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In Stardew Valley, marriage is more than a simple union; it’s a gameplay feature that offers players additional help and companionship from a spouse. Acquiring the Wedding Ring is essential for players who seek to marry another player in the game’s multiplayer mode. Unlike single-player, where the Mermaid’s Pendant seals the bond, the Wedding Ring is the multiplayer equivalent to express a proposal for marriage. It is an exclusive item that players can craft with the right resources and by securing a unique recipe.

Stardew Valley Wedding Ring

PurposeUsed to propose marriage to another player in multiplayer mode.
AcquisitionRecipe: Purchased from the Traveling Cart for 500g.
Ingredients: 5 Iridium Bars, 1 Prismatic Shard
UsageAfter crafting, present the Wedding Ring to another player to propose. They can either accept or decline.
EffectIf accepted, a wedding ceremony will be held in 3 days.
Other Notes* Cannot be equipped like other rings, only kept in inventory.


  • The Wedding Ring is specifically for multiplayer marriages. Marrying villagers follows a different process.
  • You cannot get the recipe if you are already married in-game.

To get married in Stardew Valley, players must first obtain the Wedding Ring recipe. They can buy this recipe from the Traveling Cart that appears in town on specific days. Once players have the recipe, they need to gather the required materials to craft the ring. After crafting the ring, a player can propose to another player, who can then decide whether to accept or decline. If accepted, the two players become engaged and prepare for the wedding ceremony, which takes place a few days later.

Key Takeaways

  • Stardew Valley facilitates marriage through the Wedding Ring in multiplayer mode.
  • Players must purchase a recipe and gather materials to craft the Wedding Ring.
  • Acceptance of the Wedding Ring leads to an in-game wedding ceremony after a few days.

Securing the Wedding Ring

In Stardew Valley, crafting a Wedding Ring is key for players looking to propose marriage in a multiplayer session. This section provides a step-by-step guide on securing a Wedding Ring, from understanding its recipe to the final act of proposing.

Understanding the Recipe

To craft a Wedding Ring, players first need the recipe. Traveling Cart sellers offer this recipe for 500 Gold. The cart appears south of the Farm, in Cindersap Forest, every Friday and Sunday.

Acquiring Materials

After obtaining the recipe, players must gather the required materials. The Wedding Ring calls for 5 Iridium Bars and 1 Prismatic Shard. Here’s where players can find these items:

  • Iridium Bars require iridium, obtainable in the Mines, especially at deeper levels.
  • Prismatic Shards are rare and found by mining or defeating monsters.
Iridium BarMinesSmelt iridium in a furnace.
Prismatic ShardMining, Monster DropsRare, keep an eye out!

Crafting and Proposing

Once players have the materials, they can craft the Ring and add it to their inventory. To propose to another player, they must present the Ring, and the recipient can either accept or reject it. Acceptance results in engagement.

Wedding Traditions and Procedures

Stardew Valley simulates many real-life wedding traditions. Players arrange a ceremony after a successful proposal, and the Wedding Ring solidifies their in-game union. The process mirrors the tradition of presenting rings during real ceremonies.

Multiplayer Considerations

In multiplayer games, proposing marriage is a unique event. Engaged players plan for their farmhouse to expand to include their partner. Wedding Rings in Stardew Valley foster a sense of community and partnership between players.

Life After the Wedding

After marrying in Stardew Valley, players can expect a range of benefits, the potential to start a family, and even the mechanics of separating if the relationship doesn’t work out.

Married Life Benefits

Once married, the spouse helps with farm tasks such as feeding pets, watering crops, repairing fences, and cooking meals which provide buffs to player skills. They occasionally offer gifts, which can include useful items and materials.

Daily Spouse Activities:

  • Feeding pets: Ensures pets are happy.
  • Watering crops: Aids in farm maintenance.
  • Repairing fences: Keeps the farm tidy and secure.
  • Cooking breakfast: Grants skill buffs.

Expanding the Family

Couples can have children by upgrading the farmhouse and having a nursery. Children go through stages from infants to toddlers but don’t grow beyond that. They are a source of joy and add life to the farmhouse.

Nursery Requirements:

  • Farmhouse must be upgraded twice.
  • Players need to build a nursery.
  • Interact with the spouse and choose to have a child.

When Love Fades

If players decide to end their in-game marriage, they can start divorce proceedings by purchasing a Wilted Bouquet. After divorce, the ex-spouse will move out, and any children will stay in the player’s custody.

Divorce Process:

  1. Buy a Wilted Bouquet.
  2. Give it to the spouse.
  3. Spouse moves out post-divorce.
  4. Children remain with the player.

Each step after marriage offers different gameplay aspects, enhancing the player’s experience. The family life adds depth, while the possibility of divorce introduces a realistic element to relationships in Stardew Valley.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the world of Stardew Valley, a Wedding Ring holds significant meaning for multiplayer relationships. Below are key queries players often have about this item.

What is the difference between the Wedding Ring and the Mermaid Pendant in Stardew Valley?

The Wedding Ring is a craftable item used to propose to other players in a multiplayer game. Conversely, the Mermaid Pendant is for NPCs and can be purchased from the Old Mariner. Players get the Mermaid Pendant to marry a non-player character, which is not possible with a Wedding Ring.

How can I craft a Wedding Ring in Stardew Valley?

To craft a Wedding Ring, players first need to have the recipe. The recipe is bought from the Traveling Cart for 500 gold. Once you have the recipe, you can craft the ring at a crafting table.

What are the materials needed for the Wedding Ring recipe in Stardew Valley?

Players need five Iridium Bars and one Prismatic Shard to create a Wedding Ring. These materials are gathered through mining and other activities in the game.

Is there a cost associated with obtaining a Wedding Ring in Stardew Valley, and if so, what is it?

Yes, there is a cost. Players need to purchase the recipe for 500 gold from the Traveling Cart. After that, they must accumulate the necessary materials, which have their own value based on the effort and rarity involved in obtaining them.

How do multiplayer players in Stardew Valley use the Wedding Ring?

Multiplayer players use the Wedding Ring to propose to another player. Once crafted, a player can offer the ring to another player, if they accept, the two characters will be married in the game.

What are the steps to propose to another player in Stardew Valley?

To propose, make sure you have the Wedding Ring in your inventory. Then, approach the player you want to propose to and offer the ring as a gift. If they accept it, you both will be engaged. A wedding ceremony will occur three days later.

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