Payday 3
Payday 3

Payday 3 is back, featuring cooperative heist gameplay by Starbreeze. In this game, players engage in high-stakes bank robberies and complex heists, building on the gameplay mechanics of its predecessor, Payday 2. However, some players feel that the storytelling could be stronger, and there is limited content available at the game’s launch. The game offers multiplayer first-person shooter mechanics, allowing players and their friends to collaborate on various criminal activities. Reviews for the game vary, with praise for the core gameplay but criticism for issues such as repetitive experience point grinding, a lack of offline play options, and matchmaking glitches. In essence, Payday 3 aims to stay true to the series while also embracing the future of multiplayer action games.

Payday 3: A Heisting Spree with Room for Improvement


Payday 3 returns to its roots with intense, cooperative first-person shooter action. You’ll team up with friends to plan and execute elaborate heists in various locations. The game features stealth options, allowing for methodical approaches, but also caters to those who prefer guns blazing. The core gameplay loop of planning, executing, and escaping remains thrilling, with a greater emphasis on stealth and tactical decision-making compared to its predecessor.

Setting and Story

The game is set in New York City, providing a fresh backdrop for your criminal escapades. The story revolves around the Payday Gang’s return to a life of crime after being betrayed and losing their fortune. While the narrative is not groundbreaking, it serves as a decent framework for the heisting action.


Fan-favorite characters like Dallas, Chains, Hoxton, and Wolf return, along with new additions like Joy and Pearl. Each character brings unique skills and personalities to the table, adding depth to the cooperative experience.

Graphics and Sound

Payday 3 boasts updated graphics and improved sound design compared to Payday 2. The environments are detailed, and the character models are well-crafted. The sound effects and voice acting add to the immersion, making each heist feel intense and exciting.

Critical Reception

Payday 3 received mixed reviews upon release. While critics praised the core gameplay, stealth mechanics, and level design, they also pointed out shortcomings in areas like the initial content offering, AI behavior, and overall polish. The game launched with fewer heists than Payday 2, leaving some players feeling underwhelmed.

Post-Launch Plans

The developers have outlined plans for post-launch content updates, including new heists, characters, weapons, and features. These updates aim to address the concerns regarding content and improve the overall experience.

Payday 3: Pros and Cons

Engaging heist gameplayLimited initial content
Improved stealth mechanicsOccasional AI glitches
Detailed environmentsRequires further polish
Varied character choicesStory could be more compelling

Payday 3 offers a solid foundation for a thrilling heisting experience, but it’s not without its flaws. If you’re a fan of the series or enjoy cooperative shooters, it’s worth checking out, especially with the promise of future updates. However, if you’re expecting a revolutionary leap forward from Payday 2, you might be slightly disappointed.

Key Takeaways

  • Payday 3 is the latest iteration of the popular co-op heist franchise.
  • The game features improved mechanics and offers multiplayer FPS gameplay.
  • Criticisms include thin storytelling and limited content at launch.

Gameplay and Mechanics

Payday 3 updates the familiar heist formula with fresh mechanics and improved gameplay. This section explores how these elements enhance the player’s experience.

Heist Dynamics

Payday 3 brings eight missions where players execute intricate heists. Each level presents clear objectives to accomplish, fueling a sense of progress. New tools enhance the stealth aspect, allowing players to move smoothly and tackle heists with precision. The AI system is now smarter, providing a realistic challenge against police and guards.

Combat and Strategy

Gunplay in Payday 3 has evolved with a more refined ranged weapon system. Players can choose from an arsenal of weapons and adapt their loadout to match the mission’s demands. Difficulty levels influence the enemy’s toughness, from easily outsmarted cops to formidable opponents. This mix ensures each skirmish is strategic and frills are minimal.

Multiplayer Experience

The series is known for its co-op shooter gameplay, and Payday 3 holds true to that spirit. Players can join forces online, requiring constant communication via voice chat. The multiplayer mode demands an always-online connection, which can lead to matchmaking issues, yet when smooth, it offers intense cooperative challenges. Teamwork is crucial, and the game’s matchmaking supports players in finding suitable heist partners.

Content and Features

Payday 3 brings fresh elements to fans while sticking to the series’ roots. Its content and features have seen notable updates, especially in visuals, customization options, and the game’s setting.

Visual and Technical Aspects

Payday 3 advances the series with sharper character models and more detailed environments. With the game available on platforms like Steam Deck, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X, players enjoy enhanced graphics and fluid animation. Yet, occasional bugs can interfere with the experience. The developers are actively ironing out these technical hitches post-launch to ensure smoother gameplay.

Customization and Progression

Players can shape their experience through a broad array of masks, each with distinctive designs. The crew’s skills and the upgrade system are also more dynamic. Users invest their loot and cash to unlock new abilities and attachments. This progression system rewards consistent play but has faced criticism for its lean toward grind-heavy advancement.

Narrative and Setting

The game’s narrative dives into the criminal underworld, offering a window into the lives of familiar faces like Hoxton and Chains. These characters drive the story across various levels, maintaining the series’ trademark heist-centric play. Despite returning to its old-school roots, some critiques point out a need for fresher story content to keep the series moving forward.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many players have questions about the new features of Payday 3. This section aims to address those by focusing on the game’s improvements, platform performance, player reception, new mechanics, critical feedback on replay value, and its appeal to a broader, perhaps younger, audience.

What are the improvements in Payday 3 compared to its predecessor?

Payday 3 brings significant enhancements in gunplay and movement. These upgrades lead to a more fluid experience, reflecting a step up from Payday 2.

How does Payday 3 perform on different gaming platforms?

The game supports crossplay, which allows players to team up across platforms seamlessly. Payday 3 also offers cross-progression, adding to its flexibility.

What is the average player reception of Payday 3 according to Steam reviews?

Steam reviews suggest players enjoy the upgraded gameplay. They also appreciate the seamless cross-platform functionality that Payday 3 offers.

Are there any new gameplay mechanics introduced in Payday 3?

Yes, there are new gameplay elements, such as refined heist planning and execution, that diversify the gaming experience for players.

What do professional critics say about the replay value of Payday 3?

Critics note that while Payday 3 may have less content than its predecessor at launch, its mission structure encourages repeated play.

How does the content in Payday 3 cater to a younger audience?

The game has been designed to be accessible, ensuring players of various ages can enjoy the title without compromising on the thrill of heist-based gameplay.

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