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Gamers eagerly anticipating the release of the new action RPG Phantom Blade Zero have a lot to be excited about – but they might have to wait a little longer for it. Developed by S-Game, this title promises to intertwine elements of feudal China with a distinct steampunk aesthetic, setting the stage for an engaging gameplay experience. With a history rooted in the Phantom Blade series, this new installment is expected to build on its predecessors’ acclaim.

There was a lot of buzz generated at Sony’s PlayStation Showcase suggesting a possible 2024 release but that is looking less and less likely. We’re still on pace for a release of the Demo this year, but the game itself will be pushed back to 2025 (or later). It’s important to note that the developer has not made anything official just yet. The game is expected to come out on PS5 and PC when it launches.

A rich combat system and a dark, engrossing art style are the cornerstones of what Phantom Blade Zero aims to deliver. Fans of the genre are particularly keen on the fast-paced, sword-based battles, and a semi-open world that beckons exploration.

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What We Know


  • Announcement: During ChinaJoy 2023, a 30-minute playable demo was confirmed.
  • Timeline: The demo is scheduled to launch at some point in 2024.
  • Platforms: Availability on specific platforms has not been announced yet.

Potential Release Date

  • Original Estimate: When first unveiled, a 2024 release seemed possible, but this hasn’t been reaffirmed recently and given the state of the demo looks unlikely. 2025 is now the target.
  • The Demo’s Impact: The demo’s reception and the development progress it showcases will be major factors in determining a final release date.
  • Best Guess: A release in early to mid-2025 seems likely if the demo demonstrates the game is far into development.

Key Takeaways

  • Phantom Blade Zero, an action RPG, was set for a 2024 release but 2025 is more likely. No official dates yet from the developer.
  • The game, drawing inspiration from feudal China and steampunk, is part of the Phantom Blade series.
  • Anticipation builds with the promise of a demo and an anime trailer, suggesting more details will be revealed soon.

Game Overview

Phantom Blade Zero is an upcoming game that mixes martial arts and steampunk elements into a dark, immersive world. Developed for PlayStation and PC, this game has generated buzz with its engaging trailer and promise of strategic action.

Concept and Setting

The game is set in a steampunk version of ancient China, known as the Phantom World. In this semi-open world, players become an elite assassin immersed in a tale of spiritual rebirth. The setting melds mythic elements with a Chinese aesthetic and the technological flair of steampunk, offering a narrative-driven adventure that stands out in its originality.

Gameplay and Mechanics

As for gameplay, Phantom Blade Zero is a soulslike game—expect challenging combat reminiscent of titles like Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty and Ghost of Tsushima. It features sword-based combat where precise timing and strategy are key. Players must learn and adapt to a variety of enemies, from the occult Dark Raider to powerful executioners, ensuring a dynamic hack and slash experience grounded in traditional kungfu principles.

Art Style and Inspiration

Visually, the game is striking, utilizing Unreal Engine 5 to bring its detailed world to life. The art style captures a kung-fu punk aesthetic, a fresh take on classic Chinese kungfu with a dark twist. This look, alongside martial arts action that draws inspiration from iconic kungfu movies, offers a vibrant and unique gaming experience. Screenshots showcase a world where traditional Chinese motifs interlace with industrial elements, establishing an environment that’s as alluring as it is dangerous.

Release and Reception

The much-anticipated game Phantom Blade Zero made its appearance known with a projected release for PlayStation 5. This segment breaks down the specifics of its launch and the initial feedback from critics and players alike.

Launch Details

Phantom Blade Zero marks its entry into the gaming world with a showcase event indicating a release on the PS5 platform. Developed by S-Game, known for their success with “Rainblood: Town of Death,” this title brings a new flavor to the ever-popular soulslike genre. The game’s debut was spotlighted at the Sony PlayStation Showcase, indicating that it is expected to launch within a year. Although the exact release date has yet to be confirmed, excitement is building as the PlayStation Blog keeps potential players in the loop for the “month ahead” updates.

Critical and Player Response

Early impressions of Phantom Blade Zero from both industry critics and eager gamers paint a picture of anticipation and high expectations. Drawing visual comparisons to Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and gameplay elements from successes like Devil May Cry, the game teases fast-paced, action-packed combat involving various characters. The art style, described as gloomy mixed with steampunk elements, coupled with themes of revenge, appears to strike a chord similar to titles like Ghost of Tsushima. Initial reactions from the demos suggest that Phantom Blade Zero could very well live up to the hype, standing strong among the latest releases for the PlayStation 5. The “available now” sentiment echoes in the community, indicating players are eager to check local availability and immerse themselves in the game’s world as soon as it hits the shelves.

Frequently Asked Questions

Phantom Blade Zero has caught the attention of many gaming enthusiasts eager to learn when they can get their hands on the game. Below, you’ll find answers to some of the most common questions about the game’s release.

When can we expect Phantom Blade Zero to launch on consoles?

Phantom Blade Zero is set to provide an exciting experience for console gamers. The game was announced with a showcase revealing it would arrive on PlayStation 5.

Is there a confirmed release date for Phantom Blade Zero on PC?

As of now, there’s no specific release date announced for Phantom Blade Zero on PC. Fans are encouraged to stay tuned for further announcements.

What platforms will Phantom Blade Zero be available on at launch?

The game will initially be available on the PlayStation 5 platform, as showcased in the recent PlayStation event.

Has there been an official announcement about Phantom Blade Zero’s availability on Steam?

There have been no official statements regarding Phantom Blade Zero’s release on Steam at the moment.

What is the expected release window for Phantom Blade Zero?

Though an exact date hasn’t been given, Phantom Blade Zero is expected to launch sometime after its demo release in 2024. We are expecting word of a 2025 launch date when we get closer.

Will Phantom Blade Zero be accessible on next-gen consoles at release?

Yes, Phantom Blade Zero will be available on next-gen consoles, specifically the PlayStation 5, upon its release.

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