The Finals
The Finals

In The Finals, your display name is linked to your Embark ID. If you’re not fond of the randomly generated name, don’t worry – it’s easy to change.

New Identity in The Finals

Changing Your Display Name

  1. Head to the Embark Website: Visit the official Embark website and log in. You can use your existing Steam, PlayStation, or Xbox account.
  2. Navigate to Your Profile: Once logged in, click on your username in the top right corner and select “Profile.”
  3. Edit Display Name: Look for the “Display Name” section and click on “Edit.” You can choose a new name, but remember that you’re limited to 16 characters, a maximum of four consecutive numbers, and one special character.
  4. Save Changes: Hit “Save” and you’re done! Your new display name will appear in The Finals the next time you log in.

Additional Information

  • Name Change Frequency: You can change your display name once every 10 minutes.
  • Platform Linking: Your Embark ID is tied to the platform you choose when signing up (Steam, PlayStation, or Xbox).
  • Nickname Persistence: The series of numbers following your display name cannot be changed.

Table: Quick Steps to Change Your Name

1Visit the Embark website and log in.
2Click on your username and select “Profile.”
3Edit your display name under the “Display Name” section.
4Save changes and restart The Finals to see your new name in the game.

THE FINALS: How To Change Your Name

1Head to Embark Games Website
2Sign In with platform accountSelect platform you play THE FINALS on (Steam, PSN, Xbox Live)
3Go to Profile PageClick username in top right corner, then select “Profile”
4Edit Display NameHover over “Display Name”, click “Edit” button
5Type New NameChoose your desired new name
6Click SaveSave your new name
7Return to THE FINALSEnjoy your new in-game identity!
Bonus Tip:Check Name AvailabilityType desired name, look for green checkmark (available) or red X (unavailable)

Additional Notes:

  • You can only change your name once every 10 minutes.
  • Avoid offensive or inappropriate names.
  • Choose a name that reflects your personality and gameplay style.

Understanding The Finals

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The Finals is creating a buzz in the gaming world with its innovative gameplay. Here’s what players need to know about this new contender.

THE FINALS: Conquer the Arena, Claim the Fame

GenreCompetitive Arena Shooter
PlatformsPlayStation 5, Xbox Series S/X, PC
Game ModesSolo, Duos, Trios, Squads (4 players), Bank It (cash capture), Showstopper (team elimination)
Unique Selling Points– Destructible environments: Explode walls, build bridges, reshape the battlefield. – Dynamic arenas: Arenas based on real-world locations change mid-match, keeping you on your toes. – Live commentators: Immerse yourself in the world with a live show atmosphere. – Cash is king: Earn cash by eliminating players and cashing out in strategic locations. – Upgrade your gear: Use cash to buy weapons, gadgets, and perks during matches.
Critical ReceptionGenerally positive; praised for its innovative gameplay, fast-paced action, and strategic depth.
CommunityGrowing and enthusiastic; active fan forums, Discord servers, and online tournaments.

Concept and Overview

The Finals stands out as a fresh take on competitive gaming. At its core, it’s a free-to-play first-person shooter, but it brings more to the table than just sharpshooting. The game emphasizes creativity and strategy, giving players the freedom to interact with and manipulate their environments to gain an edge over opponents.

Game Genre and Mechanics

This title fits snugly into the first-person shooter genre, yet it brings elements that set it apart. Players can expect the usual running and gunning, but Embark Studio has introduced dynamic environments that are both destructible and constructible. These mechanics encourage players to think on their feet, as the battlefield constantly evolves.

Developer Insights

Embark Studio is not just another newcomer to the gaming industry. Founded by veterans with significant experience in the field, the studio aspires to push the boundaries of what free-to-play games can be. They aim to blend enjoyable gameplay with a level of depth that both casual and hardcore gamers will appreciate, showing their confidence in The Finals as a game with lasting impact.

Getting Started in The Finals

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Starting your journey in The Finals requires a few key steps such as setting up your account and picking a display name. It’s important to consider platform integration from the start, as it affects the entire gaming experience.

Creating an Embark Account

Sure, here’s the revised text for you:To get started, you need to sign up for an Embark account. This account gives you access not only to The Finals, but also to all games within the Embark Studios portfolio. Simply visit the Embark website on your preferred device – whether it’s a PC, iOS, Android, PlayStation, Xbox, or even through Steam – and look for the sign-up option. The registration process is simple: just enter your email, create a password, and you’re good to go.

Selecting Your Initial Display Name

With your account set up, the next step is to choose your initial display name, or IGN (In-Game Name). This name will be your identity in The Finals and how other players will recognize you. Be mindful that this name can be changed later, but there might be restrictions, such as a time limit on how often a change can be made. Pick a name that reflects your persona but also adheres to any naming guidelines the game may have.

Understanding Platform Requirements

Before diving in, understand the platform requirements. The Finals may have specific needs based on whether you’re using a PC, PlayStation, Xbox, or a mobile platform like iOS or Android. Each platform may have its own method of account integration, so logging in through the platform you intend to use for The Finals might have additional steps. Check the respective platform’s support page if you encounter any roadblocks during the setup process.

Name Customization

Choosing the right display name in The Finals is more than just picking a tag; it’s about carving out your unique identity in the game. A memorable username can set the stage for your reputation and how other players recognize you.

The Importance of Display Names

Display names serve as a player’s digital signature, a virtual calling card that represents them during every match and on leaderboards. It’s the first thing that other competitors notice—it tells a story about who they are or who they aspire to be. Whether it’s a name that sparks fear, respect, or just a chuckle, making a choice that sticks comes with the territory of online gaming. Username adjustments are common, but there’s always a bit more gravity when it’s about choosing a handle that may define one’s gaming journey.

Reviewing the Name Change Policy

Before taking the plunge into a new identity, players should familiarize themselves with the policy regulating name changes. The Finals requires players to have an active account with Embark Studios, which is the starting point to revamp one’s gamer profile. Changing your display name is a straightforward affair: log in, select ‘Edit’ beside the current name, enter the preferred new name, and save the changes. It should be noted that an immediate reflection of the new gamertag might need a simple restart of the game. Additionally, it’s crucial to heed any warnings or rules about how often a name can be changed to prevent any future hiccups.

Editing Your Name on Different Platforms

When you’re into gaming, having the right name is like wearing your favorite jersey. It’s how you’re known in the virtual world and when it’s time for a change, you want the process to be smooth. Whether you’re playing on Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, or on your mobile device, here’s a quick guide to updating your display name.

Steps for Editing on Steam

To change your name on Steam, navigate to your profile page by clicking your current username located in the upper-right corner of the Steam interface. Then, click on ‘Edit Profile,’ find the ‘Profile Name’ field, and type in your new desired name. Once you’re happy with it, just hit ‘Save Changes’ at the bottom of the page.

Name Change on PlayStation Network

For PlayStation users, editing your Online ID is simple. Go to the settings menu, then into ‘Account Management,’ followed by ‘Account Information,’ and finally ‘Profile.’ Select your Online ID and enter a new one. If the name is available, you can confirm the change and start showing off your new identity.

Changing Your Xbox Gamertag

Xbox players can edit their Gamertag once for free. Start by pressing the Xbox button to open the guide, then go to ‘Profile & system’ and select your current Gamertag. Choose ‘My profile,’ ‘Customize profile,’ and then ‘Change Gamertag.’ Type the new Gamertag, and if it’s not taken, you can confirm the change.

Updating Name on Mobile Devices

Whether you’re on iOS or Android, usually, the route to change your in-game name involves going into the game’s settings or your profile section. Most games have an ‘Edit’ button next to your username—tap it, type your new name, and save the changes. However, the exact steps can vary from game to game, so check the game-specific instructions if you’re stuck.

Guidelines and Restrictions

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When changing your name in The Finals, players must adhere to certain guidelines and restrictions to ensure their chosen moniker is acceptable and doesn’t cause issues within the game or its community.

Character Limit and Acceptable Characters

The display name in The Finals has a maximum length of 16 characters. These can include:

  • Letters: Both uppercase and lowercase are permissible.
  • Numbers: Digits from 0 to 9 can be integrated into the name.

An important note is that a player’s name must begin with a character, not a number, and should avoid using special characters or symbols that are not typically supported.

Avoiding Inappropriate Names

It is essential to steer clear of names that may be offensive or inappropriate. The Finals has a community standard that all players must follow, which includes but is not limited to avoiding:

  • Profanity
  • Racial slurs
  • Sexual content
  • Hate speech

Names that fall into these categories can result in a rejected name change or potentially a ban, as they violate the game’s terms of service.

Handling Typos and Changes

If a player makes a mistake, for example, a typo in their display name, they can correct this; however, it’s critical to double-check before finalizing since a name change can only be made every 10 minutes. This limit is implemented to prevent spam and abuse of the name change feature.

Players should be mindful when choosing their display names and take advantage of the grace period to make any necessary corrections to avoid waiting for the next available chance to rectify a simple mistake.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

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Changing your name in The Finals should be simple, yet sometimes issues can pop up. Whether it’s due to repeated attempts to change your name or technical hiccups, here’s how to navigate through the most common troubles players encounter.

Repeated Name Change Attempts

If you’re trying to change your name on The Finals multiple times, remember there’s a cooldown period. The system only allows for a name change every 10 minutes to prevent any abuse of the feature. If you’ve recently updated your display name, take a pause and wait for the time limit before you try to save a new one.

Technical Difficulties with Name Changes

Occasionally, technical glitches might prevent a name change from saving correctly. Ensure that you’re on the official website and that you’ve logged in properly. If issues persist:

  1. Check your internet connection.
  2. Make sure your Embark Studios website account is linked to the game.
  3. Confirm the change through the link sent to your email address.

Seeking Assistance from Community and Guides

If you’re stuck, the community is a great resource for help. Many players share their experiences and solutions online. Look up guides specific to The Finals for step-by-step instructions, and don’t hesitate to reach out for advice on forums or social media dedicated to the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to personalizing your experience in The Finals, changing your name might be one of the first things you want to do. This section covers the most common inquiries about altering names across various platforms for The Finals.

What are the steps to modify your username on the PS4 version of The Finals?

To change your username for The Finals on PS4, log into your Embark account via the game’s website or your console’s web browser. Navigate to the profile settings and select the option to change your display name.

How can players change their in-game name on iOS for The Finals?

For iOS users looking to update their in-game name in The Finals, the process involves accessing your Embark Studio account through your preferred web browser. From there, visit the account settings and edit your display name accordingly.

What is the process for changing your gamer tag on Xbox within The Finals?

On Xbox, changing your gamer tag for The Finals is done by accessing the Embark Studio account either on a browser or through the Xbox interface. Once logged in, seek out the profile or account settings to find the option to change your name.

Is it possible to alter your character’s name in The Finals, and if so, how?

To alter your character’s name in The Finals, you would typically need to edit your profile settings in your Embark Studio account. Here, you’ll find the option to change your display name, which is what other players see in-game.

Will there be no cost to play The Finals, or is it a paid title?

The Finals’ cost can vary based on the platform and any promotions or packages available. It’s best to check the official website or store page for the most current pricing information.

Is The Finals available to play on the Nintendo Switch platform?

The availability of The Finals on the Nintendo Switch can depend on the game’s release and updates by the developer. Check the official channels for the latest information on platform support.

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