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Stardew Valley has a special location called The Summit. It’s located to the north of the Railroad and is considered an important achievement in the game. The Summit becomes accessible when a player reaches a high level of success in farming, called ‘Perfection.’ It’s a peaceful spot with a wooden bench and a special cutscene during the first visit, celebrating the player’s journey and achievements.

To reach The Summit, players must meet certain milestones in the game to clear the way. The cutscene at The Summit varies based on the player’s choices in the game. If married, the player’s spouse will join them; otherwise, characters like Lewis or Morris will appear depending on the state of the Community Center. The Summit represents the height of gameplay and provides a closing narrative that reflects the player’s story and choices.

Stardew Valley: The Summit

UnlockingAchieve 100% Perfection. This includes completing numerous tasks like fulfilling the museum collection, shipping every item, reaching max friendship with all villagers, and more.
LocationNorth of the Railroad, initially blocked by a boulder that clears after reaching Perfection.
CutsceneSitting on the bench at The Summit triggers a unique cutscene involving your spouse or community leaders. A credits-like sequence featuring villagers, animals, and creatures plays afterward.
Mr. QiInteracting with the walnut on a stone pillar after the cutscene reveals Mr. Qi.
Gameplay ImpactReaching The Summit marks a major milestone in the game, but has no direct influence on further gameplay.
SignificanceThe Summit is considered the “true ending” for dedicated players and symbolizes the player’s achievements and connection to the Stardew Valley community.

Additional Notes:

  • The cutscene at the Summit is unique depending on whether you’re married and if you restored the Community Center or JojaMart.
  • You can revisit The Summit any time after unlocking it.

Key Takeaways

  • The Summit in Stardew Valley marks a significant achievement, becoming available after reaching Perfection.
  • Players experience a unique cutscene at The Summit, which varies based on their in-game marital status and choices.
  • This location offers narrative closure and a moment to reflect on the player’s progress in the game.

Reaching The Summit

The journey to the Summit within Stardew Valley is a milestone that marks a player’s significant achievement in the game. This area offers new scenery and a sense of completion, but getting there requires certain steps.

Unlocking the Summit

To gain access to the Summit, a player must first achieve a state of Perfection in the game. This involves completing various aspects of the farm and community life. The day after reaching this status, the boulder blocking the way on the north side of the Railroad is removed, thus opening the path to the Summit.

Key Steps:

  • Achieve Perfection status
  • Wait for the boulder to be cleared on the following day

Exploring the Mountain Paths

Leading to the Summit, the mountain paths provide a backdrop for the player’s adventure through the wilderness. The area is rich in resources that can help players on their journey. It’s wise to carry tools for foraging and to interact with key features such as the minecart for quick travel.

Mountain Resources:

  • Wood
  • Forageables


  • Utilize minecart for fast travel

Key Landmarks and Locations

Once the path to the Summit is clear, players will discover landmarks that distinguish this area from other parts of Stardew Valley. The Quarry offers mining opportunities while the Spa serves as a place to restore energy. The Adventurer’s Guild lies near, where players can equip themselves for their expeditions.

Important Landmarks:

  • Quarry: Mining spot
  • Spa: Energy restoration
  • Adventurer’s Guild: Gear and equipment

Upon reaching the Summit, players are greeted with a special cutscene, a reward for their diligence and a symbol of their success in Stardew Valley. The Summit not only acts as a trophy room of sorts commemorating the player’s efforts but also offers a new vista on the game world.

The Summit Features

The Summit in Stardew Valley boasts several notable aspects that enhance gameplay and storytelling. Here, players can experience moments of achievement, interaction, and discovery that add depth to their virtual farming life.

In-Game Updates and Perfection

Reaching the Summit becomes possible only after players attain Perfection in the game. Perfection is a measure of a player’s comprehensive achievement in Stardew Valley, and once it’s achieved, a previously blocked path at the Railroad opens up the day following this milestone. This update was introduced to the game to reward players for their dedication and progress.

Interactive Elements

At the Summit, players find a wooden bench that plays a central role upon their first visit. A cutscene triggers when they sit on the bench, showcasing a reflective moment with stunning views. If a player has a spouse, that person will join them, whereas unattached players will see the town’s Mayor Lewis or Joja Corporation’s Morris beside them. This depends on choices regarding the Community Center earlier in the game. Fishing is also an activity that players might engage in at this breathtaking location.

Secrets and Easter Eggs

Developer ConcernedApe has included subtle nods throughout Stardew Valley for keen players to discover. One such secret involves a special cutscene at the Summit, which was earlier part of an exploit. However, the 1.6 update, rather than removing it, introduced consequences for using glitches to reach the Summit, showing the game’s continued evolution through patches. Players can now feel the developers’ intentional design as they explore and uncover new layers of the game at the Summit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Navigating the world of Stardew Valley can lead to many discoveries, one of which is the Summit. This guide covers commonly asked questions regarding this serene location.

How can you access the summit in Stardew Valley?

Players gain access to the Summit after achieving Perfection in the game. Perfection is reached by completing various goals throughout Stardew Valley. The path to the Summit, north of the Railroad, unlocks the day after Perfection is attained.

What triggers the summit cutscene in Stardew Valley?

A cutscene at the Summit is activated the first time a player sits on the wooden bench there. If the player character has a spouse, they will join the player on the bench; otherwise, Mayor Lewis or Morris will fill the spot, depending on the player’s choices in the game.

In Stardew Valley, what is the purpose of the summit?

The Summit offers a tranquil setting where players can forage and enjoy the scenery. It stands as a reward for reaching Perfection but does not influence gameplay in a significant way beyond its aesthetic and sentimental value.

What are the requirements for reaching 100% Perfection in Stardew Valley?

Reaching 100% Perfection in Stardew Valley requires completing the Community Center or Joja Warehouse, earning all Stardrops, and achieving full hearts with all villagers, including your spouse and children. Additionally, players must craft every item, cook every recipe, and catch all fish, among other challenges.

How do you interact with the statue at the Stardew Valley train station?

The statue at the train station responds to a specific item called a Prismatic Shard. When a player places a shard in the statue’s hands, they receive a special item in return.

What methods are available to remove the large boulder near the train in Stardew Valley?

The path to the Summit can be blocked by a large boulder. This boulder is removed after players achieve Perfection. A cutscene will indicate that the boulder has been cleared, granting access to the Summit the following day.

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