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Royal Match is a lot of fun, but those limited lives can be a bummer! If you’re tired of waiting for your lives to refill, there are some excellent ways to get more.

How to Keep Playing Royal Match – Tips for More Lives

Wait it Out

The easiest way to replenish your lives is the old-fashioned way – simply wait. Royal Match gives you one life every 30 minutes. Of course, this method takes some patience.

Join a Team

Being part of a Royal Match team comes with lots of perks, including the ability to get free lives. Check your team’s chat often, as members frequently offer up extra lives. You can request a life from your teammates once every 24 hours.

Watch Ads

Royal Match usually has the option to watch a short ad in exchange for an extra life. This is a quick and easy way to get back into the game.

Purchase Lives

If you’re willing to spend some money, you can always buy more lives with coins. This is the most expensive option, but it does give you immediate access to more gameplay.

Royal Pass Holders Get More

If you have the Royal Pass, your maximum life capacity increases from 5 to 8. This means you have more lives to play with before needing a refill!

Here’s a handy table summarizing the ways to get more lives in Royal Match:

WaitRegenerate one life every 30 minutesFree
Join a teamRequest lives from teammates or receive as giftsFree
Watch adsWatch a short video advertisementFree
Purchase with coinsUse in-game currencyVaries

Getting Started with Royal Match

Royal Match is a vibrant puzzle game that challenges players to match tiles, overcome obstacles, and earn rewards. Gaining a solid understanding of the game mechanics and strategies to conserve lives are essential for navigating the Royal Castle and acquiring resources effectively.

Understanding the Basics

In Royal Match, players progress through levels by solving match-three puzzles. Each level presents a specific objective, such as clearing tiles or collecting certain items. Players have a limited number of lives to use for attempts, and once they run out, they must wait for them to replenish over time or seek other ways to gain extra plays.

Strategies for Maximizing Lives

Smart management of lives is crucial. To avoid running out, players should aim for completing levels within minimal attempts. This often requires analyzing the board before making a move. Patience is your ally; tackle easier levels to accumulate extra lives. Keep an eye out for bonus levels and freebies that can reward you with free lives or extra moves.

Navigating the Royal Castle

As you advance in Royal Match, you’ll encounter various areas of the Royal Castle, each with increasing difficulty. Progressing through these areas requires not only lives but also coins and boosters. Completing tasks rewards players with the necessary resources to continue their journey through the game’s colorful world.

Acquiring Resources and Boosters

Boosters like the Royal Hammer, Arrow, Cannon, and Jester Hat are powerful tools. They can remove obstacles or a row of tiles. Earning or purchasing boosters can provide a significant advantage. Players can also collect coins and gold coins during gameplay for purchasing these boosters or getting additional lives. Watch for opportunities to collect freebies through special events or challenges to enrich your arsenal.

Advanced Techniques and Community

Players looking to elevate their Royal Match experience will find advanced techniques essential. Engaging with other players and making the most of in-game events can also lead to impressive rewards.

Unveiling Cheat Codes and Tricks

While there are no official cheat codes in Royal Match, players can adopt a range of strategies to bypass difficult levels. Tips like focusing on clearing obstacles with the least moves or saving power-ups for crunch times can significantly boost level completion. As players progress, they discover tricks like these are invaluable.

  • Clearing Obstacles: Focus on obstacles that are blocking your progress.
  • Power-ups: Save them for difficult situations or to complete a level before running out of moves.

Engaging with the Community

Communication with teammates is pivotal in Royal Match. By joining a team, players can request lives and participate in team events for extra rewards. Team forums and social media groups are hubs for sharing strategies and helping each other overcome the game’s challenges.

  • Requesting Lives: Players can ask for lives from teammates to keep playing without waiting.
  • Strategy Sharing: Tips and experiences are exchanged within teams to help each member progress.

Mastering Game Events and Challenges

Special events and bonus levels offer both challenges and opportunities. By excelling in these time-bound events, players can lay their hands on exclusive rewards like coins, special power-ups, and extra moves. Each event ramps up in difficulty, testing players’ skills and strategic thinking.

  • Exclusive Rewards: Competing in events can earn players coins and unique power-ups.
  • Event Difficulty: Challenges increase with event levels, pushing players to refine their strategies.

Utilizing the Royal Pass for Rewards

The Royal Pass is a feature that provides access to a tiered reward system. As players earn stars and complete missions, they unlock coins, boosters, and additional moves. This pass encourages regular play and challenges gamers to perform at their best consistently.

  • Tiered System: Rewards increase with each level of the Royal Pass.
  • Missions and Stars: Completing in-game missions and earning stars unlocks new reward tiers.

Frequently Asked Questions

When playing Royal Match, it’s common to seek ways to stay in the game longer. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions on how to keep the fun going without interruptions.

How can I get unlimited lives in Royal Match on iOS devices?

Unlimited lives are not natively available in Royal Match. However, players often wait for special events or updates that may offer extra lives as rewards since the game typically provides a set number of lives that regenerate over time.

Where can I find cheat codes for Royal Match in 2023?

Cheat codes for Royal Match are not officially supported, and they may violate the game’s terms of service. It’s better to focus on legal ways to get ahead, like in-game challenges and connecting with friends for bonuses.

Is there a working hack to get free lives in Royal Match?

Hacking the game to get free lives not only compromises your account security but also goes against the fair-play policy. It’s advisable to use legitimate methods, like waiting for the 30-minute life refresh or completing achievements.

Are there any legitimate links that offer free lives for Royal Match?

Typically, the only reliable sources for in-game bonuses are the game’s official social media pages and the in-game store. Be cautious of third-party links claiming to offer free lives as they could be fraudulent.

What methods exist to obtain free coins in Royal Match?

Free coins can be earned by progressing through levels, participating in game events, and occasionally through in-game bonuses or daily rewards.

Are there Android-specific ways to acquire unlimited lives in Royal Match?

Android users also face the same gameplay mechanics, where lives are limited. However, they might occasionally find promotions on the Google Play Store or in-game events grant additional lives.

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