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Some players of Starfield have discovered ways to exploit the game’s mechanics to make a lot of money quickly. They found ways to get a lot of credits using a method known as the fast credits money glitch. This glitch helps players progress faster by earning credits much more quickly than usual. It’s mainly known to affect the PC version of the game, but players on Xbox Series X/S are interested in whether they can benefit from it too. Using this glitch may affect the balance of the game and the overall experience. However, for those who want to make their in-game currency grow faster or reduce the time it takes to progress, understanding this glitch could be really helpful.

Get Rich Quick in Starfield: Exploiting the Credit Glitch

The Infamous Chest Glitch

One widespread glitch involves vendor chests hidden within the game world. These chests hold vendor inventories, often brimming with credits. Players exploit this glitch by clipping through walls or using other methods to access these forbidden areas and plunder the riches within.

The Trade Authority Vendor Trick

Another popular glitch revolves around duplicating ships and their valuable components. By attaching expensive items like Tanker Modules, players can sell them repeatedly for massive profits. Some even exploit the Trade Authority vendor’s ability to buy stolen goods, further amplifying their gains.

The Research Lab Exploit

In this glitch, players craft “Amp” items using specific resources in the Pharmaceutical Lab. These Amps provide temporary boosts to speed and jump height, enabling players to quickly farm credits from chests found in hidden areas accessible through clipping glitches.

The Akila City Exploit

A simpler glitch exists in Akila City, where players can clip through a wall near Shepherd’s General Store to access a chest containing credits. This method requires no special skills or resources, making it a relatively easy way to gain credits.

The Outpost Duplication Trick

This glitch involves building weapon cases at an outpost on a high-level planet, saving the game, and reloading. Upon reloading, the empty weapon cases become filled with valuable weapons and ammo that can be sold for a hefty profit.

The Risks and Rewards of Glitching

While these glitches offer tempting shortcuts to wealth, it’s important to note that they exploit unintended game mechanics. Bethesda, the game’s developer, may patch these glitches in future updates, potentially resulting in lost progress or even bans for those who abuse them.

Table of Glitches:

Chest GlitchClipping through walls, out-of-bounds accessHighPatch/Ban Risk
Trade Authority VendorShip duplication, selling componentsModeratePatch/Ban Risk
Research Lab ExploitCrafting Amps, using them for faster farmingModeratePatch Risk
Akila City ExploitClipping through a wallEasyPatch Risk
Outpost DuplicationBuilding weapon cases, save/reloadEasyPatch Risk

Key Takeaways

  • Players have found a glitch in Starfield to gain credits quickly, breaking from the standard progression.
  • The glitch is predominantly associated with the PC version, but there’s interest from Xbox Series X/S players.
  • Using the glitch can impact gameplay balance, but it offers a way to bypass time-consuming in-game earning methods.

Maximizing Earnings in Starfield

If you’re aiming to increase your wealth in Starfield, knowing how to efficiently gather credits is key. This involves a mix of trading, looting, and—if you’re willing to tread a grey area—exploiting glitches.

Trading and Vendors

To make a good profit, keep an eye on the Trade Authority prices across different stations. Prices for goods can vary greatly between locations, so buying low and selling high is a smart strategy. Make sure to upgrade your scanner to find shielded cargo more easily, which can contain valuable items or resources. Engaging in commerce with different vendors can also lead to discovering a coveted vendor chest stocked with rare and high-value items.

Loot and Resources

Every enemy encounter is a chance to acquire loot—including gear, weapons, and armor—which can then be sold for credits. Exploring various planets and using your scanner is also a fruitful way to locate precious resources. Remember, every piece of loot has value; even common items like digipicks or healing items add up over time. Completing missions is another way to gather resources and credits. With boost pack training, you can reach previously inaccessible places where untouched resources await.

Exploiting Glitches for Profit

Although it’s not officially endorsed, some players look for ways to increase their credits through glitches. The infinite money glitch or puddle glitch might offer a quick surge in credits, but beware, as these may be patched by the developers. Such glitches might be tempting for a quick boost, but relying on them can detract from the intended gaming experience and may cause game stability issues. Only consider this path if other options have been exhausted and you’re comfortable with potential risks.

Navigational and Technical Aspects of Starfield

In Starfield, your journey as a space explorer in the vastness of the galaxy relies significantly on mastering your ship’s functions, understanding game systems, and effectively managing in-game resources.

Ships and Exploration

Starfield’s universe encourages you to take control of a variety of ships, each offering a distinct space travel experience. For the Freestar Collective or as part of Constellation, efficiency in navigating through the Alpha Centauri system becomes vital. Players face navigational challenges such as avoiding encounter with the Crimson Fleet or maneuvering through asteroid belts. Ships come equipped with essential gear and ammo, and as your journey expands, upgrading and managing your ship services through vendor storage at outposts becomes crucial.

Boarding enemy ships or those with bounties is a daring way to acquire resources. When players feel encumbered or loaded with contraband, they might need to fast travel to safe locations like Akila City to unload and manage inventory.

Gaming Mechanics and Systems

Players on PC can utilize console commands with the ` or ~ keys to enhance their gameplay—all within the boundaries of the game’s mechanics. For instance, a “money cheat” may be a tempting shortcut, but it could potentially impact achievements and overall game progression. Skillful management of inventory and skills, careful use of legitimate strategies like bounty hunting, and understanding the mechanics of space economy are essential. While some may look for quick credit glitches, these can affect the long-term satisfaction of building your status within the Starfield universe.

Starfield’s technical systems are designed to challenge players, with elements like becoming encumbered or dealing with the law over contraband influencing how you engage with the game world. Whether you’re aiming to earn money legitimately through hard work and enterprise or looking to explore every corner of space with meticulous preparation, understanding these mechanics is key.

Frequently Asked Questions

Players often have questions about fast credit accumulation in Starfield. This section addresses those common inquiries with clear and direct information.

How can players obtain infinite credits in Starfield?

Players have found ways to exploit glitches in the game that allow for the generation of infinite credits. These methods often involve using specific item interactions or using in-game mechanics in unintended ways.

What is the status of the money glitch in Starfield after recent patches?

The availability of money glitches in Starfield can change with new game updates. Bethesda has released patches aimed at fixing these glitches, but players sometimes discover new methods post-update.

What methods are there for earning a million credits in Starfield?

Aside from glitches, players can earn credits through in-game activities such as completing missions, selling valuable items, and engaging in trade. Some players focus on efficient trading routes or mission completion for high credit gain.

Can you explain how to acquire credits quickly in Starfield?

Acquiring credits quickly can be achieved by targeting high-paying missions, utilizing trade to your advantage, and exploring for loot in valuable locations. Efficiently managing resources and knowing what items to sell can boost your credit earnings.

What steps should be taken to use the money glitch on Xbox Series X?

To use a money glitch on Xbox Series X, players must first find a current glitch method. Then they typically follow step-by-step actions in the game, which often involve exploiting specific game mechanics or item interactions.

Are there any working money glitches for Starfield on Xbox platforms?

Working money glitches on Xbox platforms may exist, but they depend on the discovery of new exploits and may not survive subsequent patches released by the developers. Players commonly share such techniques on forums and gaming communities.

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