Rivian SUV
Rivian SUV

Rivian R2 SUV: Latest Info

StatusReveal on March 7, 2024, launch in 2026Prototype stage, full specifications not yet released.
Body StyleCompact/Midsize SUVExpected to be smaller than the R1S SUV.
Seating Capacity5 (potentially 7)Exact information not confirmed.
RangeUnknownRivian typically targets over 300 miles for their vehicles.
HorsepowerUnknownExpected to offer comparable performance to current Rivian models.
Price$40,000 – $60,000More affordable than the R1S SUV and R1T truck.
Production LocationNew factory in GeorgiaConstruction to begin in early 2024.
Key Features– All-electric powertrain – Off-road capability – Modern technology and features – Targeting affordabilityDetails will be officially revealed on March 7, 2024.

Additional Notes:

  • The Rivian R2 is positioned as a more affordable and accessible entry point into the Rivian brand.
  • The design and specifications are still under wraps, but the official reveal on March 7, 2024, will provide more details.
  • The R2 is expected to be a key player in the growing electric SUV market.

Overview of Rivian R2 SUV

Rivian is introducing the R2, a new electric vehicle positioned to enhance their lineup with a focus on affordability and innovation. The R2 SUV is the latest addition from Rivian, a company gaining momentum in the electric vehicle market.

Positioned more affordably than its predecessors, the R2 is expected to have a price range between $40,000 and $60,000. The goal is to offer sustainable transport solutions without the hefty price tag often seen in EVs.

Design and Size:
As a midsize electric SUV, the R2 is more compact compared to the larger R1S, making it a suitable choice for those seeking a crossover that combines spaciousness with maneuverability. The design has been teased with glimpses promising a modern and sleek look.


  • Electric Power: Fully electric propulsion is at the heart of the R2, as with all Rivian vehicles.
  • Size: Strategically sized to appeal to both the SUV and crossover market.
  • Market Position: Set to rival popular models like the Tesla Model Y.

Production and Debut:
Details regarding the R2’s specifications and capabilities remain under wraps, but Rivian has announced an official reveal date of March 7, 2024. Production plans indicate the R2 will be manufactured in Georgia, with Rivian pushing to meet demand despite supply chain challenges that have previously impacted their production capacity.

The R2’s introduction marks an exciting step for Rivian and the electric SUV segment, promising a blend of sustainability, affordability, and practical design.

Technical Specifications and Design

Rivian’s R2 electric SUV brings to the market a blend of innovative design and technical prowess. It’s designed on the new R2 platform, with a focus on efficiency and performance tailored to meet the everyday needs of drivers.

Battery and Range

The R2 is expected to pack a battery large enough to balance range with practicality. While specifics about the battery pack’s kWh rating are not officially released, prospective buyers are anticipating a competitive range that extends past the typical daily commute, avoiding the frequent need for recharging.

Performance and Drivetrain

Rivian is likely to introduce the R2 with a dynamic performance profile, possibly offering dual- and tri-motor configurations. This indicates that while the R2 may forgo the robust quad-motor setup found in the larger R1 models, it will not compromise on delivering a spirited drive. The R2’s drivetrain and design focus on delivering power efficiently, ensuring that the electric SUV excels in both urban settings and open-road conditions.

Manufacturing and Availability

Rivian is gearing up to enhance its production footprint with the initiation of manufacturing for its latest electric vehicle, the R2. This section details where the R2 will be made and pertinent information about its market introduction and price.

Production Facilities

Illinois: The company’s first manufacturing plant is located in Normal, Illinois, which has been central to the production of Rivian’s current lineup.
Georgia: CEO RJ Scaringe has indicated a second manufacturing site, set for the future production of the R2. This new plant, representing a $5 billion investment east of Atlanta, Georgia, is poised to bolster Rivian’s production capacity significantly.

Pricing and Launch Details

Launch: The R2’s official launch is scheduled for March 7, where further insights about the model will be disclosed. As for when customers can expect to receive the new R2 SUV, it is slated to be available in 2026.

Pricing: Rivian aims to offer an affordable car in its segment, with the anticipated price for the R2 model ranging between $45,000 and $50,000. This pricing aims to make the electric SUV accessible to a broader audience and propel the automaker’s presence in the global market, especially North America, where demand for such vehicles is growing. Preorders and more specific pricing information are likely to be revealed at the launch event.

Frequently Asked Questions

Rivian’s R2 model is exciting for many potential buyers looking for new electric SUV options. Here are some of the most common questions answered to give you a clearer picture of what to expect from the Rivian R2 SUV.

What is the expected starting price for the Rivian R2 SUV?

The Rivian R2 SUV is anticipated to be a more affordable option compared to its predecessors. However, the exact starting price has not yet been announced.

What are the key specifications of the Rivian R2 model?

Details on the R2’s specifications are limited, but it is expected to be a midsize SUV built on Rivian’s next-generation platform, promising innovative features and performance.

When is the Rivian R2 set to be released to the market?

The Rivian R2 is slated for an official reveal in March 2024, which suggests that the release to the market will follow shortly after that date.

What is the estimated battery range for the Rivian R2 SUV?

While specific battery range estimates for the R2 are not available yet, it’s projected to be competitive within its class, focusing on efficiency and performance.

How does the Rivian R2 compare in size to other models in its class?

The Rivian R2 is set to be a smaller and more compact SUV option, being marketed as a more accessible and versatile choice for everyday use.

In which facilities will Rivian be producing the R2 model?

Rivian is preparing its production facilities to accommodate the R2’s manufacturing, but official details on which plants will produce the R2 have yet to be disclosed.

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