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Apple TV Remote

In the era of binge-watching, the ‘Skip Intro’ button has become a cherished feature for streamers. Yet, for Apple TV users, the quest for a seamless transition between episodes often hits a snag—there’s no dedicated button to bypass show intros.

So how do you skip an intro on AppleTV if the option isn’t presented to you? You can fast-forward by 10 seconds by pressing the right side of the remote’s touch surface. To go forward more than just 10 seconds you can either click multiple times or swipe across the touchpad to fast forward to a custom time. With the AppleTV it’s very easy to accidentally shoot past the point you want to jump to but you can quickly reverse course by swiping in the opposite direction.

While not a perfect solution, those will likely get the job done for you. Keep reading if you want to learn more about the best ways to skip TV show intros on Apple TV, drawing from online discussions, third-party solutions, and expert tips.

Why Skip Intros?

When you’re watching a single episode of a TV show for the first time – there’s no problem. You can watch the intro and live with it. But if you’re binge watching episode after episode, watching the same intro sequence can get a little dull – especially when the show has a LONG intro (ie- Game Of Thrones). Some Apps like Netflix have intro-skipping built right in. So you’ll see the ‘Skip Intro’ option on your Apple TV and be able to click it when presented.

But not every streaming platform has this option. Platforms like Max (formerly HBO Max) and Hulu don’t have the option as widely available as Netflix does. Viewers want the ‘Skip Intro’ button – but in its absence there is a little trick you can use.

Current Solutions and Workarounds

Current methods to skip intros on Apple TV involve a bit of manual effort. User suggest fast-forwarding through the intro, but this approach lacks the precision and ease of a dedicated skip feature. The process can be cumbersome, often leading to overshooting the desired start point of the actual episode content.

  1. If you get the option to ‘Skip Intro’ presented to you, just click on it
  2. If you aren’t presented with the option you can still skip intros by clicking on the right side of the remote. This jumps forward 10 seconds each time you click.
  3. To jump forward to a precise location in the show you can click once to activate the time bar. Then from there you can swipe left or right on your Apple TV remote to jump forward or backward to the exact time you wish to go to.

Here are some additional tips for skipping TV show intros on the Apple TV:

  • If you’re using the Apple TV app on an iPhone or iPad, you can swipe down on the screen to skip the intro.
  • If you’re using a universal remote control, you may be able to program a button to skip the intro.
  • Some soundbars also have a “Skip Intro” button that you can use.

Third-Party Solutions

The Apple TV Skipper Extension

Enter the Apple TV Skipper—a Chrome extension that promises to automate the skipping of intros and recaps on Apple TV+. This tool allows users to play all series episodes in a row without manual intervention. However, it’s worth noting that this solution requires using Apple TV+ through a browser, which may not be the typical use case for all viewers.

To use Apple TV Skipper, simply install the extension in your browser and log into your Apple TV+ account. Then, when you start watching a show, the extension will automatically skip the intro and recap. You can also customize the settings to skip intros and recaps for certain shows only, or to skip to the next episode in a series.

Here are the steps on how to use Apple TV Skipper:

  1. Install the Apple TV Skipper extension in your Chrome or Firefox browser.
  2. Log into your Apple TV+ account in the extension.
  3. Start watching a show on Apple TV+.
  4. The extension will automatically skip the intro and recap.

You can also customize the settings in the extension:

  • To skip intros and recaps for certain shows only, click the “Skip Intros/Recaps” toggle for each show.
  • To skip to the next episode in a series, click the “Autoplay Next Episode” toggle.

The User Experience

For a company like Apple – who is obsessed with delivering their users the best experience – not building in an intro skipping mechanism seems like a big swing and a miss. The workaround options are mediocre at best and it just seems like there should be a better way. It’s possible Apple will release something specific to skipping intros when the Apple TV 2024 launches, but that hasn’t really been rumored.

While some appreciate the remote’s fast-forwarding capabilities, others find it a half-baked solution compared to the automated skipping features on other streaming services. The Apple TV Skipper extension has its fans, but its browser-based limitation is a significant caveat for those who prefer watching directly on their TVs.


The best way to skip TV show intros on Apple TV remains a combination of using the remote’s fast-forwarding features and exploring third-party browser extensions like Apple TV Skipper. While neither method offers the perfect solution, they represent the current best practices for viewers seeking to optimize their binge-watching sessions.

While the journey to a one-click skip intro feature on Apple TV continues, users can employ the discussed methods to enhance their viewing experience. As the community’s voice grows louder, there’s hope that future updates will introduce a more integrated solution. Until then, the remote’s fast-forward and third-party extensions will have to suffice for eager binge-watchers.


  1. Can you skip intros on Apple TV like on Netflix? Currently, Apple TV does not have a native ‘Skip Intro’ feature like Netflix. Users can manually fast-forward or use third-party browser extensions to bypass intros.
  2. What is the Apple TV Skipper, and how does it work? The Apple TV Skipper is a Chrome extension that automatically skips intros and recaps on Apple TV+. It works by clicking the ‘skip’ buttons that appear during playback, but it’s designed for use with the English version of Apple TV+ on a web browser.
  3. Are there any official updates from Apple regarding a skip intro feature? As of the information available from the provided links, there are no official updates from Apple about introducing a skip intro feature on Apple TV.
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