boosted, offering timely security updates and features tailored for enterprise needs. With Expanded Security Maintenance (ESM) as part of the package, Canonical extends the security support, ensuring systems remain protected for longer stretches. Enterprises can count on a stable and secure platform for their operations.

User Experience and Interface Developments

Improvement to the user interface is always a welcome change, and this release is no exception. Users can expect enhancements in the installer and App Center, making both the setup and app management intuitive. Features like the quick settings status menu and the new spread effect elevate the workflow.

Developer-Focused Advancements

Developers haven’t been left out. With updated support for programming languages like Go, Python, and Ruby, developers will have current tools at their fingertips. The desktop team also works to ensure better hardware support for developers, including updates for Nvidia and ZFS.

Compatibility and Support

Canonical has focused on broadening hardware support to ensure Ubuntu 24.04 LTS works seamlessly with a wide range of devices. Updates to drivers and integration with various repositories bolster compatibility, providing a smooth experience across different setups.

Ubuntu Pro for Desktop

For the desktop user needing professional support and who relies on Ubuntu for managing web services or just for personal use, Ubuntu Pro offers a new level of assurance. Not only does it extend the lifespan of your system with updates, it also includes features catering specifically to the needs of the desktop version.

Release Schedule and Availability

The Ubuntu 24.04 LTS, codenamed “Noble Numbat,” is a highly anticipated release with a clear schedule for its development and release milestones. Eager users and developers can look forward to various stages of its rollout.

Key Milestones and Version Information

  • User Interface Freeze: March 21, 2024
    The interface elements get locked down to allow for polishing and bug fixing.
  • Ubuntu 24.04 Beta: April 4, 2024
    A beta version will be available for testing purposes, giving a sneak peek into what’s coming.
  • Kernel Freeze: April 11, 2024
    This marks the deadline for any kernel updates, ensuring stability for the final release.
  • Final Release: April 25, 2024
    The official launch day when Ubuntu 24.04 LTS “Noble Numbat” goes live.

Ubuntu uses a version numbering system that reflects the year and month of release. Hence, Ubuntu 24.04 is set for release in April of 2024. Daily builds will also be available for users who wish to test and provide feedback on ongoing developments.

End of Life and Maintenance Details

  • End of Life (EOL): April 2029
    This is the date until which official support and updates will be provided for Ubuntu 24.04 LTS.

Ubuntu 24.04 LTS will offer long-term support (LTS) which spans 5 years for users and an additional 5 years of extended support for organizations that enroll in Extended Security Maintenance (ESM). Such long-term support releases are vital for users who require consistent and reliable updates for an extended period.

Installation and System Requirements

The upcoming Ubuntu 24.04 LTS version offers new features and enhancements that will require careful attention to installation prerequisites and hardware requirements.

Getting Ubuntu 24.04 LTS

To obtain Ubuntu 24.04, users can download the official image from the Ubuntu website upon release. It’s wise to verify the integrity of the download using checksums to ensure the file is not corrupted. Additionally, users will have the option to employ the latest firmware updater and installer. Ubuntu also provides an immutable snap-based version known as Ubuntu Core, designed for IoT devices and emphasizing security and stability.

Technical Specifications and Enhancements

Ubuntu 24.04 promises to improve user experience with significant technical updates. The system will likely demand at least 4GB of RAM for smooth operation, though more is recommended for optimal performance. On the disk space front, a minimum of 25GB is necessary. Security measures like disk encryption are anticipated to be more intuitive, safeguarding personal data more effectively.

RequirementMinimum Specified
Disk Space25GB

Ensuring hardware compatibility is crucial. Check if your components are compatible with the new Linux kernel packed with Ubuntu 24.04 for enhanced stability.

Software and Applications

Ubuntu’s latest Long-Term Support release is expected to feature the GNOME Desktop 46, which will deliver a cleaner and more efficient user experience. A pre-installed suite of software, including LibreOffice and Thunderbird, will cater to productivity needs right from the start. Users will also find the improved Ubuntu Software Center ideal for browsing and installing additional applications and snaps with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

With the buzz around Ubuntu 24.04‘s release, let’s highlight some of the specifics people are curious about.

What are the new features expected in the upcoming Ubuntu release?

Ubuntu 24.04 is set to come with improved system performance, an updated user interface, and enhanced security features. Users can look forward to better support for touchscreens and more responsive animations.

Will the upcoming Ubuntu version be a long-term support release?

Yes, Ubuntu 24.04 will be a long-term support (LTS) release, continuing the tradition of providing extended support for users every two years.

When does support for Ubuntu 23.04 end?

Support for Ubuntu 23.04 is expected to end in January 2025. Canonical provides support for 9 months for non-LTS releases.

What is considered the most stable version of Ubuntu currently available?

As of now, Ubuntu 22.04 LTS is considered the most stable version, receiving ongoing updates and support until 2027.

What is the anticipated kernel version for the new Ubuntu release?

The kernel version planned for Ubuntu 24.04 is likely to be the latest stable release close to its launch date, providing better hardware compatibility and features.

Where can users download the latest Ubuntu version once released?

Upon release, Ubuntu 24.04 can be downloaded from the official Ubuntu website or through authorized mirrors and torrent links provided by Canonical.

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