RAID Shadow Legends
RAID Shadow Legends

Raid: Shadow Legends, the widely praised fantasy-themed RPG mobile app, has captivated players with its intricate gameplay and expansive universe of characters. To enhance player engagement, the developers released a quiz that test knowledge of the game’s vast lore and character lineup. These trivia challenges are not only fun, but they also offer rewards to players who demonstrate their expertise. With deadlines typically set for quiz completion, timely participation is crucial for those eager to claim their prizes.

Quiz Answers

Per the Reddit thread here are answers to the questions being asked in the quiz:


  • Rat: Ultimate Death Knight
  • A cleric-type chest plate with white crosses: Roshcard
  • A shield with a stag: Stag Knight
  • Purple witch hat: Madame Serris
  • Multiple tails: Yumeko
  • Dagger through someone’s heart: Wythir

Lore Snippets/Descriptions: (usually words from either the first or last line of the snippet)

  • Champion who met Athel: Inquisitor Shamael
  • Orphan discovered by Aniri: Athel
  • Outstanding at frustrating: Taras
  • Their father, Duran: Gnut
  • Outsanding tank, unique passive: Ursuga
  • Leaning on royal aunt: Elhain
  • Army fell upon Kaerok: Artak
  • Takes no prisoner: Samson
  • Careful, freeze: Gurgoh
  • Enigma: Kael
  • Raised in a world of violence: Galek


  • Spear with little thingies on the shaft: Arbiter.
  • Horns and some type of polearm: Scyl
  • Tail, staff: Sun Wukong
  • Shield, spear: Athel
  • Wings, sword: Cardiell
  • Bow: Elhain


  • bomb debuffs placed by this champion are replaced with protected poisons debuffs upon removal: Gnishak
  • remove all buffs from all allies and enemies then attack all enemies: Seer
  • 20% freeze when buffs. Revive to100% when killed, freeze something: Tormin
  • if target max hp is more than double this: Acrizia
  • decrease cooldowns of all ally skills by 1: Pain Keeper
  • attacks 1 enemy. 80% chance of sleep: Siphi
  • attacks all enemies, 70% chance to put each skill cd: Warlord
  • heal 30% max hp when kill: Inithwe

Source: Emi_Ibarazakiii on Reddit

Quiz Rewards

250x Multi-Battles
500 Energy
1x Legendary Skill Tome
1x XP Barrell
1x 5* Chicken

To succeed in Raid: Shadow Legends quizzes, players must understand the fundamentals, such as question types and rewards. Correct answers help players progress and gain in-game advantages. With a good strategy and knowledge, players can maximize their performance and gain from each trivia opportunity.

Key Takeaways

  • Raid: Shadow Legends offers trivia quizzes that reward players for their game knowledge.
  • Understanding quiz structure and the rewards system is essential.
  • Strategic quiz participation can lead to in-game benefits.

Quiz Fundamentals

This section covers the essentials of participating in quizzes related to “Raid: Shadow Legends.” Players will learn about the game’s mechanics and different types of quizzes provided by the developers.

Understanding the Game Mechanics

“Raid: Shadow Legends” is a fantasy-themed, turn-based game that requires players to collect and train characters known as champions. These champions embark on various quests through a mode called the campaign, battling in a fictional world. Knowledge of each champion’s abilities and the game’s strategies is vital for succeeding in quizzes that test a player’s familiarity with game mechanics.

  • Key Points:
    • Champions: Each has unique skills.
    • Campaign: A series of quests to gain experience.

Exploring Different Types of Quizzes

Quizzes in “Raid: Shadow Legends” might come in different formats, such as trivia questions or matching names and titles of champions. Correctly answering quiz questions often results in rewards. Any quiz tied to the game will typically involve aspects that gauge a player’s in-depth understanding of game elements or history.

  • Quiz Formats:

    • True/false questions
    • Multiple choice
    • Match the following
  • Scoring:

    • Minimum Correct Answers: Usually 5 out of 7 to win rewards
    • Scoreboard: Tracks player performance, might be public or private

In summary, grasping the game mechanics of “Raid: Shadow Legends” is crucial for tackling its quizzes. Different quiz types present various challenges but offer opportunities for players to earn in-game rewards by demonstrating their knowledge and experience with the game. Players should stay informed about quiz details and deadlines to participate effectively.

Maximizing Your Quiz Performance

Improving quiz scores in Raid: Shadow Legends involves knowing the game, preparing champions for battles, and taking advantage of events.

Effective Strategies for High Scores

Players should focus on learning the patterns and mechanics of Raid: Shadow Legends’ quizzes. This includes paying attention to the types of questions regularly asked and understanding the topics that are commonly covered. Regular practice and attention to past quizzes can significantly increase the likelihood of a higher score. This preparation leads to faster, more accurate responses, especially when faced with a timer.

Quiz Mastery Through Champions and Upgrades

Managing champions effectively is crucial for progression. With the right upgrades, champions become more powerful, which can influence a player’s success in game-related quizzes. Being familiar with champion abilities, stats, and the benefits of different upgrade paths can help inform the best choices during a quiz, particularly when questions pertain to specific champion details.

Incorporating Quests and Events

Raid Shadow Legends offers various quests and events that often tie into the quiz content. Staying active in the game and participating in these activities provides practical experience, which translates into knowledge. Being well-versed in the latest events and prominent quests gives players the edge needed to tackle related quiz questions effectively.

Players also benefit from checking in with the Raid community for insights and advice. Engaging with fellow gamers in discussions, whether through comments on forums or clickable links to shared strategies, can provide tips for improving quiz performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section provides answers to common questions about RAID: Shadow Legends to help players navigate the game more effectively.

What strategies maximize efficiency in playing RAID: Shadow Legends?

Efficient gameplay involves understanding each champion’s strengths and how to synergize them with others. Upgrading artifacts and keeping a balanced team for different game modes contributes to a smoother progression.

Which country developed RAID: Shadow Legends?

RAID: Shadow Legends was developed by Plarium, a company based in Israel. The game has gained a worldwide audience since its release.

How can you categorize the gameplay of RAID: Shadow Legends?

The gameplay of RAID: Shadow Legends can be categorized as a turn-based RPG with gacha mechanics. Players collect and enhance champions to battle in various modes including PVE and PVP.

What are the steps to create a new account in RAID: Shadow Legends?

To create a new account, download the game from your preferred store, open it, and follow the prompts for new players. Provide a valid email address and choose a unique username to complete the process.

What are the best tactics for assembling a team in RAID: Shadow Legends?

When assembling a team, consider the roles needed such as attack, defense, support, and healing. Balance your team with champions that fit these roles and consider affinity matchups and champion synergy.

How does one effectively use gems in RAID: Shadow Legends?

Gems are best used to unlock permanent upgrades like the Gem Mine or to expand storage. They can also be spent efficiently on energy refills for more playtime and progression. Avoid using gems for temporary boosts or unnecessary items.

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