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When Skull and Bones was first released, a map duplication exploit was discovered shortly after the game’s launch. This exploit allowed players to create copies of treasure maps, giving them access to more loot than intended. Ubisoft quickly fixed the exploit, but some players had already gained an unfair advantage.

Other Reported Exploits

There have also been reports of other exploits, such as infinite money glitches and ways to duplicate resources or gear. However, these have not been confirmed, and Ubisoft is actively working to address any issues that may arise.

Table: Known Exploits and Glitches

Map DuplicationDuplicating treasure maps to gain access to more loot.Patched
Infinite Money(Unconfirmed) Glitches allowing players to generate unlimited in-game currency.Under Investigation
Resource/Gear(Unconfirmed) Duplicating resources or gear to gain an unfair advantage.Under Investigation

Ubisoft’s Response

Ubisoft has acknowledged the existence of exploits and glitches in “Skull and Bones.” They have released patches to address some of the issues and are continuing to investigate and fix any remaining problems.

How the Exploit Works

  • Treasure Maps: The primary focus of this exploit centers around treasure maps.
  • Inventory Overflow: Players intentionally cause their treasure map inventory to exceed its intended limit.
  • Sinking Ships: Attacking a ship belonging to a player who has used the exploit can transfer the duplicated maps to the attacker.


Unfair AdvantageDuplicators gain a massive edge in resources
Broken EconomyInflated item quantities disrupt the marketplace
Player FrustrationHonest players feel cheated and demoralized

Is It Fixed?

Ubisoft is aware of the exploit and is likely working on a fix. However, as of right now, it’s still a problem players need to be aware of.

Key Takeaways

  • A duplication exploit in Skull and Bones lets players unfairly obtain additional loot.
  • The gaming community has actively discussed and reported the glitch for further action.
  • Developer intervention is expected to correct the exploit and balance the gaming experience.

Understanding the Duplication Exploit

In the game Skull and Bones, a duplication exploit has emerged. This exploit allows players to clone reward items such as treasure maps, disrupting the balance of the multiplayer experience.

Mechanics of the Exploit

Players found a flaw in Skull and Bones where certain items, especially treasure maps, could be copied. They would perform specific actions in sequence to trigger the glitch. These steps are typically shared on forums like Reddit. While the exact method is kept secret to prevent widespread abuse, it seems to involve inventory management and possibly the use of third-party software on PC.

Impact on Gameplay

The duplication exploit gives some players unfair advantages. They get more rewards than they should. This affects multiplayer where everyone should have an equal chance. Quests become less rewarding for those not using the exploit. The community has raised concerns, as it spoils the fun and could drive players away.

Ubisoft’s Response

Ubisoft, the developer of Skull and Bones, has been notified of the exploit. The community waits for a patch to fix the issue. Ubisoft typically handles such exploits by patching them out and possibly sanctioning players who used them. No official guide or advertisement has been provided by Ubisoft at this time. However, the developer is expected to join the conversation and take action to ensure fair play in their game.

Community and Player Reactions

As the Skull and Bones duplication glitch gained traction, reactions within gaming circles took on various tones. Players and commenters on multiple platforms have vocalized their concerns and opinions.

Reddit Discussions

In Reddit threads, players share their experiences with the legendary map duplication exploit in Skull and Bones. In one Reddit post, a user named Killerind highlighted that some players are cloning treasure maps to get more loot than what’s fair. The comments on this post range from disbelief to calls for immediate fixes. Many users expressed their disapproval of cheats in a multiplayer game. They worry about the impact on gameplay balance and the game’s future.

Community Guidelines and Ethics

Communities like UnknownCheats have ongoing discussions about different cheats in games, including specific exploits in Skull and Bones. Their forums contain various topics about resource and map exploits. While some members actively seek such exploits, others recommend staying within community guidelines and ethics to ensure fair play.

Across these platforms, the sentiment remains clear: using exploits undermines the gaming experience. Most players seek a fair environment and practice responsible gaming, avoiding the use of cheats.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section answers common queries about the duplication exploit in the pirate game Skull and Bones, outlining specifics and providing guidance to players.

How is the duplication exploit performed in Skull and Bones?

The exploit involves a bug that lets players clone treasure maps. This glitch results in gaining more loot than is usually possible.

Are there any known repercussions for exploiting glitches in Skull and Bones?

The game’s terms of service likely discourage exploiting bugs. Cheating can lead to penalties like banning.

What steps is the development team taking to address glitches in Skull and Bones?

The developers are working to fix bugs. They update the game regularly to improve stability and fairness.

Is the inventory glitch in Skull and Bones the same as the duplication exploit?

No, they differ. The inventory glitch impacts how many items a player can hold, while duplication relates to cloning items.

How can players report a glitch or exploit they find in Skull and Bones?

Players should use the game’s official reporting tools or help forums. There, they can detail the issues found.

What measures are in place to prevent cheating in Skull and Bones?

The game has systems to detect and prevent cheating. Developers continue to improve these to ensure fair play.

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