The Mini-Jukebox is a sought-after item in the game Stardew Valley, offering players the ability to play various in-game music tracks at will. This feature becomes available to players who have fostered a good relationship with the character Gus. By reaching a friendship level of five hearts with Gus and leaving their farmhouse on a sunny day between the hours of 6 am and 11:30 am, players can trigger a special cutscene. In this scene, Gus presents them with both the Mini-Jukebox and the recipe to craft additional ones, which allows players to embrace the soundtrack of Stardew Valley in their own homes.

Stardew Valley Mini-Jukebox

FunctionAllows you to play in-game music tracks at your leisure.
How to ObtainRecipe and Mini-Jukebox are given by Gus in a cutscene upon reaching 5 hearts with him and entering the farmhouse between 6 am – 11:30 am on a non-rainy day.
Crafting Requirements50 Wood, 20 Stone, 1 Iron Bar
PlacementCan be placed like furniture inside your farmhouse or sheds.
Using the JukeboxInteract with the Mini-Jukebox to select and play music tracks. Change tracks using the left and right arrow buttons.
TracksThe jukebox comes with all the base game music tracks. Tracks acquired through events or from the in-game television will also be available.

Additional Notes:

  • Decorative: The Mini-Jukebox can be used as a fun way to customize the atmosphere of your home.
  • Nostalgic: Perfect for revisiting your favorite Stardew Valley tunes.

Understanding the Mini-Jukebox extends beyond just obtaining it. Once in possession of this device, players can interact with the Mini-Jukebox to select from various tunes that they have unlocked throughout their gameplay. Customization goes a step further, as the jukebox allows players to change the ambience of their farmhouse or any other building to their preference. The jukebox’s mechanics are simple, making it a seamless addition to a player’s Stardew experience.

Key Takeaways

  • The Mini-Jukebox is received from Gus and allows for in-game music selection.
  • A friendship level of five hearts with Gus plus following the cutscene instructions are prerequisites to acquire it.
  • Players can customize their in-game environment using the Mini-Jukebox.

Understanding the Mini Jukebox

The Mini Jukebox is an item in the game Stardew Valley that enhances the player’s experience by allowing them to play various in-game music tracks. This feature not only adds a personal touch to the gameplay but also creates an engaging atmosphere as players go about their daily routines on the farm.

Acquiring the Mini Jukebox involves interacting with a character named Gus. Players need to build a relationship with him, reaching at least 5 hearts to trigger a special event. This event occurs outside the player’s farmhouse, typically between the hours of 6am and 11:30am.

Once obtained, the Mini Jukebox serves as a craftable equipment that can be placed around the farm. Players find it rewarding to position these boxes in various locations to maintain a consistent musical theme throughout their land.

Crafting the Mini Jukebox requires specific resources:

Iron Bar2
Battery Pack1

Players use these materials to create a Mini Jukebox, giving them control over the music that fills their farm. The creation process adds depth to the game as players must gather or produce the necessary components.

The jukebox can play numerous tracks, making it a versatile addition to the farmstead. Changing a track on one Mini Jukebox means the song will continue to play seamlessly as players move across different areas. However, if they want a new tune, they’ll need to manually adjust the settings on each Jukebox.

Remember, the use of the Mini Jukebox is not simply for aesthetic pleasure. It encourages players to engage with the world of Stardew Valley, making their farm feel even more like a home.

Mini Jukebox Mechanics and Customizations

In Stardew Valley, the Mini Jukebox serves as a personal music device, allowing players to enjoy their favorite tunes within their farmhouse or around their farm. Obtaining this special item is straightforward. Players receive it after a cutscene with Gus when they’ve achieved a friendship level of five hearts with him. This scene occurs outside the farmhouse between 6am and 11:30am.

The interface of the Mini Jukebox is user-friendly. To play music, a player simply selects a track from the available list. This game feature enhances the gaming experience, particularly on a rainy day where the ambient sound can be complemented by a chosen melody. In the farmhouse or any other area on the farm, the jukebox’s presence is designed to be more than a decoration with interactive signs, allowing players to customize their listening experience.


  • Play: Click on a track to play.
  • Stop: Cease the current track.
  • Random: Play a track at random.

The base game offers a limited jukebox interface. However, mods like the “Better Jukebox” mod improve functionality. The mod expands the menu, introducing a scrollable list of music tracks and enhancing the overall experience. Here are the customizations provided by this mod:

  • Scrollable track list for easy navigation
  • Play and stop controls within the interface
  • Option to randomize the selection for varied listening

The Jukebox modded improvements thus cater to fans looking to personalize their listening experience further. The Mini Jukebox reflects the game’s attention to player satisfaction, giving them the power to shape their games soundscape. Whether it’s to set a special mood in the farmhouse or to inject life into a quiet area, the Mini Jukebox proves to be a charming and functional addition to the world of Stardew Valley.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, readers will find answers to common questions about the mini jukebox in Stardew Valley. These questions cover acquisition, troubleshooting, and differences among jukebox types.

How do you obtain the mini jukebox in Stardew Valley?

Players get the mini jukebox after forming a friendship with Gus, the owner of the Stardrop Saloon. With a relationship status of 5 hearts, players can trigger an event by exiting the farmhouse between 6 am and 11:30 am. During this event, Gus gifts both the mini jukebox and its crafting recipe.

What could cause the mini jukebox to stop functioning and how can it be fixed?

If the mini jukebox stops working, players should check for common issues like placement on the farm or glitches after game updates. They can try replacing it or restarting the game to resolve any temporary bugs.

Is there a way to purchase the mini jukebox, and if so, where?

The mini jukebox cannot be purchased. Gus provides it once players reach a sufficient friendship level with him.

Can the mini jukebox play any song from Stardew Valley’s soundtrack?

Yes, the mini jukebox can play all the songs from the game’s soundtrack. Players can select their desired tracks to play on their farm.

How is the jukebox ring acquired and what is its function in the game?

The jukebox ring’s crafting recipe is obtained by completing the “Qi’s Walnut Room” quest on Ginger Island. Once crafted, this ring allows players to change the music anywhere in the game without needing a jukebox.

Are there differences between the mini jukebox and the full-sized jukebox in Stardew Valley?

The main difference is the size and the way they are acquired. The mini jukebox is a portable version that players can place anywhere on their farm, while the full-sized jukebox is a fixed item found in the Stardrop Saloon. They both allow players to play the game’s music tracks.

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