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Overview of Rainbow Six Siege

Developed by Ubisoft, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is a game that has reshaped the landscape of tactical first-person shooters. Since its release, it has pulled in players who aim to perfect their strategic prowess and precision on various platforms, including PC and consoles.

At its core, the game is a complex competition of wits, reflexes, and team collaboration. Teams are split into attackers and defenders, each with unique operators that bring specialized gadgets and abilities to the battlefield. The game emphasizes the importance of strategy, with environments that are highly destructible, changing the game’s flow in real-time.

Ubisoft continuously updates the game, adding new operators, maps, and modes, which keeps the gameplay fresh and engaging. Below is a quick rundown of what players can expect from Rainbow Six Siege:

  • Developer: Ubisoft
  • Genre: Tactical First-Person Shooter
  • Platforms: PC, PlayStation, Xbox
  • Gameplay Focus: Strategy, Teamwork, Realism

Players choose from a roster of operators belonging to the Rainbow team, a fictional counter-terrorist unit. Each member hails from elite forces around the globe and brings a unique set of skills. Matches are generally short, heart-pounding bouts where every move could lead to victory or a quick defeat. This balance between planning and action secures Rainbow Six Siege‘s place as a favorite among fans of the genre.

Key Updates and Operations

Rainbow Six Siege is continuously evolving, and two significant updates in the game’s lifecycle are “Operation Deep Freeze” and “Operation Heavy Mettle”. These operations have introduced new content that significantly affects gameplay and strategy.

Operation Deep Freeze

Launched as part of Year 8, Operation Deep Freeze brought much-anticipated additions to Rainbow Six Siege. The most notable introduction was Isaac “Tubarão” Nunes Oliveira, a Defense Operator known for his innovative gadget, the Zoto Canister, which swiftly became a game changer in defensive play. This canister provides area denial capabilities, introducing a whole new dynamic to how teams secure their locations.

  • Date of Full Reveal: November 12
  • Key Features:
    • New Operator: Tubarão
    • New Gadget: Zoto Canister
    • Added Map: The Lair

Operation Deep Freeze also expanded the game’s map pool by adding “The Lair” to the rotation. This not only offered fresh scenery for the players but also presented new tactical challenges. Additionally, the operation focused on helping new players with onboarding modes that assist in learning map callouts.

Operation Heavy Mettle

Although specific information about “Operation Heavy Mettle” isn’t provided in the search results, it stands as an example of ongoing content updates that Ubisoft consistently rolls out to keep gameplay challenging and engaging. Each operation typically introduces a new Operator, tweaks to existing mechanics, and sometimes, new maps or reworks of old ones.

The introduction of new operations ensures that Rainbow Six Siege remains a competitive and strategically rich environment. These updates demand players to adapt and refine their skills continually.

Introduction to Tubarao

Isaac “Tubarao” Nunes Oliveira, a new defender from Portugal, has made his arrival in Rainbow Six Siege with a splash. As the latest addition to the game, Tubarao steps into the arena with a skill set that rattles opponents and reinforces his team’s defenses.

Age: 35
Height: 5’8″ (1.73 m)
Weight: 152 lbs (69 kg)

Tubarao translates to “shark” in Portuguese, a fitting moniker for an operator known for his sharp tactics and predatory prowess in the field.

Team Role: Defender


  • Anti-Entry
  • Anti-Gadget

His distinctive gadgets, coined the Zoto Canisters, have the capability to freeze enemy devices, bringing a fresh dynamic to gameplay. This new tool allows Tubarao to slow down adversaries by creating obstacles they cannot easily destroy.

Tubarao’s impressive loadout is as follows:

  • Primary Weapon: MPX Submachine Gun | AR-15.50 Assault Rifle
  • Speed Rating: 2 out of 3
  • Health Rating: 2 out of 3

A balanced operator, Tubarao offers a mix of speed and durability. He meshes well with the game’s strategic environment, especially for players looking to hold the line against the onslaught of attackers.

As a member of the elite Wolfguard squad, Tubarao upholds the legacy of Portuguese expertise in Rainbow Six Siege. His entry not only diversifies the pool of operators but also introduces a new playstyle centered on area denial and gadget countering.

Operators and Roles

In the strategic landscape of Rainbow Six Siege, players take on the role of either attackers or defenders, each with operators that bring unique abilities to their teams.


Attackers are the offensive operatives of the game, tasked with breaching into locations and completing objectives. They are often equipped with specialized gadgets and have unique abilities to break through defenses.

  • IQ – Employs an electronics detector to spot enemy gadgets through surfaces.
  • Ash – Fires breaching rounds to demolish obstacles with her launcher.
  • Blackbeard – Deploys a rifle shield to protect himself while peeking.
  • Zofia – Utilizes concussion and impact grenades from her launcher to confuse and displace defenders.
  • Maverick – Cuts through reinforced walls with a blowtorch, creating new sight lines or entry points.
  • Nomad – Sets air-jab launchers that can knock defenders down and disrupt their positioning.
  • Lion – Uses a drone to scan and reveal enemy movement.
  • Osa – Places transparent bulletproof shields to safely hold angles or block sight lines.


Defenders focus on fortifying locations, creating a stronghold to prevent attackers from reaching their goal. Their loadouts help them control the battlefield and protect the objective area.

  • Bandit – Deploys electrified wire or walls to damage attackers and destroy their gadgets.
  • Kaid – Uses a throwable electroclaw to electrify multiple surfaces and gadgets at once.
  • Mute – Jams enemy communications and gadget signals, hindering intelligence-gathering and entry.
  • Mira – Installs one-way bulletproof mirrors on walls for intelligence without exposure.
  • Maestro – Manages a laser-firing, bulletproof camera to oversee areas and deal damage.
  • Proximity Alarm – A gadget that alerts defenders of nearby attackers.
  • Nitro Cell – A remotely-detonated explosive device for eliminating enemies.
  • Thunderbird – Provides healing to allies with her Kóna Stations placed around the map.
  • Valkyrie – Throws cameras to gather intelligence on attackers’ positions.
  • Warden – Counteracts flash and smoke effects, retaining visibility for crucial moments.

Defenders are often classified into roles such as anchors, who hold down the objective, and roamers, who traverse the map to flank attackers. Most operators also have a designated speed and armor rating, like a two-speed, two-health rating for balanced mobility and durability.

Specialist Abilities

In Rainbow Six Siege, Tubarão stands out with his unique gadgets designed to control the battlefield. These abilities not only slow down enemies but also stop their gadgets in their tracks, demanding a strategic approach from opposing teams.

Gadget Deployment

Tubarão wields the innovative Zoto Canister, a throwable gadget that has multiple effects on the battlefield. Upon activation, the canister releases a frost-like substance able to:

  • Slow down enemies: Opponents caught in the area of effect find their movement drastically reduced.
  • Halt gadgets: The Zoto Canister temporarily disables enemy devices, preventing their activation and use.
  • Reveal tracks: If enemies walk on the treated surface, they leave visible footprints behind.

Understanding the timing and placement of the Zoto Canister is crucial for Tubarão players to control the flow of combat effectively.

Loadout Customization

Tubarão’s arsenal is also key to his role in defense. His primary weapon options often include:

  • MPX: A well-rounded submachine gun offering a balance between fire rate and control.

In terms of secondary weapons and equipment, players have a range of choices that typically complement their playstyle, whether that’s focusing on anti-gadget tactics or fortifying a position. Tubarão’s loadout allows for considerable adaptation to the team’s needs and the match’s demands, providing both utility and flexibility.

Weapons and Equipment

Tubarão stands out in Rainbow Six Siege for his robust arsenal, which offers both firepower and tactical versatility to control the battlefield effectively.

Primary Weapons

Tubarão can choose between two primary weapons, each suited for different combat scenarios.

  • MPX Submachine Gun: A compact choice, offering a balance of fire rate and control, ideal for close-quarters engagements.

  • AR-15.50 Marksman Rifle: For those who prefer precision, this semi-automatic rifle delivers more damage at the cost of fire rate, perfect for mid to long-range.

Secondary Weapons

When it comes to secondary weapons, Tubarão has the following option:

  • P226 MK 25 Pistol: A reliable sidearm with a solid balance of power and accuracy for situations when the primary weapon isn’t an option.

Special Equipment

Tubarão’s special equipment sets him apart and underscores his strategic role on the team.

  • Zoto Canisters: These throwable devices can adhere to any surface and release a substance that freezes the area, disrupting enemy gadgets and slowing down opponents.

Gameplay Mechanics

When it comes to Tubarão in Rainbow Six Siege, understanding his gameplay mechanics is key to leveraging his capabilities effectively in the game. Let’s dive into his health and speed indicators and his tactical movement and strategy.

Health and Speed Indicators

Tubarão is a defender, and like all operators, his health is set at a standard level which does not fluctuate between operators. Speed, on the other hand, is categorised into levels, often affecting the noise level of footsteps. The exact speed categorisation impacts how quickly Tubarão can navigate the map. His particular combination of health and speed allows for a balance between staying resilient in firefights and moving with enough agility to reposition or flank enemies when necessary.

Tactical Movement and Strategy

Tubarão brings a unique edge to tactical movement and strategy within Rainbow Six Siege. His movements should be planned to strategically use his gadgets in a way that controls the flow of the match. For instance, navigation plays a pivotal role; moving quietly can prevent enemies from detecting his footsteps, especially in crucial moments. Integrating his movement with the use of his gadgets enables Tubarão to inhibit enemy entry, creating choke points and delaying or even stopping enemy progress. His gadget, theoretically overpowered according to some players, presents multiple strategic possibilities, aligning with smart navigation to turn the tide of a siege. The player controlling Tubarão must think and act with a tactical mindset, whether it’s placing a gadget or moving to support teammates.

Team Strategies

Integrating Tubarao into team play demands a strategic approach that leverages his unique abilities. As a defender, Tubarao’s special Zoto Canister can significantly impact the game’s landscape by denying entry and disrupting the attackers’ gadgets.

Teams should consider placing Tubarao alongside Operators like Goyo to create a fortified defense system. Goyo’s Volcan shields combined with the Zoto Canisters can deter attackers and funnel them into less favorable entry points.

A good flex role teammate can make the most of Tubarao’s capabilities by adapting to the needs of the round. Positioning and communication are key. This player can switch from roaming to anchoring, depending on whether Tubarao is holding a critical point or roaming to catch attackers off guard.

A strategy involving Sens as a teammate might focus on area denial. Using Sens’ R.O.U. Projector System, teams can block paths effectively. With Tubarao’s Zoto Canisters, they create layers of defense that can frustrate and slow down an enemy’s advance.

Tactical Considerations:

  • Positioning: Place Zoto Canisters in high-traffic areas or near the objective site.
  • Coordination: Talk with your teammates to set traps or crossfire situations.
  • Flexibility: Be ready to change your strategy mid-game based on the attackers’ moves.

By playing to Tubarao’s strengths in a team context, defenders can create a robust and adaptive strategy that makes it tough for attackers to gain ground. Employing these tactics will enhance the team’s chance of success during each round.

Match Environments

In Rainbow Six Siege, understanding and manipulating the match environment can significantly influence the outcome of a game. Players must consider the strategic aspects of various maps and how they can interact with the surroundings to gain an advantage over the opposing team.

Map Knowledge

Map knowledge is crucial for any Rainbow Six Siege player, but for an operator like Tubarão, it’s invaluable. It helps determine where he can most effectively place his Zoto Canisters to disrupt enemies. Familiar maps such as Clubhouse, Consulate, and Chalet each present unique challenges and opportunities. For example:

  • Clubhouse: Offers multiple levels and destructible floors, making vertical play a key tactic.
  • Consulate: Provides a mix of long sightlines and tight corners, stressing the importance of gadget placement.
  • Chalet: Requires a strong understanding of its many entrances and windows to defend or attack effectively.

Knowing each map’s layout, objective locations, and common entry points is fundamental for both setting up defenses and coordinating assaults.

Environmental Interaction

Interacting with the environment in Rainbow Six Siege goes far beyond shooting through walls. Clever use of gadgets can turn the tide of a match. Tubarão’s Zoto Canisters can be thrown to stick to any surface and freeze an area. This ability is not just about slowing enemies; it’s also about creating obstacles and denying access. For instance, a well-placed canister could:

  • Freeze Gadgets: By temporarily disabling gadgets, players can force the opposition to change their strategy mid-game.
  • Control Movement: Slow down an enemy push in critical choke points like the Garage on Consulate or the Snowmobile Garage on Chalet.

Environmental interaction demands tactical foresight and a firm grasp of how your actions will impact the flow of the game on each specific map.

In-Game Content

Isaac Nunes Oliveira, known in-game as Tubarão, stands out as a strategic Defender in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. A member of the WolfGuard squad within the DAE unit, Tubarão hails from Ponta Delgada, Azores, Portugal, bringing with him not only a rich background but also unique abilities that enhance game strategies.

At 35 years old, Tubarão’s in-game attributes include a balance between health and speed, rated at 2 out of 3 for both categories. This allows for a versatile approach to defense, navigating Deimos’s secret base with agility and resilience.


Tubarão can be unlocked using 25,000 Renown or 600 R6 Credits, offering players different avenues to add him to their roster. His inclusion expresses a deep understanding of teamwork and mutual aid, concepts he learned growingly up in an environment frequently disrupted by earthquakes.


Primary Weapon Secondary Weapon Tactical Gadgets
MPX Submachine Gun Zoto Canister
AR-15.50 Assault Rifle

His arsenal is designed for anti-entry and anti-gadget tactics. The innovative Zoto Canister is a special equipment in his loadout, allowing Tubarão to block and repel adversary approaches effectively.

The WolfGuard squad’s role is central to the defense strategies within the game, and the proper use of Tubarão’s gadgets can tilt the odds in favor of his team. His expertise and loadout combine to make him a formidable opponent against breaching tactics. When utilized correctly, Tubarão is a game-changing element that reinforces the team’s strategy with his unique defensive skills.

Community and Lifestyle

In the vibrant realm of Rainbow Six Siege, Tubarão’s narrative intersects effortlessly with community involvement and the celebration of outdoor life.

Player Engagement

Isaac “Tubarão” Nunes Oliveira isn’t just a name players rally around; he’s a beacon for mutual aid in Siege’s tight-knit community. His backstory, marked by a commitment to protecting civilians, has inspired players to foster a squad mentality. They bond over strategies and risk measurement, uniting them far beyond the game screen.

Outdoor Activities

Beyond the virtual battlegrounds, Tubarão’s Portuguese roots reflect a connection with nature, encouraging fans to explore activities like biking through rugged terrains. Water-based ventures, such as kayaking and boating, also resonate with Tubarão’s narrative, promoting camaraderie and empathy among participants as they navigate both the calm and choppy waters of life.

Purchasing and In-Game Items

When gamers decide they want to enhance their experience in Rainbow Six Siege with Tubarão, they’ll need to consider his in-game items and the purchasing process. Tubarão is a Defender from Portugal, well-regarded for his unique gadget, the Zoto Canister, and a robust loadout. Players can unlock Tubarão for their roster by using in-game currency: 25,000 Renown or 600 R6 Credits. These can be earned through gameplay or purchased with real money.

The operator’s loadout features two primary weapon choices: the MPX Submachine Gun for close-quarters combat and the AR-15.50 Assault Rifle for more ranged engagements. Players have the option to choose the P226 MK25 pistol as a reliable secondary weapon.

Primary Weapons:

  • MPX Submachine Gun – Ideal for close-range
  • AR-15.50 Assault Rifle – Better for long-range shots

Secondary Weapon:

  • P226 MK25 Pistol – Solid secondary choice


  • Nitro Cell – Explosive device that can secure kills or deny area access
  • Proximity Alarm – For information gathering and flank awareness

Tubarão’s specialties lie in anti-entry and anti-gadget defense, which allows him to synergize well with Operators focused on gadget denial.

To make Tubarão a part of the team, players must spend in-game currency wisely. Playing matches and completing challenges can accumulate Renown, while R6 Credits can usually be obtained faster by using real money. Those who don’t spend real money need to play strategically to earn enough Renown.

Remember that these purchases are strictly for in-game content and do not offer any real-world advantage. They’re designed to extend enjoyment and provide new tactical options in-game.

Operator Spotlight: Tubarao

With the introduction of Tubarao, the Portuguese operator in Rainbow Six Siege, players get to experience a unique blend of strategic defense and crowd control through his innovative gadgets.


Tubarao hails from Ponta Delgada, Azores, Portugal, bringing a fresh face to the Wolfguard squad. At 35 years old, his experience and anti-gadget abilities are notable. Tubarao, meaning “shark” in Portuguese, exhibits a calculating presence on the battlefield with a focus on preventing enemy advancement.


Unique Gadget: Zoto Canister
Tubarao’s gadget, the Zoto Canister, is a game-changer. It’s an anti-entry device designed to deny the opposing team access to crucial areas. When triggered, it discharges a chilling substance that can obstruct and slow down enemies, substantially altering their approach.

  • Armor & Speed: Classified under the “defender” role, his balance between armor and speed allows for versatile playstyles.
  • Specialties:
    • Anti-Entry
    • Anti-Gadget

Gameplay and Tactics

Tubarao’s role as a crowd-controlling operator is to waste the enemy’s time and prevent them from entering key areas. His Zoto Canisters can strategically secure objectives and corridors. Used wisely, Tubarao is not just about defense; he’s about controlling the flow of the match.

  • Loadout Tips:
    • Select weapons that complement his ability to hold territory.
    • Equip secondary gadgets that enhance his stronghold capabilities.

In matches, players should position Tubarao where he can best use his gadgets to the team’s advantage. Knowledge of the map and objective locations is key to maximizing his potential. Effective placement of Zoto Canisters can force the enemy into disadvantageous positions, allowing Tubarao and his teammates to capitalize on the restricted movement.

Special Features

Tubarão, introduced in 2023, stands out in Rainbow Six Siege for his unique capabilities. Central to his arsenal are the Zoto Canisters, devices that can dramatically alter the pace of a match. Upon activation, they release a substance that not only slows down enemies but also blurs their vision with a frosty overlay, making it harder for them to move and see clearly.

The canisters remain active for about 10 seconds, unless they’re shot by an opponent. They serve a dual purpose: anti-entry and anti-gadget, presenting a significant obstacle to attackers trying to push through defended areas. Tubarão’s strategic use of these canisters can effectively support his team by denying entry to crucial points and slowing down enemy gadget deployment.

In addition to the canisters, Tubarão is equipped with a versatile loadout. His primary weapons include:

  • MPX SMG: A submachine gun favored for its balance between fire rate and control.
  • AR 15.20 DMR: A designated marksman rifle that offers high precision at range.

For closer encounters, Tubarão can rely on the P226 MK25 pistol, a secondary weapon that provides reliability and a quick draw. Players can enhance Tubarão’s aim with attachments, such as the 1.5x scope, which offers a compromise between magnification and field of view, suitable for a variety of engagements.

Tubarão doesn’t work alone. His capabilities complement other Operators focused on gadget interference, like Thatcher, who can disable electronics, or Blackbeard, who provides additional firepower and protection with his rifle shield. Together, they can fortify their lair against attacks, making Tubarão a valuable team player in defensive setups.

Safety Measures and Protocols

When it comes to defense in Rainbow Six Siege, Tubarão stands out with his distinctive approach to securing objectives. Proximity alarms play a pivotal role in his strategy, alerting teammates to oncoming threats. These gadgets emit an audio signal when adversaries come close, ensuring defenders can respond with speed.

The Marines are known for their disciplined operations, and this reflects in Tubarão’s systematic use of resources. His tactics incorporate lessons from these elite forces, emphasizing alertness and efficient communication. Coordination with Mute and Bandit, his fellow defenders, is crucial. These operators can block enemy breaches and safeguard electronics, enhancing Tubarão’s defenses.

  • Mute uses signal jammers to:

    • Disrupt drones
    • Disable remote-detonated gadgets
    • Create safe zones free of electronic surveillance
  • Bandit employs his shock wire to:

    • Electrify barriers and wire
    • Prevent the breach of reinforced surfaces
    • Inflict damage on enemies who attempt to cross electrified defenses

Together, these safeguards form a robust network of security measures within the game. Tubarão’s strategic placement of his team’s resources ensures his squad maintains control and keeps the opposition at bay. By combining their unique abilities, the team creates a formidable barrier to enemy infiltration, reflecting Tubarão’s commitment to safety and protocol.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tubarão, Rainbow Six Siege’s latest operator, has enthusiasts eager to learn more about his capabilities and best practices for gameplay. Here’s a quick rundown on the most frequently asked questions about him.

When was Tubarão released in Rainbow Six Siege?

Tubarão was introduced to Rainbow Six Siege in 2023, adding new dynamics to the game with his unique abilities.

How can I effectively use Tubarão in gameplay?

To use Tubarão effectively, players must understand his gadget placements and his role as a defender. His loadout is well-suited for anti-entry and gadget denial, making him a strategic choice for balancing a team’s composition.

What are the abilities of Tubarão in Rainbow Six Siege?

Tubarão’s special gadget is the Zoto Canister, which can significantly alter the field of play. He also has an impressive loadout including an MPX Submachine Gun or an AR-15.50 Assault Rifle, paired with a P226 MK25 pistol.

What’s the duration of Tubarão’s special ability?

Details on the exact duration of Tubarão’s Zoto Canisters are specific to in-game mechanics and can be best understood by experiencing the ability firsthand in the game.

Which operators in Rainbow Six Siege are identified as LGBT?

Rainbow Six Siege has several operators who are identified as part of the LGBT community, though specifics about each character’s background can be found within the game’s lore and Ubisoft’s official announcements.

What are some gameplay strategies for Tubarão in Siege?

Understanding map layout and common entry points are crucial for placing his Zoto Canisters effectively. Combining his abilities with other operators focused on gadget denial can create strong defensive strategies in-game.

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