Mac registered Organization that requires internet
Mac registered Organization that requires internet

When setting up a new Mac and encountering the message “This Mac is registered to an organization and requires internet to complete setup,” it’s an indication that the device is part of Apple’s Automated Device Enrollment (ADE), formerly known as the Device Enrollment Program (DEP). This program is designed for organizations to purchase and manage a large number of Apple devices, including Macs, efficiently and seamlessly. Here’s a detailed explanation of the process and what it entails:

Automated Device Enrollment (ADE)

  1. ADE Overview: ADE allows organizations to buy iOS, iPadOS, or macOS devices in bulk and then manage them through a preferred mobile device management (MDM) provider, such as Intune. This setup is beneficial for organizations as it streamlines the management of these devices, including configuration and deployment​​.
  2. The Setup Process: When you power on a Mac that’s part of ADE, you’ll go through the standard setup steps – selecting your country/region, keyboard layout, and connecting to a Wi-Fi network. These steps are necessary for the device to connect to the internet and proceed with the remote management setup​​.
  3. Remote Management Screen: Once connected to Wi-Fi, the Remote Management screen appears. This screen is crucial as it allows the organization’s administrator to remotely configure the device with necessary accounts, settings, apps, and networks. You will need to sign in with your work or school account, after which the device will install a management profile that gives you access to your organization’s resources​​.
  4. Post Enrollment Steps: After enrollment, there may be additional steps to complete based on how your organization customized the setup experience. These could include signing into an Apple account, agreeing to terms and conditions, creating a computer account, and more​​.

Specifics for Macs with ADE

  1. Enforcing ADE in macOS 14 or Later: If a Mac registered to Apple School Manager or Apple Business Manager doesn’t enroll in device management during the first setup, macOS 14 and later versions enforce a full-screen setup experience. Users have the option to delay enrollment for 8 hours by choosing “Not now”. After 8 hours, an administrator must enroll the device, emphasizing the importance of completing the enrollment to use the device fully​​.
  2. Auto Advance Option: For Macs using macOS 11 or later, the Auto Advance feature in ADE allows skipping all Setup Assistant panes automatically when the Mac is connected to Ethernet. This feature is particularly useful for organizations as it automates the configuration of newly arrived Macs, reducing the manual setup effort​​.


The message “This Mac is registered to an organization and requires internet to complete setup” is part of Apple’s strategy to enable efficient management and setup of devices purchased under the ADE program. It ensures that these devices are configured according to organizational requirements and policies. If you encounter this message, ensure that you have an internet connection and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup process. This approach ensures that the device is fully configured and ready for use within the organization’s environment.

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