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Viewers eagerly anticipating the return of “The Curse of Oak Island” need to hold off for just a while longer as the twelfth season isn’t officially approved yet. Our guess though is that the series will continue on because of how large the dedicated following is for it. If things go as expected, we would likely see season 12 release sometime in November 2024. Again, nothing is official just yet.

The show blends history, mystery, and adventure as the Lagina brothers continue their quest to unearth the fabled treasure and secrets of Oak Island. Each season brings them closer to finding answers that have eluded treasure hunters for over two centuries.

Season 11 ended with many questions unresolved, fueling speculation about the treasures and historical artifacts that might be discovered next. The show’s consistent popularity and viewers’ desire for resolution make the upcoming season one of the most awaited on the History Channel. Audience members can expect new episodes to offer a closer look into the island’s enigmatic past and possibly provide breakthroughs in the longstanding quest.

We Should See A Season 12 (Speculation)

The Curse of Oak Island Season 12 has not been officially confirmed yet, and therefore has no release date. However, here’s what we can speculate:

  • Show’s Popularity: The Curse of Oak Island remains a popular show, making a renewal for Season 12 likely.
  • History Channel Pattern: Historically, new seasons of The Curse of Oak Island premiere in the fall (usually November). If Season 12 is greenlit, a fall 2024 premiere is possible.
  • Unresolved Mysteries: Plenty of mysteries remain on Oak Island, providing ample material for future seasons.

How to Stay Updated:

  • History Channel Announcements: Keep an eye on History Channel’s website and social media pages for official renewal announcements.
  • Entertainment News Websites: Sites like Deadline or Variety often break news about renewals and release dates for popular shows.

It’s important to remember: TV show renewals aren’t always guaranteed. We’ll have to wait for an official confirmation from History Channel about the future of The Curse of Oak Island.

Key Takeaways

  • Season 12 of “The Curse of Oak Island” is not officially approved yet
  • The show follows the Lagina brothers’ treasure hunt.
  • New episodes (if made) will expand on the island’s history.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 12

If it gets made, a much-anticipated Season 12 of “The Curse of Oak Island” would offer excitement with promises of new discoveries and familiar faces returning to unravel the mysteries of the fabled island.

Release Date and Premiere

Season 12 Premiere: TBD. Season not approved yet
Broadcasting Channel: History Channel

Cast and Crew

Key Members:

  • Marty Lagina
  • Rick Lagina
  • Alex Lagina
  • Gary Drayton
  • Jack Begley
  • Dan Henskee
  • Peter Fornetti
  • Craig Tester
  • Charles Barkhouse

The cast continues to feature the Lagina brothers along with their dedicated team of experts and explorers, including notable figures like Gary Drayton and Craig Tester. Narration is expected to be led by Robert Clotworthy, maintaining the consistent voice of the series.

New Discoveries and Historical Artifacts


  • New clues linked to the legendary treasure
  • Historical artifacts tied to the island’s past

Explorers will return to unearth new evidence that can shed light upon the legends that have captivated fans since 2014. Season 12 would dive into Nova Scotia’s Oak Island with advanced techniques, potentially bringing historical artifacts and answers related to the centuries-old quest for the buried treasure.

Viewing Options and Additional Content

Season 12 of “The Curse of Oak Island” would come with various viewing options (if released) and associated content that fans of the show will appreciate. This includes streaming details and extra series related to the Oak Island mystery.

Streaming and Broadcast Information

“The Curse of Oak Island” Season 12, if released, could be available on for those who sign up with their TV provider. Historically, the series has aired on the History Channel, and it’s likely this will continue. The show is known to fit a TV-PG rating, making it suitable for a broader audience. With Prometheus Entertainment’s production, English-speaking audiences can expect new episodes to be delivered with the same documentary quality that earned the series an IMDb rating that reflects its popularity. For the latest news, including a possible trailer release, viewers should keep an eye on official social media channels and subscribe to updates.

Related Series and Spin-Offs

As for additional content, enthusiasts of the treasure-hunting show can explore series spin-offs such as “Beyond Oak Island,” “The Curse of Oak Island: Drilling Down,” and “The Curse of Oak Island: Digging Deeper.” These spin-offs allow viewers to get more insight into the behind-the-scenes actions and additional lore surrounding Oak Island. Well-known personnel like Dave Blankenship add depth to the storytelling, helping to expand the Oak Island experience beyond the main series. Additionally, special episodes like “Behind the Dig” offer a closer look at the treasure hunters’ endeavors. These related shows can be found on the same streaming platforms and broadcast networks that carry the main series.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section aims to clarify some common queries regarding the anticipated season 12 of “The Curse of Oak Island”.

When is the expected release for the next season of The Curse of Oak Island?

If it gets approved, season 12 would be expected to be in November 2024. However, this timeframe is tentative and may change.

Is there an official announcement for The Curse of Oak Island’s upcoming season premiere?

No official date has been announced for the season premiere of “The Curse of Oak Island.” Fans should stay alert for updates from the show’s creators.

Has The Curse of Oak Island been renewed for another season?

Renewal for the twelfth season has not been officially confirmed. The decision often depends on factors like viewership and previous season performances.

Where can viewers stream the latest season of The Curse of Oak Island?

Viewers can watch the latest episodes of “The Curse of Oak Island” on the History channel and online platforms where History channel content is available.

How many episodes can fans anticipate in the new season of The Curse of Oak Island?

While the exact number is unclear, past seasons have typically comprised around 15 to 25 episodes.

Has the mystery of Oak Island been resolved in the latest aired season?

The mystery remains unsolved with many questions still lingering. The show continues to explore hypotheses and uncover new findings each season.

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