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When using Arlo Technologies’ security cameras, users should be aware of potential scams and know how to protect themselves. Scams can target anyone, and those involving security systems may compromise personal safety and privacy. Arlo has provided guidance to help customers recognize and avoid fraudulent activities.

Security is a top priority for both consumers and companies, particularly when it comes to protecting homes and families. To maintain a secure environment, it’s vital to follow recommended practices and stay informed about common scams. Arlo recommends using their Secure App and official customer support channels to manage devices and avoid falling victim to scammers who may pose as representatives of the company.

Protecting Your Privacy and Security

Arlo security cameras offer homeowners and businesses enhanced security measures. However, scammers may try to exploit your Arlo system to gain access to your personal data or even extort money. Here’s how to protect yourself:

Recognize Scam Tactics

Scammers will try several methods to trick you:

  • Phishing Emails and Texts: They might send messages claiming there’s a problem with your account and ask for login details or payment.
  • Tech Support Scams: Someone might call claiming to be Arlo technical support and offer “assistance,” often asking for remote access to your device or payment.
  • Fake Websites: These sites might mimic the Arlo website, ready to steal your login information.

Staying Secure with Arlo Cameras

Here are steps to protect yourself:

Use Strong PasswordsCreate unique, complex passwords for your Arlo account and change them regularly
Activate Two-Factor AuthenticationAn extra security layer requires a code sent to your phone before logins
Update FirmwareArlo updates software to address security vulnerabilities. Keep yours up-to-date
Secure Your Wi-Fi NetworkUse a strong router password and WPA2 or WPA3 encryption

What to Do if You Suspect a Scam

  • Don’t Give Out Information: Never share your Arlo login details, credit card numbers, or other personal information with anyone unsolicited.
  • Ignore Unsolicited Calls or Messages: Don’t click links in unexpected messages, provide information, or make payments.
  • Contact Official Arlo Support: Use the Arlo Secure App or visit the official website for support:

Remember, Arlo support will never contact you unsolicited asking for personal information or remote access. Stay vigilant to protect yourself from online threats!

Key Takeaways

  • Use only official Arlo channels for support and product management.
  • Enable two-step verification for an added layer of security.
  • Arlo does not charge for customer support; be wary of any such claims.

Understanding Arlo Camera Systems and Scam Prevention

Safety and security are at the forefront of using Arlo Camera Systems. The following provides guidance on recognizing genuine Arlo services, secure setup of your camera, and avoiding potential scams.

Recognizing Legitimate Arlo Products and Services

When you buy an Arlo camera, check if the seller is an authorized dealer. Always use the official Arlo Secure App to manage your camera settings. Look for alerts from the app to confirm that your actions are secure.

Setting Up Your Arlo Camera Securely

Install your Arlo camera using Wi-Fi that is protected by a strong password. Enable two-factor authentication codes in the Arlo app for an extra security layer. Make sure your camera settings in the app match the secure setup recommended by Arlo.

Identifying and Avoiding Support Scams

Beware of unofficial support numbers and links. Only use the contact information available in your Arlo Secure App or on the official Arlo website. Remember, legitimate Arlo support will never ask for your passwords.

Maintaining Security and Privacy with Arlo

Arlo camera systems provide security, but users must be proactive in protecting their personal details and understanding how to tackle unauthorized access or scams.

Safeguarding Your Personal and Financial Information

Scammers aim to steal personal details like your email, bank information, and credit card numbers. To keep this data safe, never share your Arlo login details or passwords. Arlo advises against searching for their support phone numbers online, as these are often fake. It’s also important to avoid any unsolicited requests for your details, which could be phishing scams, and to steer clear of paying for supposed support services.

  • Always use the official Arlo Secure App or a web browser to reach Arlo Support directly.
  • Set up two-factor authentication (2FA) for your Arlo app and email accounts.
  • Practice strong password management, avoiding simple dictionary words, to protect your cloud storage and paid subscription plan.

Dealing with Unauthorized Access and Scam Incidents

If you suspect any unauthorized access to your Arlo system, act quickly. Scammers may try to gain control over your devices or subscription plans by manipulating your trust or exploiting security gaps.

  • Contact Arlo directly if you notice unusual activity or suspect you’ve been contacted by a scammer.
  • Change your passwords promptly and review your account for any unusual changes.
  • Report the incident to help prevent further scams and improve security measures.

By taking these steps, users can enhance the security of their Arlo camera systems. Remember, Arlo’s official support will never ask for sensitive information such as passwords or two-factor authentication codes. Stay informed and vigilant to maintain your privacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

This part of the article provides important tips on securing your Arlo camera system and handling potential security issues effectively.

How can I secure my Arlo cameras against unauthorized access?

Make sure to use two-step verification for your Arlo account. This adds an extra security layer by requiring a code from your phone besides your password.

What are the indicators that my Arlo camera system might have been compromised?

If you notice unexpected settings changes or receive alerts for unrecognized login attempts, your Arlo system may be compromised.

What steps should I take if I suspect my Arlo account has been hacked?

Immediately change your account password and enable two-step verification. Contact Arlo Support for assistance right after these steps.

Are there any specific settings recommended by Arlo to enhance the security of my camera system?

Arlo recommends using strong passwords and two-step verification. Regularly updating your device’s firmware also ensures the latest security features.

Can you outline the best practices for creating and managing passwords for Arlo accounts?

Create a unique password that includes a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols. Avoid using common words or phrases and update your password regularly.

What features do Arlo cameras have to prevent unauthorized access to my video recordings?

Arlo cameras offer encrypted cloud storage, ensuring that only the account holder can access the video recordings.

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