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Character Overview

Clint is the town’s dedicated blacksmith residing in Pelican Town. With a birthday on Winter 26, he’s known for his expertise in all things metallic. A central figure in the village, Clint offers services like upgrading tools, cracking geodes, and offering crafting equipment to the community.

Friendship with Clint can be nurtured by giving him gifts he likes or loves. He appreciates items such as ores and gems, which reflect his profession. However, giving him gifts he dislikes or hates, such as trash, will have the opposite effect. Presenting him with neutral gifts won’t significantly impact your relationship.

Clint’s schedule varies; despite his normally predictable routine at the blacksmith shop, it changes when the Community Center is restored. For instance, on Fridays, he won’t be available for his typical services, especially after unlocking the Beach Resort on Ginger Island, where he occasionally visits.

Clint’s Preferences

Likes Dislikes Neutral
Ores Trash Common items

For those looking to befriend Clint, remember that forging a bond with him opens up new dialogues and scenes, enriching the Stardew Valley experience. As with any villager, understanding his likes and dislikes, alongside his unique schedule, is key to a fruitful relationship.

Relationship and Interaction

Clint, Pelican Town’s blacksmith, has a life enriched by the relationships he forms and the interactions he has with the townspeople. He is more than just a service provider; he’s a multifaceted character with likes, dislikes, and a unique daily routine.

Gift Preferences

Clint appreciates gifts that reflect his work and interests. Loves: artifacts like Amethyst, Aquamarine, Emerald, Ruby, Jade, Topaz as well as Metal Bars including Gold Bar, Iridium Bar, Iron Bar, and Copper Bar. Likes: Geodes which he also processes for you. Neutral: presents that don’t fall into his favored categories. Dislikes and Hates: Items that do not align with his tastes will not foster a positive relationship.

Heart Events

Each villager in Stardew Valley has “heart events” that occur as you increase your friendship with them. Clint’s events involve personal advice, his quest for love, particularly involving Emily, and more personal aspects of his character.

Daily Schedule

Clint’s schedule varies. He mans the Blacksmith where he upgrades tools and processes geodes. If the Community Center is restored, he doesn’t offer these services on Fridays, potentially visiting the Beach Resort on Ginger Island instead.

Community Contributions

Clint plays a vital role in quests and at the Community Center, offering assistance with certain tasks. Among Pelican Town’s community members, Clint’s contributions maintain the town’s infrastructure.

Personal Life

Clint is known for his shyness, especially around women. His awkwardness in seeking advice on advancing relationships sometimes puts him at odds with his own desires.

Town Activities

He frequently visits The Saloon and participates in various festivals including the Grampleton Carnival, where he interacts with others, reinforcing his ties to the community. Festivals are a great way to see Clint outside of his professional space.

Villager Interactions

Clint’s communication with other villagers often occurs at communal places like The Saloon or during town events. He is a regular NPC with whom others share greetings and casual conversations.

Birthday Celebrations

Remember, Clint celebrates his birthday on Winter 26. Giving him a loved or liked gift on this day will have an amplified effect on your relationship, earning you more friendship points.

Gameplay Mechanics

In Stardew Valley, Clint’s role is pivotal for several aspects of the gameplay, including tool upgrades and processing geodes.

Shop Inventory

Clint, the local blacksmith in Pelican Town, runs a shop where various items can be purchased. His shop inventory includes:

  • Tools: Available for upgrades to increase efficiency.
  • Resources: Such as coal, which is essential for smelting ores in the furnace.
  • Geodes: Can be processed to reveal minerals or artifacts inside.

A precise schedule determines when Clint’s shop is open for business, with Fridays being an exception as he is unavailable after the Community Center is restored unless it rains.

Gifting Mechanics

Players can build a friendship with Clint by giving him gifts. Here’s what to consider:

  • Favorite Gifts: For Clint, these include gems like amethysts, which grant more friendship points.
  • Birthday: Gifts on his birthday will have a multiplier effect on the friendship points earned.

Every gift influences the friendship level, tracked by the number of friendship hearts with Clint.

Resource Gathering

Clint is the go-to person for resource gathering in Stardew Valley. Key points include:

  • Furnace Use: Players gather copper ore, gold ore, iridium ore, and coal to smelt bars in the furnace.
  • Geode Breaking: Players collect geodes while mining that Clint can crack open at his shop, revealing useful items.

Special Requests

The game also features special requests from Clint that players can complete. These can be found posted on the town’s “Help Wanted” board or may be given directly in certain quests. Completing these requests often involves:

  • Gathering or Hunting Tasks: Such as collecting ores or defeating certain creatures in the mines.
  • Reward: Fulfilling these requests results in payment and an increase in friendship levels.

By understanding these mechanics, players can effectively engage with Clint’s services, ensuring a more productive and rewarding experience in the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ section aims to clear up common queries players have about Clint from Stardew Valley, touching on his quest, schedule, gift preferences, relationships, and more.

How do I complete the copper ore quest given by Clint in Stardew Valley?

Clint occasionally asks for 20 copper ores to inspect. To complete this quest, collect these ores either from the mines or your inventory and bring them to Clint. Remember not to smelt the ore into bars before delivering it, as he needs the ores in their raw form.

What is Clint’s daily schedule in Stardew Valley?

Clint’s schedule varies, but on most days, you can find him at the Blacksmith shop where he forges items, processes geodes, and upgrades tools. He’s usually there between 9 am to 4 pm. Exceptions to this schedule occur on holidays, during special events, and variations in weather.

What gifts does Clint appreciate the most in Stardew Valley?

He especially enjoys receiving geodes, gems like amethysts and topaz, as well as gold and iridium bars. Gifts like these will help raise your friendship level with him.

Can you develop a romantic relationship with Clint in Stardew Valley?

Clint is not a marriageable character in Stardew Valley. You can befriend him and build a strong friendship, but the game does not allow a romantic relationship to develop between the player and Clint.

Which movies in Stardew Valley does Clint enjoy?

In Stardew Valley, Clint expresses a strong preference for action movies. If you invite him to the movie theater, picking an action film will likely please him and improve your friendship.

What is the relationship between Clint and Emily in Stardew Valley?

Clint harbors a crush on Emily, one of the villagers in Stardew Valley. Despite his feelings, Clint is too shy to act upon them, and the player can observe this aspect of their relationship through various cutscenes and dialogue in the game.

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