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Players can use redeem codes to unlock various bonuses in Pokémon Go, such as items and unique avatar accessories, which are provided by Niantic. These codes are a helpful way for players to obtain free rewards.

Active Pokémon GO Promo Codes (June 2024)

Don’t miss out on these active Pokémon GO promo codes, offering a variety of in-game rewards and bonuses:

Promo CodeRewardExpiration Date
GOFEST2024Free Premium Battle Pass and an Incubator (with purchase from the web store)To be confirmed
FENDIxFRGMTxPOKEMONFendi HoodieJanuary 4, 2025
7B3ELFUMKLP4GTen Purified GemsTo be confirmed
CAPTAINPIKACHUTimed Research for Captain Pikachu encounterTo be confirmed
0HY0UF0UNDM3‘Ghost in the Machine’ Global Unlock quest for RotomTo be confirmed
GOTOURBONUSOne Rare Candy and one Silver Pinap BerryTo be confirmed

Amazon Prime Gaming Reward:

  • Poffin x1, Max Potion x1 (available until June 14, 2024).

How to Redeem:

  • Android and iOS: Go to the Pokémon GO web store, log in with your Trainer account, enter the promo code in the text box, and click “Redeem.”

Note: If you’re logged into Pokémon GO with your Apple ID, you need to link it to a different login provider before redeeming codes.

Understanding Pokemon Go Redeem Codes

Differences Between Redeem Codes and Promo Codes

Redeem codes and promo codes often get used interchangeably, but they serve the same purpose in the world of Pokémon Go. Both are sequences of letters and numbers given out by Niantic that you can use to claim free gifts within the game. These codes may come from special events, partnerships, or promotional endeavors, and can be used to redeem items such as Poké Balls, Incense, or Lucky Eggs.

How Redeem Codes Work

To use a redeem code in Pokémon Go, a player typically goes to the in-game shop or Niantic’s Offer Redemption web page. Here’s the process in short:

  1. Open the Pokémon Go app, and tap the Main Menu button.
  2. Tap the Shop button.
  3. Scroll down to the Enter Promo Code section.
  4. Type your code and hit redeem.

For iOS users, they must visit Niantic’s Offer Redemption website due to App Store restrictions. After entering the code, the rewards will automatically appear in the player’s inventory.

It’s important to redeem codes promptly as they can expire, making them unusable after a certain date. Active and expired codes are regularly updated on various gaming websites and should be checked frequently for up-to-date benefits.

Redeeming Codes on Different Devices

Players can redeem codes in Pokémon GO to unlock various in-game items, and the process differs slightly between the iOS and Android platforms due to their unique ecosystems.

Process for iOS

For iOS users, the absence of direct code redemption within the app means they must navigate to Niantic’s Offer Redemption webpage. They should log in with their Pokémon GO account details, the same ones they use to access the game. Upon entering a valid offer code, they’ll receive confirmation, and the items will appear in their inventory.

  1. Visit the Offer Redemption webpage.
  2. Log in with your Pokémon GO account credentials.
  3. Enter the offer code and await confirmation.

Process for Android

Android device owners have a more direct route. They can enter codes directly in the Pokémon GO app:

  1. Open Pokémon GO.
  2. Tap on the Menu button, then the Shop icon.
  3. Scroll down to find the text field to enter an offer code.
  4. Type in the code and hit redeem to collect your in-game rewards.

Redeeming codes on Android devices is straightforward, ensuring trainers can easily claim their goodies without leaving the comfort of the app.

Navigating the Shop for Code Redemption

Before redeeming codes in Pokémon GO, knowing the steps to navigate through the shop efficiently is key. This entails understanding the in-game processes, which are designed to be user-friendly for all players.

Using the In-Game Shop

To redeem an offer code in Pokémon GO:

  1. Launch Pokémon GO on your mobile device.
  2. On the main map screen, tap the Poké Ball icon; this is your main menu.
  3. From here, select the ‘Shop’.
  4. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the shop page.
  5. At the bottom, you will find a text field where you can enter your offer code.

Once the offer code is entered, confirm it, and the reward will be added to your account. This process is quite straightforward on Android devices. However, for iOS users, codes are redeemed via a dedicated web page provided by Niantic, due to Apple’s app store policies. It’s always a good practice to ensure that the code is typed correctly to avoid errors and delays in receiving your rewards.

Types of Rewards from Codes

Players often receive various types of bonuses and items when they redeem codes in Pokémon GO. These codes are sources for useful in-game resources that enhance the gameplay experience.

In-Game Items

Pokémon GO codes can reward players with a range of in-game items. These items are typically used to catch and care for Pokémon or assist players in their adventure. Some commonly obtained items include:

  • Poké Balls: These are essential for catching Pokémon.
    • Great Balls
    • Ultra Balls
  • Berries: These serve different functions when catching Pokémon.
    • Razz Berries: Make Pokémon easier to catch.
    • Pinap Berries: Double the number of candies on capture.
  • Eggs and Incubators: Eggs hatch into new Pokémon, and incubators are needed to hatch them.
  • Potions and Revives: Keep Pokémon in fighting shape.
    • Max Potions
    • Max Revives
  • Lure Modules and Incense: Attract Pokémon to a location for a limited time.
  • Stardust: Used for powering up Pokémon.
  • Experience Boosters: Gain experience points at an accelerated rate.
    • Lucky Eggs: Double experience gained for 30 minutes.
  • Star Pieces: Increase the amount of Stardust collected for 30 minutes.

Exclusive Event Rewards

Certain codes can only be obtained during special events or promotions, offering exclusive event rewards. These may include:

  • Stickers: Customize in-game gifts sent to friends.
  • Unique Items: Occasionally, items unique to specific events are released.
  • Special Pokémon Encounters: Some codes may grant access to encounters with rare Pokémon.

By redeeming codes, players can acquire valuable resources that provide a boost to their journey within Pokémon GO, whether it’s through everyday items or special event-exclusive rewards.

Obtaining New and Working Codes

Finding the latest Pokémon Go promo codes is straightforward if you know where to look. They’re released through a variety of sources, including official events and social media channels.

Following Official Channels

To stay updated with new codes, trainers should keep an eye on Pokémon Go’s official social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Niantic, the game’s developer, regularly posts updates about new promotions, events, and sometimes shares working codes directly through these platforms. It’s important for players to check these sources often, as some codes may only be valid for a short period.

Participating in Events

Pokémon Go is known for its special events where trainers can get their hands on exclusive promo codes. These events range from smaller, local gatherings to large-scale specific events celebrated worldwide. During these times, attendees may receive codes that can unlock items like free Poké Balls, Lures, or other goodies. Even those who can’t attend in person often have the chance to participate through online activities tied to the event. Keep track of the in-game news section for the latest event announcements and associated rewards.

Collaborations and Sponsored Partnerships

Pokémon GO has collaborated with various brands to bring unique in-game items to its players. Through these partnerships, players can snag exclusive items such as avatar accessories and bonus rewards.

Fashion and Lifestyle Brands

FENDI x FRGMT x POKÉMON: This partnership has introduced stylish avatar items like the FENDIxFRGMTxPOKÉMON Hoodie, blending high fashion with the playful spirit of Pokémon.

North Face x Gucci: Players have enjoyed a crossover with North Face x Gucci, securing fashionable avatar items that echo real-world designs.

Tech and Gaming Companies

Amazon Prime Gaming: By linking their Pokémon GO accounts with Amazon Prime, gamers can receive bonus items such as Poké Balls, Max Revives, and Star Pieces, packaged as Prime Gaming bundles.

Verizon: Verizon has outfitted Pokémon GO trainers with exclusive items like the Verizon Mask and Verizon Jacket, enhancing the game’s customization options.

Samsung: Collaborating with Samsung, the game provides unique items such as the Samsung Cap and Samsung Shirt, allowing players to dress their avatars with tech-inspired gear.

Avoiding Expired Codes

When it comes to Pokémon GO, staying on top of new and valid promo codes is crucial to enhance your in-game experience without the disappointment of encountering expired ones.

Validity of Codes

Promo codes in Pokémon GO have a set expiration date, although these dates are not always publicly announced. Players should note that a code’s lifespan can vary greatly—from a few days to weeks—or for special events, even hours. Checking the official Pokémon GO social media channels frequently ensures access to codes while they’re still fresh.

  • Twitter: @PokemonGoApp
  • Facebook: Pokémon GO
  • Official Blog: Pokémon GO Live

Checking for Updates

It is wise for players to look for updates on a regular basis. This could mean:

  • Subscribing to Pokémon GO newsletters.
  • Joining the Pokémon GO community on platforms like Reddit for the latest buzz.
  • Utilizing third-party websites that curate and update Pokémon GO codes frequently.
SourceCode CheckingUpdated Information
NewslettersRegularOfficial announcements
Social MediaDailyNew codes & events
Community ForumsAs availablePlayer-shared codes
Third-party websitesFrequentCompiled lists of codes

By keeping track with these resources, players can avoid the frustration of trying to use codes that no longer work.

Engaging with the Community and Events

In Pokémon GO, engaging with fellow trainers during community events not only enriches the gameplay experience but also offers exclusive rewards.

Importance of Community Interaction

Community interaction is the heartbeat of Pokémon GO. Events like Community Day foster a sense of togetherness by encouraging players to meet up and catch Pokémon en masse. Through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, players coordinate meetups, share experiences, and discuss event strategies. These online platforms also serve as official information hubs where Niantic announces new collaborations and event dates.

Event Specific Rewards

Alongside the friendship and fun that come with special events, specific rewards give players a tangible benefit for their participation. This may include:

Event TypeExclusive Rewards
Community DaySpecial Pokémon with unique moves
Specific EventsUnique items, such as a World Championships Avatar T-Shirt
CollaborationsEvent-specific items, potentially through a special code

For example, during the World Championships, players might redeem a code for a commemorative avatar T-shirt, showing their participation and support for the event. Each event may offer unique items, from Poké Balls to Lucky Eggs, and often these rewards are pivotal for a player’s progress.

Exploring Augmented Reality Features

Pokémon GO brings a world where creatures and landmarks blend with our reality through the magic of augmented reality (AR). It transforms walks in the park into adventures and city streets into arenas for trainers worldwide.

AR and In-Game Experience

Pokémon GO’s use of AR technology allows players to see Pokémon as if they are actually in the real world. When a player encounters a Pokémon, the game opens the camera on their device, overlaying the Pokémon onto the live camera feed. This makes it seem like the Pokémon is in the player’s environment, whether it be on a sidewalk, in a park, or sitting on a couch.

The game features a map view that displays a simplified version of the player’s real surroundings. On this map, important locations such as PokéStops and gyms are marked for players to visit. These are typically found at interesting places such as statues, murals, historical markers, and other notable spots in the real world.

  • PokéStops: Players visit these to collect items like Poké Balls, eggs, and potions. They’re often linked to public art, landmarks, and monuments.
  • Gyms: These serve as battle locations where players can leave Pokémon to defend the gym or challenge the Pokémon of opposing teams. They are frequently situated at community centers, libraries, or places of interest.

Incorporating sports, Pokémon GO encourages players to move and explore. Whether it’s hatching eggs by walking certain distances or engaging in battles at local gyms, the game incentivizes physical activity. Players might find themselves taking extra laps around the park or venturing to new neighborhoods in pursuit of that elusive Pokémon. This integration of gaming and physical movement showcases the potential of AR in promoting a more active and explorative lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section will answer common queries on how to find and redeem promo codes in Pokemon Go, and what rewards they can unlock.

Where can I find valid promo codes for Pokemon Go?

Players can obtain valid promo codes for Pokemon Go through various methods like special events, partnership deals, and official giveaways. They should keep an eye on Pokemon Go’s social media accounts and newsletters for updates on new promo codes.

How can I redeem codes in Pokemon Go on an iPhone?

To redeem a code on an iPhone, players need to visit the Niantic offer redemption website. They must log in using their Pokemon Go credentials and enter their promo codes to claim their rewards.

What items can be obtained from Pokemon Go promo codes?

Players can redeem promo codes in Pokemon Go for various in-game items such as Poke Balls, Lure Modules, Lucky Eggs, Ultra Balls, Star Pieces, Pinap Berries, and Stickers.

What are some methods to obtain promo codes for legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Go?

Players hoping to get promo codes for legendary Pokemon should participate in in-game events and community contests or follow official Pokemon Go announcements, as codes for legendary Pokemon are rarely released and highly sought after.

Are there any Pokemon Go promo codes that do not expire?

Most Pokemon Go promo codes have an expiration date. Players should use them promptly as codes that do not expire are extremely rare and typically tied to special promotions or events.

What steps should be followed to redeem codes on Pokemon Go for 2024?

To redeem a promo code in Pokemon Go for the year 2024, players should go to the official redemption website or use the in-game feature available on Android devices. After accessing the site or feature, they simply follow the prompts to enter their promo code and collect their rewards.

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