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It’s still unclear whether or not there will be a PUBG 2, but we’re starting to hear some more rumblings about it. The original PUBG game was released seven years ago so a sequel is long overdue. Nothing can be said about the original PUBG that hasn’t been said before. It’s an iconic game that is one of the most successful releases EVER. Even today, after all these years, it’s a huge hit played by millions all over the globe. If you check the top games played on Steam it’s always in the top 10 (currently #5 at the time of this writing). The game also smashed the record for ‘most peak players’ on Steam back in January of 2018 with 3,236,027 – a record that still hasn’t been topped. Could the fact that PUBG is still such a successful game be holding back development for a sequel? That’s not crazy to believe. The studio might be taking an ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ approach.

Current State of PUBG

There is currently no official news on the development or release date of the new project by the PUBG Corporation. However, it is known that the studio is working on a project that might use Unreal Engine 5 for better graphics and physics. The studio has also expressed its intention to expand the PUBG universe, which if you connect the tea leaves could be an indication of a possible PUBG 2 project.

Some hardcore fans have also been monitoring the Krafton’s job listings page:

Looking for any clue they can get related to hiring for a new game. That might be going a little too far but I guess when there is no other information you have to work with whatever you can uncover.

The original game continues to receive robust support from Krafton and recent updates have introduced new maps, features, and gameplay improvements. There’s a clear focus on expanding upon the existing foundation, with no signs of slowing down in the near future. But at some point they will have to come out with something big to refresh the game.

Facts, Rumors, and Leaks

FactKrafton has not officially announced PUBG 2.Krafton’s official website, press releases
FactPUBG: Battlegrounds continues to receive substantial updates and content additions.PUBG official channels, update patch notes
RumorA PUBG sequel using Unreal Engine 5 is under development.Job listings by Krafton, industry insider reports
RumorPUBG 2 may focus on a more futuristic and extraction-based format.Online speculation, game leaks
LeakA project referred to as ‘PUBG Next’ exists.Datamines, code found in PUBG: Battlegrounds files

What Does It Mean?

While Krafton hasn’t confirmed PUBG 2, there’s strong evidence that a new project within the PUBG universe is in the works. Whether this will be a true sequel or a significant spin-off remains to be seen.

Potential Scenarios (SPECULATION)

  • PUBG 2: The True Sequel: A direct continuation of the classic battle royale gameplay with enhanced visuals, a new engine, and innovative features.
  • Evolution of PUBG: Gradual updates to PUBG: Battlegrounds could eventually transform it into what might feel like a sequel, without an official “2” in the title.
  • PUBG Spin-Off: A new experience set within the PUBG universe, exploring different gameplay styles like an extraction-based shooter.

The Bottom Line

It’s very likely that a new PUBG project will eventually arrive. However, the exact form it will take –whether a true PUBG 2 or something else entirely– is still uncertain. For now, players can continue enjoying the evolving world of PUBG: Battlegrounds while eagerly awaiting official news from Krafton about the future of the franchise.

Where to Stay Informed

PUBG 2 Speculations and Confirmation

Frequently Asked Questions

Exploring the rumors and facts about the anticipated PUBG sequel, plenty of questions emerge. With a keen eye on confirmed information, this section aims to address some of the pressing queries fans have about the upcoming game.

When is the new PUBG title expected to launch?

There’s no confirmed launch date for a new PUBG title. Here’s what we know:

  • PUBG: Black Budget: This is the most concrete new PUBG-related project by Krafton. It’s an extraction-based shooter that could release in the second half of 2024, though some speculate it might arrive by 2025.
  • Other Projects in the Works:
    • Leaks and speculation suggest a potential full-fledged PUBG 2 or a different kind of spin-off, but these have no timeline.
    • Continuous evolution of the existing PUBG: Battlegrounds may lead to a major update that feels like a sequel without an official new title.

Has the development of the next PUBG game been officially confirmed?

No. The development of a new PUBG game has not been confirmed. We have some external signs pointing to something big going on with the developer but there’s no proof it’s related to a PUBG sequel.

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