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Royal Match is a popular match-3 puzzle game. Players help King Robert restore his castle by solving puzzles. They can earn stars to spend on decorations and new areas.

Is Royal Match Fun to Play?


The gameplay of Royal Match will be familiar to anyone who has played other match-3 games. Players must match three or more colored tiles to clear them from the board. If you match four or more, you can create helpful powerups! Royal Match offers a wide variety of power-ups and level designs to keep the gameplay challenging and engaging.

The game also features a storyline where you follow King Robert as he restores his castle. It’s a lighthearted and fun story that gives some context to the puzzles.

Rewards and Progression

In Royal Match, players earn stars for completing levels. These stars can be used to renovate different areas of the castle. Renovations include tasks like:

  • Choosing furniture
  • Selecting paint colors
  • Replacing windows

The game offers many options for each task, which allows players to personalize the castle.

Reviews – What the Players Think

Royal Match has mixed reviews, and here’s a look some of the common feedback:

Positive ReviewsNegative Reviews
Enjoyable match-3 gameplayDifficulty increases very quickly
Fun storylineIn-app purchases needed to progress at higher levels
Nice variety of levels and power-upsSome levels seem impossible to beat without power-ups

Read reviews about the game on the official Apple App Store or Google Play Store pages:

Should You Play Royal Match?

If you enjoy match-3 puzzle games, Royal Match is well worth a try. It’s a fun and polished game with a lot to offer. However, it’s important to know that the difficulty does ramp up, and players may feel frustrated without buying power-ups.

Overview of Royal Match

Royal Match is a captivating puzzle game that offers players a chance to solve match-3 challenges and decorate a royal castle. This engaging app boasts addictive gameplay and eye-catching graphics, appealing to a wide range of players on various platforms.

Core Gameplay Experience

Players dive into the world of Royal Match where they are presented with levels of increasing difficulty. The objective is straightforward: swap and match colorful pieces to clear the board and progress through the stages. With over 7,300 stages and new ones constantly being added, the game maintains a fresh feel. The game is free to play, with power-ups and additional moves available for purchase to assist in the more challenging levels, ensuring that gameplay stays dynamic.

  • Platforms: iOS, Google Play, Android
  • Developer: Dream Games
  • Status: Free-to-play with in-app purchases

Visuals and Graphics

The aesthetics of Royal Match set it apart in the crowded match-3 genre. The developers, Dream Games, have invested in rich, vibrant graphics that bring each puzzle to life. Players are treated to a colorful display as they match their way through the levels, with visual effects that lend a rewarding sense of progress and achievement.

  • Graphics Quality: High
  • Style: Bright, Charming

The attraction of Royal Match lies not just in its mechanics but also in the immersive visual journey it offers, creating a delightful experience for all who venture into this vibrant puzzle game.

Monetization and Rewards System

Royal Match has designed a revenue system that balances free playability with optional purchases by offering various ways to boost gameplay experience. The game entices participation through an appealing rewards approach and provides multiple revenue streams, steering clear of pay-to-win pitfalls.

In-App Purchases Breakdown

In Royal Match, players can spend money to buy coins and boosters that enhance their gaming experience. The in-app offerings include extra lives, which allow players to continue playing without waiting for time-based life regeneration. The specifics of the purchases are clearly outlined in their privacy policy, ensuring that gamers are well-informed about what they’re spending on.

  • Coins: Utilized to buy in-game items or extra moves.
  • Boosters and Extra Lives: Give players an edge during challenging levels.

The prices vary, aiming to accommodate different levels of spending, from small one-time boosts to more significant packages for dedicated players.

Earning and Using Coins

Coins in Royal Match are the fundamental currency that players earn by completing levels and are key in advancing through the game without spending real money. Players can use coins to activate boosters or buy more lives. The game regularly updates to keep these in-game earning mechanisms fresh and engaging.

  • Rewards: Players receive coins for successful level completion.
  • Usage: Coins can be exchanged for gameplay advantages.

As players progress, they find that strategic use of these coins can be the difference between being stuck on a level and advancing with flying colors.

The Royal Pass

The Royal Pass is a tier-based reward system, a common feature in many free-to-play games. Players earn points as they play, which in turn unlocks various rewards like coins, lives, or even exclusive boosters. While there’s a free track for all players, those who choose to purchase the Royal Pass will have access to richer and more frequent rewards.

  • Free Track: Opens up rewards at no extra cost.
  • Premium Track: For those investing in the pass, rewards are more abundant and exclusive.

This dual-track system caters to both the casual player who may not wish to invest financially and the dedicated player who sees value in enhancing their gaming experience.

Game Progression and Challenges

Royal Match offers an engaging experience as it unfolds through various levels, with each presenting unique challenges and strategic demands.

Unlocking Levels and Content

Players begin their adventure in Royal Match by helping King Robert restore the Royal Castle. As they progress, new levels and content unlock, offering fresh challenges and environments to explore. To access the game’s full array of gardens and additional areas, players consistently need to successfully complete the levels beforehand.

Game Difficulty and Strategy

The game’s difficulty naturally escalates as players advance. While early levels introduce the core mechanics, further levels require well-thought-out strategies to overcome more complex layouts and objectives. Some reviews mention instances where levels appear nearly impossible to beat without in-app purchases. However, strategic planning and perseverance typically enable players to progress without spending money.

Community and Competitions

Royal Match not only involves solo play but also features events and competitions where friends can compete. The community aspects are amplified through leaderboards and multiplayer modes, turning the game into a social platform where players challenge others and fight for top spots. These competitive elements add an extra layer of excitement and motivation for players to improve their skills and strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before diving into frequently asked questions about Royal Match, it’s essential to understand it’s a widely appreciated match-3 puzzle game renowned for its engaging gameplay and colorful graphics. These questions will give you insights into common queries players have about the game.

How does Royal Match compare to other similar games?

Royal Match elevates the match-3 puzzle genre by incorporating unique twists and stunning graphics that have attracted a broad audience. It stands out for its polished appearance and engaging challenges that keep players entertained for hours.

What are users saying about Royal Match on Reddit?

On Reddit, players generally praise Royal Match for its compelling gameplay and vibrant design. While some discuss strategies and share excitement, others raise concerns over the difficulty of certain levels and the use of in-game purchases.

What should I consider before downloading Royal Match?

Before downloading Royal Match, consider that while the game is free, there are options for in-app purchases that expedite progress. Also, think about the storage space on your device and whether you’re looking for a game that can be played without an internet connection.

Have players reported any significant issues with Royal Match?

Some players have reported sporadic technical issues, such as slow loading times or occasional crashes. These issues, however, seem relatively uncommon and do not significantly detract from the overall gaming experience.

Does Royal Match deliver on its advertised gameplay experience?

Based on player feedback and reviews, Royal Match delivers on its promise of a captivating match-3 experience. With frequent updates and events, the game keeps its content fresh and aligns well with what is advertised.

Can players enjoy Royal Match without making in-app purchases?

Yes, players can enjoy Royal Match without spending money. While in-app purchases can provide advantages, they are not mandatory for progression, and many users find the game to be enjoyable and playable without spending any real-world money.

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