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Whether you just got your first iPad or are a seasoned veteran, sometimes knowing what apps to get can be confusing. Well, we’ve made it easy for you! Here’s our list of 20 of the absolute must-have Apps for the iPad. From productivity to note-taking to design & entertainment, you’ll surely find something on this list that you’ll want to download.

20 Must-Have Apps for iPad:

Productivity & Note-takingNotabilityPowerful note-taking app with handwriting recognition, audio recording, and annotations$9.99Best for students & professionals
GoodNotes 5Versatile note-taking app with PDF annotation, hyperlinking, and customizable tools$7.99Great for research & organization
Things 3To-do list app with intuitive task management, goal setting, and reminders$19.99Ideal for staying organized
InfinityProject management app with flexible board layout, unlimited projects, and collaboration featuresFree (Paid Pro version)Perfect for teams & freelancers
Creativity & DesignProcreateIndustry-standard painting app with advanced brushes, custom palettes, and animation tools$9.99Must-have for artists & illustrators
LumaFusionPowerful video editing app with multi-track timeline, effects, and color correction$29.99Professional-grade editing on the go
CanvaSimple graphic design app for creating social media graphics, presentations, and documentsFree (Paid Pro version)Beginner-friendly with beautiful templates
Affinity PhotoFeature-rich photo editing app with layers, masks, filters, and advanced tools$49.99Photoshop alternative for iPad
Communication & BrowsingSpark MailSmart email app with personalized sorting, powerful search, and collaboration featuresFree (Paid Pro version)Organize your inbox like a pro
TelegramVersatile messaging app with encrypted chats, channels, bots, and media sharingFreeSecure and feature-rich alternative to WhatsApp
Pocket CastsPodcast player with curated recommendations, custom playlists, and variable playback speed$3.99Discover and manage your podcasts efficiently
SafariApple’s native web browser with powerful extensions, bookmarks, and reading listFreePre-installed, optimized for iPad experience
Entertainment & LeisureNetflixStream TV shows and movies with offline downloads, personalized recommendations, and multiple profiles$9.99+Popular on-demand video streaming service
Disney+Stream Disney classics, Pixar animations, Marvel films, and Star Wars content$7.99Perfect for families and Disney fans
Apple MusicListen to millions of songs, curated playlists, and live radio with offline playback and spatial audio$9.99Apple’s built-in music streaming service
AudibleListen to audiobooks with adjustable narration speed, sleep timer, and offline content$14.95+Great for bookworms on the go
Apple ArcadeUnlimited access to a curated library of premium, ad-free mobile games$4.99/monthFamily-friendly gaming subscription service
MASHCollaborative drawing app with real-time drawing, chat, and replay functionFreeFun and interactive for friends and family


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Key Takeaways

  • Productivity and Note-Taking: Apps like GoodNotes and Notion revolutionize how we manage tasks and notes.
  • Creative Tools: Procreate and Adobe Fresco cater to artists, offering a canvas for digital creativity.
  • Entertainment and Utility: From media players like Infuse to comprehensive tools like Overcast and Lightroom, iPads become entertainment hubs.
  • Organization and Efficiency: Apps like Any dark mode browser extension and 1Blocker enhance browsing, while Blink and BoxCryptor offer security and efficiency.
Digital Planning on iPad
Digital Planning on iPad

Transforming Productivity: Notion and GoodNotes

Notion: The All-in-One Workspace

  • User Experience: Praised for its versatility, Notion is a workspace that adapts to your needs.
  • Features: From project management to personal journals, it offers templates and tools for every task.

GoodNotes: Digital Note-Taking Redefined

  • Functionality: GoodNotes turns your iPad into digital paper, ideal for handwritten notes and PDF markup.
  • User Feedback: Loved for its smooth integration with the Apple Pencil, offering a natural writing experience.

Unleashing Creativity: Procreate and Adobe Fresco

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Procreate: A Digital Art Studio

  • Capabilities: Offers an extensive range of brushes and tools for digital painting and drawing.
  • User Impressions: Artists appreciate its intuitive interface and responsive design.

Adobe Fresco: Versatile Drawing App

  • Features: Known for its live brushes and vector tools, perfect for illustrators and graphic designers.
  • User Reviews: Highlighted for its seamless integration with Apple Pencil and cloud services.

Entertainment and Utility Essentials

Infuse Video Player: A Media Powerhouse

  • Functionality: Plays a wide range of media formats, connects to network storage for easy access.
  • User Experience: Preferred over VLC for its user-friendly interface and subscription model.

Overcast: Podcast Management Made Easy

  • Features: Offers smart speed, voice boost, and a streamlined interface for podcast enthusiasts.
  • User Perspective: Regarded as a top choice for managing and enjoying podcasts.

Lightroom: Photography’s Digital Darkroom

  • Capabilities: Provides powerful photo editing tools and cloud storage for photographers.
  • User Feedback: Favored for its professional-grade tools and synchronization across devices.
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Enhancing Browsing and Security

Dark Mode Browser Extensions: Comfortable Browsing

  • Benefits: Turns every website into dark mode, reducing eye strain during extended use.
  • User Impressions: A must-have for night-time browsing, offering a comfortable viewing experience.

Blink and BoxCryptor: Security and Productivity

  • Blink: Enhances productivity with advanced SSH client features.
  • BoxCryptor: Offers robust encryption for cloud storage, ensuring data security.

Real-World Applications and User Experiences

  • GoodNotes for Education: Students use GoodNotes for note-taking, highlighting its handwriting recognition.
  • Procreate in Art: Professional artists share time-lapse videos of their artwork, showcasing Procreate’s capabilities.
  • Notion for Project Management: Teams collaborate on projects using Notion, appreciating its customizable workspaces.

Technological Advancements and Practical Benefits

  • AI in Apps: Apps like Nebo use AI for handwriting recognition, transforming how we interact with technology.
  • Cloud Integration: Apps like Evernote and Lightroom leverage cloud technology for seamless cross-device usage.


This guide showcases a range of must-have iPad apps that cater to various needs, from productivity and creativity to entertainment and security. Each app brings unique features and functionalities, enhancing the iPad experience for users across different domains.

FAQ Section

What are the best note-taking apps for iPad?

  • GoodNotes and Notability are highly recommended for their handwriting recognition and versatile note-taking features.

Can I use my iPad for professional art creation?

  • Absolutely, apps like Procreate and Adobe Fresco offer professional-grade tools for artists.

Are there any good productivity apps for project management on iPad?

  • Notion is a versatile app that can be tailored for project management, offering a range of organizational tools.

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