Steelseries WOW Gaming
Steelseries WOW Gaming

SteelSeries has made a range of gaming mice specifically for World of Warcraft fans. These mice have customizable buttons, color options, and in-game features that make gaming better. They are designed for comfort and performance, with well-placed buttons and quick response times. You can program the buttons and create macros for seamless gameplay. They work with different computer platforms so that every gamer can easily join in. SteelSeries has a long history of working with Blizzard Entertainment to make officially licensed World of Warcraft gaming gear.


Steelseries Wow Gaming Mouse
Steelseries Wow Gaming Mouse
  • SteelSeries World of Warcraft MMO Legendary Edition Mouse: This iconic mouse features 11 programmable buttons, intricate design inspired by the legendary sword Thunderfury, and customizable illumination. It’s ideal for players who need plenty of hotkeys at their fingertips.
  • SteelSeries World of Warcraft Wireless MMO Gaming Mouse: A wireless version of a classic, offering freedom of movement, a comfortable ergonomic design, and customizable software for tweaking macros and profiles.


  • SteelSeries zBoard World of Warcraft Keyboard: This modular keyboard system features swappable keysets specifically designed for World of Warcraft. Keysets might include game-specific labeling for Raiding, PvP, or the overall WoW experience.
  • SteelSeries Wrath of The Lich King Keyboard: A Wrath of the Lich King expansion-themed limited edition keyset. While designed for the zBoard, it would work with other standard keyboards.


  • Limited Edition BlizzCon World of Warcraft Mousepads: SteelSeries has released special edition mousepads coinciding with past BlizzCon events, featuring iconic WoW artwork and designs optimized for smooth mouse movement.

Where to Find Them

While some of these items might be discontinued due to age, here’s where you can potentially find SteelSeries WoW gaming gear:

SteelSeries Official WebsiteLimited selection of current products
AmazonSearch for the model names for both new and used listings
eBayOften a good source for older, discontinued items

Important Note: Prices for older or limited editions of SteelSeries WoW peripherals can fluctuate based on rarity and collector demand.

Key Takeaways

  • SteelSeries specializes in gaming gear that is tailored to enhance MMO gameplay.
  • Their World of Warcraft gaming mice combine style with practical, customizable features.
  • Ergonomic design and cross-platform compatibility are central to the product’s appeal.

Design and Customization

When it comes to building a gaming mouse specifically for MMO titles, SteelSeries focuses on features that enhance both the look and performance for the player. They offer ergonomic touches, customizable lighting, and programmable elements that cater to serious gamers.

Ergonomic Features

The design of the SteelSeries MMO gaming mouse is tailored to fit comfortably in your hand for hours of gaming. Its ergonomic design helps prevent strain during those long sessions in front of the computer. The mouse is crafted with a shape that supports various grip styles, ensuring that every player can find a comfortable hold.

Customizable Illumination

Customizing your gaming setup is part of the fun, and with SteelSeries gaming peripherals, illumination is a key element. The SteelSeries Engine software allows for detailed customization of lighting colors and effects. Gamers can choose from a wide range of colors to make their mouse shine in a way that reflects their style and game.

Programmable Buttons and Profiles

Functionality is vital for any serious gamer. SteelSeries mice come with numerous programmable buttons that can be customized for different actions within games. Through the SteelSeries Engine, players can also set up various profiles, ensuring that the right set of commands are at their fingertips, no matter which game they are engaged in. This level of customization means streamlined gameplay and quicker access to important in-game actions.

Performance and Compatibility

Understanding how a gaming mouse performs and connects with your devices is essential, especially with models designed for specific game genres. The SteelSeries World of Warcraft MMO Gaming Mouse is optimized for MMO and RTS games, supports current software updates, and is compatible with a range of operating systems.

Gaming Optimization for MMO and RTS

Designed to meet the high-speed demands of modern PC gaming, the SteelSeries World of Warcraft MMO Gaming Mouse provides exceptional precision and response. With programmable buttons, players can execute complex game commands with ease, enhancing their in-game performance. This mouse ensures that every action, from rapid troop movements in RTS games to instant spell casting in MMOs like World of Warcraft’s ‘Cataclysm’, is executed with speed and accuracy.

Support and Software Updates

Maintaining the performance of your gaming mouse means keeping its software up to date. SteelSeries offers regular updates to enhance the mouse’s functionality and ensure smooth performance. Users can expect consistent feedback improvements and speed enhancements, which are simple to install via the SteelSeries Engine. This support is central for gamers who rely on their gear to stay competitive.

Compatibility With Various Operating Systems

The SteelSeries World of Warcraft MMO Gaming Mouse is designed for broad compatibility across various operating systems. Whether a gamer uses Windows XP, Windows Vista, or a more recent version of Windows, the mouse maintains its performance and speed. Even Mac users can join the action, as the mouse supports Mac OS, making it a versatile choice for PC and computing enthusiasts who might jump between devices or change their setup over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

When diving into the world of Azeroth, having the right gear, like a SteelSeries MMO mouse, can enhance your gaming experience. Here’s a quick guide to your frequently asked questions about the SteelSeries World of Warcraft mouse series.

What are the features of the SteelSeries MMO mouse designed for WoW?

The SteelSeries MMO mouse comes with customization options tailored for World of Warcraft players. It offers numerous programmable buttons, allowing gamers to assign key in-game actions for quick access. The mouse also features adjustable DPI settings and has an ergonomic design to support long gaming sessions.

How can I configure my SteelSeries WoW mouse settings using the software?

Players can customize their SteelSeries WoW mouse settings through the SteelSeries GG software. This platform enables users to create profiles, bind macros to buttons, and adjust the mouse’s illumination and sensitivity. Settings can be saved directly to the mouse or within the software for quick switching between profiles.

Where can I find reviews for the SteelSeries WoW mice?

Reviews for SteelSeries WoW mice can be found on tech websites, gaming forums, and online retailer product pages. These sources often provide user feedback and detailed analyses of the mouse’s performance and build quality.

What is the difference between the SteelSeries WoW Cataclysm and Legendary MMO mice?

The SteelSeries WoW Cataclysm mouse has a design inspired by the Cataclysm expansion and features 14 programmable buttons. The Legendary MMO mouse is a more streamlined version, with fewer buttons catering to a broader range of MMO gamers. Both models offer customization and cater to the specific needs of WoW players.

How do I troubleshoot connectivity issues with my SteelSeries WoW mouse?

For connectivity issues, first ensure that the mouse is fully charged or properly plugged in. Resetting the mouse and the computer, as well as updating the device drivers through the SteelSeries GG software, can often resolve the issue. Consult the user manual for step-by-step troubleshooting guidance.

Is there a specific way to clean and maintain the SteelSeries WoW series mice?

To maintain the SteelSeries WoW mouse, regularly use a soft, damp cloth to gently clean its surface. Avoid harsh chemicals and do not immerse the mouse in any liquids. Compressed air can help clear debris from hard-to-reach areas around the buttons and scroll wheel.

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