Path Of Exile: Necropolis
Path Of Exile: Necropolis

Path of Exile, a well-known action role-playing game developed by Grinding Gear Games, has launched its latest expansion, Path of Exile: Necropolis. This release introduces an array of new content, including the Necropolis Challenge League, fresh endgame maps, bosses, and innovative item crafting opportunities. Players get to assist Undertaker Arimor in calming the restless spirits of the Eternal Empire, using their souls in creating formidable gear. From the spooky Haunted enemies to the powerful Tome of Arimor crafting system, Necropolis maps provide both challenge and substantial rewards.

The Necropolis expansion is much more than just a seasonal update. It significantly alters the endgame landscape by bringing in new Tier 17 maps, bosses, and reworked gameplay mechanics, such as the Transfigured Gems. These changes offer both new and veteran players exciting challenges and the chance to delve deeper into the game’s elaborate systems and strategies.

Key Mechanics to Master

  • Haunted Monsters: These spectral foes add difficulty but are the key to Necropolis’s loot. Slaying them allows you to harness their spirits with the Lantern of Arimor.
  • The Lantern of Arimor: This device captures Haunted spirits, essential for crafting in the Tome of Arimor. Upgrade your lantern to capture more powerful spirits.
  • The Tome of Arimor: By burying corpses of Haunted foes, you imbue the Tome with crafting modifiers. Use these modifiers to create powerful gear with unique properties.
  • Embers of the Allflame: These rare relics dramatically alter monster encounters. Choose strategically for the most valuable loot or to make challenging maps more manageable.

Strategies for Necropolis Maps

  1. Invest in Spirit Capture: Upgrading your Lantern is crucial. This allows you to target more valuable spirits, directly translating to better Tome of Arimor modifiers.
  2. Specialize Your Maps: Roll maps with mods that synergize with the spirits you plan to capture. If you aim for spirits granting additional currency, focus on quantity-boosting map mods.
  3. Don’t Ignore Enemy Corpses: Even after capturing a spirit, slay the monster. Its corpse is necessary for burying in your Tome of Arimor.
  4. Experiment with Embers: Embers of the Allflame significantly change encounters. Use them strategically to boost rewards or reduce the difficulty of challenging maps.
  5. Layer in Other Mechanics: Scarabs, Sextants, and map devices further enhance your rewards. Choose those that align with your desired loot from Necropolis.

Loot Breakdown

Necropolis maps offer various rewards, but the most exciting are:

  • Tome of Arimor Crafted Items: These are potentially very powerful, especially gear with unique affixes unattainable elsewhere. The power is in your hands, as you dictate the crafting outcomes.
  • Raw Currency: Haunted monsters and Embers of the Allflame can significantly increase currency drops.
  • Divination Cards: Necropolis zones have specialized divination card drops, some of which are highly valuable.
  • Corrupted Rare Items: Look for corrupted items with high-tier base types and potentially valuable implicit modifiers.

Maximizing Your Profits

To make the most out of Necropolis maps, keep these tips in mind:

  • Bulk Selling: Due to the Tome of Arimor’s crafting nature, you’ll be acquiring lots of loot. Bulk selling smaller currencies and less valuable items can save you time.
  • Know Your Market: Stay updated on the trade market’s demands. This will help you decide which spirits, crafts, and potential unique items are most profitable.
  • Target Farming: If a specific divination card or unique item is in demand, tailor your maps and strategies to maximize your chances of acquiring it.

The Necropolis expansion provides a fresh, engaging, and rewarding mapping experience in Path of Exile. By understanding its mechanics and strategically approaching your map runs, you’ll unlock a world of loot opportunities.

Key Takeaways

  • Path of Exile: Necropolis ushers in the Necropolis Challenge League and new endgame content.
  • Players can craft powerful items by interacting with souls in the game.
  • The expansion adds significant changes to gameplay, including Tier 17 maps and Transfigured Gems.

Necropolis League Overview

The Necropolis League in Path of Exile offers players a range of new mechanics, unique loot, and character builds. It introduces an intricate league mechanic, a fresh collection of items, and diverse build strategies catering to different budget levels.

League Mechanics

In the Necropolis League, players interact with the Lantern of Arimor to manipulate spirits haunting the monsters of Wraeclast. The core process involves capturing haunted monsters, which unlocks crafting options via the spirits they harbor. Key challenges include mastering the collection of corpses and the use of new flasks and scarabs that factor into the Necropolis League mechanic. Players must adapt to increased difficulty as haunted monsters present tougher battles.

Unique Items and Loot

With the league’s distinctive approach to spirits and exorcism, participants can expect an array of unique items. Necropolis offers the Embers of the Allflame and the Unresolved Anguish, which players can incorporate into their inventory to augment their experience. Crafting modifiers received from the spirits significantly alter gameplay. Loot ranges from orbs, such as Chaos and Vaal orbs, to the newly introduced Transfigured Gems, offering a variety of ways to enhance characters.

Builds and Characters

The league supports a spectrum of builds, from low to high budget options. Characters like the Zoomancer Necromancer and Chains of Command Necromancer have become popular for their effective use of the Necropolis 3.24 mechanics. For league starters or those on a tighter budget, there are builds that perform reliably without extensive investment. Medium and high budget builds can leverage the new league’s features, such as the crafting modifiers and unique items, for a more potent and engaging playstyle.

Endgame Strategies and Expansion Features

The Endgame of Path of Exile: Necropolis brings new challenges and opportunities for strategy. Players can harness the power of the souls in the Necropolis for crafting, face tougher bosses, and explore new maps.

Advanced Mapping and Delving

Exploring Tier 17 maps requires a strategic approach. Players must collect sulphite in these maps to delve into the depths, where they face denser monster packs. The introduction of the morgue and citadel maps offers intricate layouts and difficult encounters. To successfully navigate these areas, players should gather enough sulphite, anticipate tough monster packs, and be mindful of their equipment’s quality.

Expanding Player Influence

The Necropolis expansion allows players to assert greater control over the game environment. Undertaker Arimor plays a pivotal role as players assist him in laying rest to spirits, which in turn affects the endgame content. Fortresses and citadels present in the maps can be conquered and utilized by players, providing them with the grounds to expand their influence across the gaming landscape.

Economy and Crafting

The expansion revamps the economy and crafting mechanisms. Harvest and rituals are key for crafting powerful items, each capitalized by explicit modifiers. Crafting now revolves around the manipulation of prefixes, where quality and chaos are essential considerations. Players must master the crafting mechanic to create items with potent explicit modifiers to succeed in the endgame.

A new crafting feature in the Necropolis allows interactions with souls to modify items, enhancing the player’s arsenal for tier 17 challenges. The economic landscape thrives on these exchanges, demanding savvy trading and crafting strategies from players for longevity in the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions cover essential aspects of the Path of Exile Necropolis league and aim to provide players with quick and helpful answers.

What are the best starter builds for the Path of Exile Necropolis league?

Starter builds for the Necropolis league should focus on balance, affordability, and ease of leveling. Look into builds that require minimal investment but offer solid performance against both early and endgame content.

Where can I find patch notes for the latest Necropolis update in Path of Exile?

Patch notes are available on the official Path of Exile website as well as in community hubs such as the game’s subreddit. These notes detail all changes and additions specific to the Necropolis update.

When is the release date for the Path of Exile Necropolis league?

The Necropolis league started on March 29, 2024. This release was simultaneously on PC, Mac, and consoles ensuring all players have access.

How can I access the Necropolis league in Path of Exile?

Players can access the Necropolis league by selecting it from the character creation menu. This league must be chosen when creating a new character to participate.

What are some effective strategies for the Necropolis league in Path of Exile?

Effective strategies include understanding the league’s mechanics, staying updated on popular builds, and trading wisely. Players should also focus on maximizing their character’s strengths while exploring the new content.

How does the new Necropolis league impact the overall gameplay in Path of Exile?

The Necropolis league introduces fresh content and challenges that affect gameplay. These include changes to the endgame, the introduction of new maps and bosses, as well as updates to game mechanics, offering players new experiences and strategies to explore.

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