Tips to be safe with your Arlo system
Tips to be safe with your Arlo system

Arlo sent out an email on some tips on how to avoid being scammed into giving access to your surveillance system to a criminal. We’re posting a copy here because not only do we have a lot of Arlo users that work with us, but most of these tips apply to safety across any surveillance system. Here’s their email:

Keep Your Account Safe and Avoid Scams.

Your privacy and safety are our greatest concerns. Given reports of a continued increase in the number of fake support businesses out there, we urge you to take these steps to avoid falling prey to scammers.

DO NOT search for our phone number online. The only numbers that pop up are scams.
DO NOT pay anyone for support. We do not charge for support.

The only legitimate way to get Arlo support is via the Arlo Secure App.

Official Arlo Support Team Members will never ask you to log them in to your account, supply your payment information, bank information, password, or two-step verification code to access your app. If you need assistance, always log in to the Arlo Secure App and visit Settings > Support.


DO NOT pay anyone for support.
DO NOT call phone numbers found on the internet.
Enable two-step verification.
Create strong and unique passwords.
Select strong privacy settings.
Secure your wireless networks.

Counterfeit batteries, battery packs, and chargers not approved by Arlo are untested and pose a serious risk of fire, explosion, leakage, and other personal safety hazards.

DO NOT use counterfeit products or batteries not approved by Arlo.
DO NOT purchase batteries from online auctions and other marketplace websites.
DO visit for a list of approved batteries, battery packs, and chargers.
DO read about battery safety in this short article.

We’re as passionate about privacy as we are about safeguarding your home and family. We utilize military-grade encryption for data protection to keep your information private and in your control. After all, we’re here to bring you peace of mind and you shouldn’t have to give up your privacy to feel secure. Learn more by checking out our Privacy Pledge.

– The Arlo Team

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