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Here are some troubleshooting techniques you may do to try and fix the issue if Face ID on your iPhone isn’t functioning correctly and keeps asking you to go higher or lower:

Clean the TrueDepth camera and sensors: The TrueDepth camera system can cause problems with Face ID performance if it is covered in dust, dirt, or smudges. Use a gentle, lint-free cloth to the front camera and sensors and gently clean them. Before setting up or using Face ID, make sure your fingertips are likewise clean.

Ensure sure there are no obstructions covering the TrueDepth camera or the surrounding region, such as screen protectors, cases, or dirt. Make sure the screen protector you choose is compatible with Face ID and doesn’t interfere with the sensors if you’re using one.

Re-registering your face in the Face ID settings may occasionally assist to increase its accuracy. On your iPhone, select “Settings” and then “Face ID & Passcode.” To re-register your face, tap “Set Up Face ID” and follow the on-screen directions. Make sure your face is centered and completely visible to the camera during setup by positioning it correctly.

Reset Face ID: You can try resetting Face ID settings if re-registering your face doesn’t fix the problem. Choose “Reset Face ID” under “Settings” > “Face ID & Passcode.” After that, re-configure Face ID as described in the preceding step.

iOS update: Make sure your iPhone is running the most recent iOS release. Bug fixes and enhancements are frequently included in software upgrades, and these may take care of Face ID problems. To check for and install any available updates, navigate to “Settings” > “General” > “Software Update.”

Consult Apple Support: If none of the aforementioned fixes the issue, it is advised to speak with Apple Support or go to an Apple Authorized Service Provider. They can offer additional advice and help in identifying and fixing the Face ID problem.

Note that Face ID depends on both hardware and software, so even though these troubleshooting techniques frequently address small difficulties, it’s possible that some situations call for hardware repair or replacement.

Added Advice

You should rule out the “obvious suspects” before moving on to further Face ID problems. Verify that the front camera’s portrait mode is operational and that the proximity sensor and light sensor are both operational. Once you’ve done so, open up the phone and clean the dot projector to make sure nothing is blocking it. You can try to troubleshoot the dot projector to see if you can find a fix as it is typically what causes the move lower/higher issue.

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