Turn Off Audio Description
Turn Off Audio Description

Disabling Audio Description on Amazon Fire TV

For many, the audio description feature on Amazon Fire TV is a helpful way to understand what’s happening on screen, but sometimes you just want the regular audio. Here’s how to turn it off.

Turning Off VoiceView on Fire TV Stick

To stop VoiceView, a screen reader meant for visually impaired users, from giving audio descriptions on your Fire TV Stick, it’s a simple process:

  1. Navigate to the Settings menu.
  2. Select Accessibility.
  3. Choose VoiceView.
  4. Switch the setting to Off.

Once you disable VoiceView, the audio narration describing visuals will no longer play, leaving you with the standard program audio.

Adjusting Accessibility Settings for Audio Description

If you’re getting audio descriptions and don’t need them during your favorite shows or movies on Amazon Prime Video, you can change that without much trouble:

  • Start by pausing the video you’re watching.
  • Press the Menu (3-line) button on your remote.
  • Choose Subtitles and Audio from the pop-up menu.
  • In the available options, select the language without the audio description, usually labeled just “English” rather than “English – Audio Description”.
  • Press the Menu button again to exit the settings, and resume watching your video.

Managing Audio Descriptions Across Applications

When it comes to enjoying shows and movies, audio descriptions can be super helpful for some, but not everyone needs them. Here’s how to manage these settings on different platforms.

Deactivating Audio Descriptions on Prime Video

On Prime Video, users can turn off audio descriptions by starting their selected video and pausing it. Then, press the up arrow on the remote to highlight a small square in the top right. Click the center button to access audio and subtitle settings. Choose English instead of English [Audio Description] to revert to the standard audio track.

Handling Audio Descriptions on Netflix

For Netflix viewers, the process is just as simple. During playback, select the Audio & Subtitles icon. Choose an audio track without the audio description label, usually just the language, like English. This ensures you’ll only hear the show’s original sound without additional narration.

Audio Description Settings for Other Streaming Services

Each streaming service, whether it’s on a Sony TV, Samsung TV, or through other devices, typically follows a similar approach. Look for an audio, language, or subtitles option—often within the settings or during playback. From there, deselect audio descriptions to disable them. It’s all about finding the section labeled Audio or Language and making the right choice for your watching preferences.

Troubleshooting Common Audio Description Issues

When audio descriptions won’t turn off on your Amazon Fire TV, you might be encountering specific problems that can often be resolved by following a few troubleshooting steps. This part of the article takes a look at common issues with audio descriptions and provides clear solutions.

Resolving Loading and CSS Errors

Occasionally, loading problems can prevent the audio description settings from being accessed or changed. This can happen on various devices, be it an Android smartphone, iPhone, Samsung tablet, or PC. To tackle this, clear the app cache or consider a hard refresh of the streaming service. For browser-related issues, particularly CSS errors which may affect how pages load and display, disabling browser extensions can help. If you’re using a PC, press Ctrl + F5, or if you’re on a Mac, use Command + Shift + R to perform a hard refresh.

Guidance for Refreshing and Restarting Devices

Simple device refreshes can work wonders. Try the following steps:

  1. Refresh the app: Sometimes, just closing and reopening the app resolves the issue.
  2. Restart the Fire TV device: Hold the Select and Play/Pause buttons simultaneously for about five seconds.
  3. Full device restart:
    • For Android or iPhone: Power off, wait for 30 seconds, and then turn it back on.
    • For Samsung devices and other Androids, this can also mean holding down the power button until the restart option appears.
    • On a PC, select the Start button, then the power icon, followed by Restart.

Make sure that after each step, you check to see if the audio description issue has been resolved before proceeding to the next.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section aims to address common inquiries about managing the audio description settings on your Fire TV and related applications, ensuring an uninterrupted viewing experience.

How can I disable audio narration on my Amazon Prime on Fire TV?

To turn off audio narration on your Fire TV while using Amazon Prime, start by pressing the Home button on your remote. Navigate to ‘Settings’, then ‘Accessibility’, and toggle the ‘VoiceView’ option to ‘Off’. If the narration persists, within the Prime Video app, start your selected content, pause it, and use the remote to access the audio settings. From there, you can select the non-descriptive audio option.

What steps are involved in turning off audio description on the Amazon Prime app for Android devices?

On Android devices, open the Amazon Prime app, play the content you want to watch, and pause it. Tap the screen to reveal the playback controls, and look for the ‘Audio’ settings. Ensure that you select an audio track that does not include the descriptor [Audio Description].

Why does my Fire TV continuously provide audio descriptions, and how can I stop it?

If your Fire TV constantly plays audio descriptions, it’s likely that the setting is enabled in the Accessibility features. Go to the ‘Settings’ through the Home screen, choose ‘Accessibility’, and then turn off the ‘VoiceView’ or ‘Audio Descriptions’ feature. This should stop the audio descriptions from playing.

Is there a universal method to turn off audio description on various TV brands, such as Samsung or Sony?

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for all TV brands, but most follow a similar path. Typically, you’ll find an Accessibility category within the Settings menu where audio descriptions can be disabled. Refer to your TV’s user manual for brand-specific instructions.

How can I stop my Fire TV from audibly narrating shows, and where is this setting located?

Stop narration on your Fire TV by going to the Home screen, selecting ‘Settings’, then ‘Accessibility’, and switching the ‘VoiceView’ setting to ‘Off’. Alternatively, the setting might be within the specific app you’re using—check under the audio or language settings of the content you are watching.

What are the instructions for disabling descriptive audio on streaming apps like Paramount Plus or the YouTube app?

Instructions for disabling descriptive audio may vary by app. In general, start playing the video in the app, then look for an audio or language option in the settings or playback controls. Choose a standard audio track to disable descriptions. Check the app’s help section for specific guidance.

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