Oppo A94 Replacement Screen
Oppo A94 Replacement Screen

Dropped your Oppo A94 and now faced with a damaged screen? Dive into this meticulous guide, walking you through the process of screen replacement. Get your Oppo A94 looking brand new again.

The Oppo A94 – Elegance and Fragility Combined

The Oppo A94, with its sleek design and remarkable display, is undoubtedly a work of art. But like all things beautiful, it’s susceptible to the occasional mishap. If you’re staring at a cracked or malfunctioning screen, here’s how you can navigate the path to replacement. Before rushing to get your screen replaced check to see if the damage is just done to your screen protector / tempered glass (if you have that applied). Sometimes, a screen protector can bear the brunt of a fall, leaving the actual display unharmed.

Oppo A94 Screen Replacement Guide

  1. Gather Essential Tools: For a smooth replacement, ensure you have a set of precision screwdrivers, plastic prying tools, tweezers, and a suction handle.
  2. Turn Off the Device: Before starting, power off your Oppo A94 to prevent any short circuits.
  3. Remove the SIM Tray: Use the ejector tool to safely remove the SIM tray.
  4. Open the Back Cover: With a heated pad or hairdryer, warm the edges of the back cover to soften the adhesive. Using the suction handle and plastic prying tools, gently lift the back cover.
  5. Disconnect the Battery: Locate and unscrew the protective plate covering the battery connector. Carefully disconnect the battery.
  6. Access the Display: Remove the necessary screws and plates securing the screen’s connectors. Disconnect the damaged display.
  7. Fit the New Screen: Attach the new screen, ensuring all connectors are firmly in place. Reverse the disassembly steps to reassemble your Oppo A94.
  8. Power On and Test: After reassembly, turn on your device. Check touch sensitivity, color display, and functionality.

Safety and Precautionary Measures

  • Handle with Care: Always approach the process with patience. Rushing can cause further damage.
  • Avoid Static: Use an anti-static wristband to prevent any static damage to the internal components.
  • Store Screws Safely: Keep a segmented tray to store screws, ensuring they don’t get mixed up or lost.


  • Can I use generic screen replacements? While there are generic screens available, it’s advisable to use Oppo A94-specific screens for the best fit and functionality.
  • How long does the screen replacement process take? For a beginner, setting aside 1-2 hours is a safe bet. However, with experience, the process can be quicker.
  • Is it better to seek professional help? If you’re uncertain or lack the tools, seeking help from an Oppo service center or a reputable technician is wise. They can ensure a proper fit and functionality.

Conclusion: Renewed Brilliance for Your Oppo A94 Replacing the screen of your Oppo A94 can breathe new life into your device. Whether you choose the DIY route or seek professional help, the aim is a flawlessly functioning display, ready to showcase the brilliance of your phone once more.

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