Should I Repair My Phone?
Should I Repair My Phone?

We break down every iPhone generation from the 6 to the 15 and give you the repair vs. upgrade analysis – factoring the phone’s current technology level, the cost to repair, and the value you’re getting. You can use this page to help you decide whether it makes sense to repair your iPhone or upgrade to a different model. Remember, if you ever need iPhone Repair to visit your nearest GadgetMates Location. Images & Phone Details Source:

iPhone 15 Small

iPhone 15

Current Technology: 5/5
Repair Cost: Extreme
Overall Value: 3/5
Repair it?  Yes 😢
The iPhone 15 is extremely expensive to repair right now. Try Warranty Coverage or price a new phone if possible. Call Us for help.

iPhone 14

iPhone 14

Current Technology: 5/5
Repair Cost: Very High
Overall Value: 4/5
Repair it?  Yes 😐
The iPhone 14 is expensive to repair, but still cheaper than getting a new phone and this is currently the second best thing out there.

iPhone 13

iPhone 13

Current Technology: 4.5/5
Repair Cost: High
Overall Value: 4/5
Repair it?  Yes 😐
The iPhone 13 is pricey to repair, but part costs are coming down.  Great, modern phone and other gens aren’t much better.

iPhone 12

iPhone 12

Current Technology: 4.5/5
Repair Cost: Medium
Overall Value: 5/5
Repair It?  Yes 😀
The iPhone 12 is now in the sweet spot for repairs: reasonable parts costs & a great phone.  We strongly recommend you repair.

iPhone 11

iPhone 11

Current Technology: 4/5
Repair Cost: Low
Overall Value: 5/5
Repair it?  Yes 😃
The iPhone 11 is highly recommended to repair because of how inexpensive it is. Longevity may be an issue as it’s close to EOL.

iPhone X

iPhone X

Current Technology: 3/5
Repair Cost: Low
Overall Value: 3/5
Repair it?  Yes 😐
The iPhone X series is worth repairing based on the low cost but also might be worth selling it to get an upgrade if you’re ready for that.

iPhone 8

iPhone 8

Current Technology: 2/5
Repair Cost: Low
Overall Value: 2.5/5
Repair it?  Maybe😐
Time has left the 8 series behind.  This phone is still popular if you want a home button.  The tech will only get more out of date though.

iPhone 7

iPhone 7

Current Technology: 1/5
Repair Cost: Very Low
Overall Value: 1/5
Repair it?  No, Upgrade 😞
It’s a phone.  It has a home button.  If it’s good enough for you, get it fixed.  The cost to repair this phone will be inexpensive so that’s a plus.

iPhone 6

iPhone 6

Current Technology: 0.5/5
Repair Cost: Very Low
Overall Value: 1/5
Repair it?  No, Upgrade 😞
At this point just upgrade. This phone is very out of date and will only get worse with time.  May be OK as a music player for the kids.

Should I Repair My iPhone? A Model-by-Model Breakdown

Deciding whether to repair your iPhone or upgrade to a newer model can be a daunting task. Various factors, such as the model’s age, the type of damage, and repair costs, play crucial roles in this decision. Let’s delve into each iPhone model and weigh the pros and cons of repairing it.

1. iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

  • Age: These models were introduced in 2014, making them relatively old in the tech world. No longer eligible for iOS updates.
  • Repair Costs: Repairs, particularly for battery replacement or screen damages, are low priced. However, internal component repairs might not be worth it.
  • Verdict: UPGRADE IT! Given the age and potential slowdown in performance, unless it’s a minor and cheap repair, consider upgrading.

2. iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

  • Age: Released in 2016, they have been discontinued for several generations now. Performance is really going to be poor with a phone this old. No longer eligible for iOS updates.
  • Repair Costs: Similar to the iPhone 6 series, minor repairs like battery or screen replacements are low priced.
  • Verdict: UPGRADE IT! If the phone is in good working condition and requires a minor fix, it might be worth repairing. For major issues, consider an upgrade.

3. iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus

  • Age: Launched in 2017, they are no longer supported and you can’t do iOS updates.
  • Repair Costs: Repair costs are similar to older models and parts are widely available.
  • Verdict: UPGRADE IT or REPAIR IT! Sometimes worth repairing, sometimes not. Especially worth repairing if the phone has been well-maintained. A great option for people who still want to use the home button. No iOS updates is a concern longer term.

4. iPhone X

  • Age: Introduced in 2017 as a premium model, it still will get the job done today but starting to show its age. No longer eligible for iOS updates.
  • Repair Costs: Most repairs will be moderately priced due to widespread parts availability.
  • Verdict: REPAIR IT! If the damage is minimal, it’s worth the repair. Extensive damages would warrant an upgrade to a newer model.

5. iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max

  • Age: 2018 models with strong performance metrics. No longer eligible for iOS updates.
  • Repair Costs: Moderately priced repairs. Still good phones.
  • Verdict: REPAIR IT! Given their relatively recent release, repairs are generally recommended unless costs are prohibitive.

6. iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max

  • Age: 2019 models that are several generations old now but surprisngly passable versus today’s technology. Still a good phone to use and have. Likely eligible for iOS updates through 2024.
  • Repair Costs: Repairs costs are moderate across the board. Even though this uses high quality components that used to be expensive, the widespread availability of those parts has driven the price down quite a bit.
  • Verdict: REPAIR IT or TRADE IT IN! Especially if there’s only one or two things wrong with the phone, it would make sense to repair. If there are a lot of issues you might want to upgrade or trade it in.

7. iPhone 12 Series

  • Age: This is now the sweet spot of repair. A decent life ahead of it. Great performance and camera technology. A very good phone to use.
  • Repair Costs: Moderate to slightly high depending on the repair. The OLED displays or advanced cameras used to be more expensive but the price of these has come down given the several generations that have come after it.
  • Verdict: REPAIR IT! Since these are still an amazing phone, the repair gives you a great balance of value and performance. Definitely repair this phone.

8. iPhone 13 Series

  • Age: This is a relatively modern phone still. Great life ahead of it if you repair. Great phone to use – you won’t be lacking for any features as the generations that came after it were mainly just speed/performance refreshes.
  • Repair Costs: Moderate to high depending on the repair. The displays will definitely be more expensive and the phone is still considered to be relatively “new” in the parts landscape. But this phone is still worth repairing.
  • Verdict: REPAIR IT! We still recommend repairing this phone and the prices will only fall as the iPhone 15 becomes more widely adopted. If you want to wait a bit to get something unimportant fixed, you might be able to get a better deal as time goes on. But this is definitely a phone you want to keep.

9. iPhone 14 Series

  • Age: Until the 15 came out, this was the top. A long life ahead of it. Outside of a few performance based enhancements typical of a new iPhone release, this phone still has it all.
  • Repair Costs: High but dropping. In the repair market the 14 is still considered the modern phone as we wait for greater adoption on the iPhone 15. This is a premium phone so most parts will be considered premium. The great news is that as more an more iPhone 15’s take market share away, we expect the repair prices to come down a lot.
  • Verdict: REPAIR IT! You have to fix this phone. Even though the costs are high, they will still be more affordable than getting a new phone and this one still has every feature you could want.

10. iPhone 15 Series

  • Age: The current model. The best iPhone currently available.
  • Repair Costs: Extremely high due to low/no part availability. It’s going to take several months for the parts on the iPhone 15 to become more widely available. For now all repairs will have a huge premium attached to them.
  • Verdict: REPAIR IT IF CHEAPER THAN OTHER OPTIONS! You can’t get better than this phone right now. Weigh the cost of repair vs the cost of getting a new phone if there are promos available. Also, look into Warranty coverage / Apple Care+ if you have it as that will greatly reduce your repair cost.


When debating between repairing an iPhone or purchasing a new one, consider factors like the device’s age, the extent of the damage, and repair costs. For newer models, repairs are generally advisable. However, for older models, especially those more than five years old, evaluate if investing in repairs is economical or if it’s time for an upgrade.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is it better to get repairs from Apple or third-party services?
    • While Apple guarantees genuine parts, third-party services can be cheaper. However, ensure they have a good reputation and use quality parts.
  2. Does repairing my iPhone void its warranty?
    • Repairs from Apple or authorized service providers won’t void the warranty. However, third-party repairs might.
  3. How long do iPhone repairs typically take?
    • While minor repairs might be done within a few hours, some could take a few days, especially if parts need ordering.
  4. Should I backup my iPhone before a repair?
    • Absolutely! Always backup your data to iCloud or a computer before any repair.
  5. Are repaired iPhones as good as new?
    • If repaired with genuine parts and by skilled technicians, iPhones should function like new. However, always test the device post-repair to ensure everything works correctly.
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