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In “Rise of the Ronin,” players are thrust into an expansive open-world adventure exclusive to the PS5. Developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment, this game takes players on a journey through a richly detailed historical setting. Mounts play a crucial role in traversing this vast environment, making unlocking your first horse a key step in the game. The process is straightforward and becomes available early in the game, providing players with the freedom to explore the landscape more efficiently.

Rise of the Ronin: Unlocking Your Mount Guide

1. Progress through the PrologueComplete the opening story missions of the game. This will open up the main open-world area.
2. Reach Honmoku Public OrderFollow the main quest marker. You’ll encounter a settlement called Honmoku, which is under the grip of Public Disorder.
3. Clear Out the EnemiesDefeat the enemies in Honmoku. This will allow villagers to return and set up a Veiled Edge Banner, establishing it as a fast travel point and leveling hub.
4. Find the Horse WhistleApproach the dead body in the road near a riderless horse. Search the body to find the Horse Whistle.
5. Equip the WhistleEquip the Horse Whistle in one of your item slots. This lets you summon your new horse.

How to Use Your Mount

  • Summoning: Press the button/key corresponding to the item slot where the Horse Whistle is equipped. Your horse will arrive.
  • Mounting: Approach the horse and you’ll automatically mount it.
  • Dismounting: Press the appropriate button (usually Circle on PlayStation) to dismount.

Additional Notes

  • The horse makes travel across the open world significantly faster.
  • You cannot customize your horse at this time.

Acquiring a mount in the game not only adds it to your collection but also helps you enhance your adventure. Once you receive your first mount, you can quickly summon it using in-game items such as the Horse Flute, making travel more convenient. As you progress in the game, it becomes important to understand how to effectively use your mount, including when to summon it and how to navigate different terrains. This will play an integral role in your overall experience.

Key Takeaways

  • A mount significantly improves mobility in the game’s open world.
  • Players can acquire their initial mount early in the game at no cost.
  • Effectively using a mount involves mastering its summoning and navigation.

Acquiring Your First Mount

In Rise of the Ronin, embarking on your journey with a trusty steed is a defining moment. Your first horse is more than a simple mode of transportation; it’s a companion that will carry you through the lush landscapes of this vibrant game world. Here’s how to secure your mount.

Visiting the Stable

Head to the stable found in Honmoku, a small village where NPCs and side quests abound. It’s there you can interact with horses and even purchase a new one if you have enough silver coins. Remember, unlike the game’s main currency, these special coins are earned through specific quests and activities, including something as delightful as finding cats.

The Horse Flute

Next, seek out the Horse Flute, a vital item that will allow you to call your horse to your side at any time. This is typically acquired from an NPC through a side quest or by searching specific areas.

Side Quests and Bonds

Complete side quests to gather silver coins or even receive a horse as a reward. Every completed quest not only moves you closer to obtaining your mount but also strengthens the bond with your horse over time.


  • Find the stable in Honmoku village.
  • Gather silver coins by completing quests.
  • Acquire the Horse Flute from an NPC or explore the area.
  • Enhance your bond through side quests.

Once you meet the requirements, you can unlock your first mount, marking the beginning of a remarkable journey in Rise of the Ronin. With your horse by your side and the Veiled Edge Banner fluttering in the wind, the roads less traveled await your exploration.

Mastering Mount Usage

Getting the most out of your horse in “Rise of the Ronin” involves learning to optimize its speed and abilities, using it effectively in combat and exploration, and knowing how to unlock additional mounts.

Enhancing Speed and Abilities

Speed and abilities of your mount can be a game-changer while you navigate the expansive world of the game. Visit stables regularly to upgrade your horse’s equipment, which might include items that increase speed or enhance traversal abilities. Some equipment pieces can also transfer skills or attributes to your horse, making it a valuable ally in your journey.

Combat and Exploration

Your mount isn’t just for fast travel; it’s a pivotal tool in combat and exploration. Learn to control your horse swiftly during encounters with enemies, and use its mobility to avoid attacks. Exploring the regions might lead you to missions that reward you with gear that improves combat efficiency. Leverage your horse’s abilities to maintain public order and earn the ‘Social Climber’ trophy.

Unlocking Additional Mounts

To increase your collection of mounts, complete specific missions and engage with allies who might offer you new horses as a reward. Always lookout for opportunities to help others; this might influence your social standings and unlock special mounts. Fast travel to different parts of the map using your existing mount might lead to discovering hidden stables with unique horses that could join your inventory.

By focusing on these strategies, players can master mount usage in “Rise of the Ronin”, developed by Team Ninja, enhancing the gameplay experience as they journey through the game’s narrative.

Frequently Asked Questions

When playing Rise of the Ronin, players have several queries about getting and using mounts efficiently. The information here addresses common questions and provides clear steps for success in the game.

What steps are required to acquire a horse in Rise of the Ronin?

To obtain a horse, players need to interact with a specific character within the game. This interaction results in the player receiving a Horse Flute which is used to call the mount. It’s recommended to assign the flute to a quick access slot for ease of use.

Which mission unlocks the ability to mount horses?

There is a particular mission within Rise of the Ronin that, upon completion, grants players the ability to start using horses for transportation. The details of the mission are revealed as players progress through the storyline.

Is there a special item for summoning mounts, and how can it be obtained?

Yes, the Horse Flute is a special item players can use to summon their mount. It can be equipped in an item slot, making it possible to call the horse whenever needed. Players typically receive this item as part of the progression in the game’s storyline.

Can you earn mounts through gameplay, and if so, what’s the process?

Yes, players can earn mounts by playing the game. The usual method involves completing specific tasks or missions, which sometimes reward them with a mount. The Horse Flute then becomes an essential tool for summoning these mounts.

What is the earliest point in the game when you can get a mount?

Players can acquire their first mount fairly early in the game after completing certain quests. This gives them significant advantages in mobility and travel across the game world from that point on.

Are there any prerequisites for using the glider feature?

The glider feature, distinct from the horse mounts, typically has its own set of prerequisites, which are revealed to the player as they advance through the game’s content. Acquiring and using the glider involves separate steps from those of obtaining a mount.

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