Power Supply for HP Pavilion a1330n a1637c a1726x

Power Supply Replacement for HP Pavilion a1330n a1637c a1726x

Replace Power Supply Upgrade for HP Pavilion a1330n a1637c a1726x


  • One (1) 15-inch SATA connector
  • One (1) 14-inch ATX power connector (supports both 20-pin and 24-pin configurations)
  • One (1) 14-inch 12V ATX power connector
  • Two (2) 15-inch large power connectors
  • Two (2) 6-inch large power connectors
  • One (1) 6-inch Small power connectors

20+4 ATX1 ATX12V SATA Power Peripheral Floppy

  • Input Voltage:  110V, 220V switchable power supply
  • Cooling: 80mm
  • Power: 420W

Power up your machine!

The replacement power supply has the power and features you need to give almost any desktop PC the power and boost it needs to work as hard as you do! With 420W of power, this replacement PSU is perfect for upgrades and custom builds.

Replace a faulty power supply!

The replacement power supply is compatible with a massive variety of different brands and models of desktop computers! Replace the PSU in your HP, Dell, Compaq, or other common system with a 420W watt power supply upgrade!

All the connections you need!

With power connectors for many different peripherals and internal devices like Molex, SATA, and a 20+4 pin motherboard power plug that’s compatible with almost all motherboards, this 420W power supply works with your computer’s parts right out of the box and powers them with ease!