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The Tea Bush is a great plant for players who want to add variety to their farming. You can grow it from Tea Saplings, and it takes about 20 days to mature. You can harvest Tea Leaves during the last week of each season except Winter, unless you grow it indoors. These leaves are not only important for the game’s economy but can also be used to make green tea, which is a favorite of some of the people in Pelican Town.

Stardew Valley Tea Bushes

AppearanceSmall, green bush with white flowers
SourceCan be purchased from the Traveling Cart, or crafted after obtaining the recipe from Caroline (2 heart friendship event).
GrowthTakes 20 days to mature after planting. Produces leaves every day during the final week of Spring, Summer, and Fall.
IndoorsContinues leaf production all year round if planted indoors (Greenhouse, farmhouse, sheds, etc.).
ProductsProduces Tea Leaves
UsesTea Leaves can be:
* Sold for profit.
* Used to craft Green Tea (provides energy and health boost).
* Used for Gifting (most villagers, except Harvey, find it a neutral gift).

Additional Notes

  • Tea Saplings can be crafted using foraged items, making them a renewable resource.
  • Tea Bushes can be placed close together without limiting production, as they do not require open tiles like crops.

While cultivating Tea Bushes is straightforward, it opens up opportunities to enhance a player’s farming experience. Players gain access to Tea Saplings by deepening their relationship with Caroline, a resident of Pelican Town, who shares a sapling after reaching a two-heart friendship level. These bushes can also create a natural fence, serving a decorative as well as practical function on a farm. Once harvested, Tea Leaves can be processed in a Keg to produce green tea, adding an artisanal touch to a farmer’s product lineup.

Key Takeaways

  • Tea Bushes provide a unique crop in Stardew Valley, with harvests in all seasons barring Winter.
  • Players can acquire Tea Saplings through strengthening friendships with town residents.
  • Harvested Tea Leaves can be turned into green tea for consumption or sale.

Cultivating Tea Bushes

Growing a Tea Bush in Stardew Valley begins with a Tea Sapling. This plant needs care over a period of 20 days before it matures. Here’s a guide to ensure healthy growth and plentiful harvests throughout the seasons.

Planting: Tea Saplings can grow outdoors and indoors. If placed outside, they will only produce Tea Leaves in the last week of Spring, Summer, and Fall. Inside, such as in a greenhouse, they will grow all year round.

Growth Stages: Monitor your sapling’s progress as it develops through several stages. Regular watering is crucial, especially in the first season, to establish its root system.

Watering: Keep the soil moist. This means watering your Tea Sapling once each day unless it’s raining. Don’t worry about water on rainy days; nature takes care of that for you.

Harvest Time: Once mature, your Tea Bush will yield one Tea Leaf per day during the harvest week of each season when planted outside. Inside, it keeps producing during winter too. Here’s a quick timeline:

SeasonHarvest Dates
SpringDays 22 to 28
SummerDays 22 to 28
FallDays 22 to 28
WinterOnly if indoors

Harvest these leaves and brew them or sell them, whatever suits your plans in the valley.

Note: You’ll find an established Tea Bush in Caroline’s sunroom. This bush follows the same harvesting schedule as the ones you cultivate.

By following these simple steps, you’ll ensure a steady supply of Tea Leaves from your Tea Bushes. Happy farming!

Utilizing Tea Leaves

In Stardew Valley, tea leaves are a versatile resource providing various benefits like crafting items and enhancing relationships.

Crafting and Recipes

Tea leaves are obtained from tea bushes, which mature and yield a leaf daily during the final week of Spring, Summer, and Fall. To grow indoors, use a garden pot to enable year-round harvesting. Transform tea leaves into green tea by placing them in a keg for several in-game hours. For a different item, a preserves jar can be used to make pickled tea leaves.

The recipe for crafting tea saplings yourself includes items like wild seeds, fiber, and wood. Once planted, the saplings take 20 days to mature into tea bushes.

Economic Aspects

Selling tea-based items can be profitable. While green tea sells for a base of 100g, artisan goods like pickled tea leaves generally fetch higher prices. Managing these resources well can boost your profits.

The choice between a keg and a preserves jar for processing tea leaves depends on whether you seek immediate revenue or prefer to wait for a potentially higher return.

Gifting and Friendship

Tea leaves serve as more than a commodity; they are also a tool for enhancing friendships. Caroline and Mayor Lewis love green tea, making it an excellent gift. Others, like Abigail, Elliott, Pam, Gus, and Krobus, might have different preferences that are worth exploring if you wish to build friendship with them.

Sharing your harvest can lead to unlocked recipes and special events, like Caroline’s 2-heart event, revealing new layers of the game’s story and character interactions.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section covers some of the common questions players have regarding tea saplings and bushes in Stardew Valley. It provides clear answers to help you manage your tea plants effectively throughout the year.

How can one obtain a tea sapling in Stardew Valley?

To get a tea sapling, you can befriend Caroline in the game. Once you achieve a two-heart friendship level with her, she will give you a tea sapling. This item can then be planted on your farm.

What is the selling price of tea leaves in Stardew Valley?

Tea leaves can be sold in Stardew Valley. The selling price for each tea leaf is 50g.

Can tea bushes survive the winter season in Stardew Valley?

Tea bushes can indeed survive winter. Normally, they will not produce tea leaves in this season. However, if you plant them indoors, for example in the greenhouse, they will continue to produce leaves even in winter.

Is there any spacing requirement for planting tea saplings in Stardew Valley?

Tea saplings do not have any particular spacing requirements. They can be planted directly next to each other without any issue, much like crops. This way, you can maximize the use of your available space.

How does one acquire a recipe for a tea sapling in Stardew Valley?

In the game, the recipe for a tea sapling is obtained after reaching a three-heart friendship level with Caroline. This allows you to craft your own tea saplings using the recipe.

Is it possible to grow tea plants in the greenhouse in Stardew Valley?

Yes, it is possible. Tea plants can thrive in the greenhouse in Stardew Valley. Growing them indoors means they can produce leaves year-round, unaffected by the outdoor seasons.

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